Totem animal pigeon – characteristics and meaning


So, there are many totem animals. This direction has been going from ancient times. And for this reason of general interest, almost every person wants to know about his totem animal. For example, there is a Dove, what to relate to? So, you just need to figure it out!

Characteristics of totem animals

Many could hear that there is a totem animal Dove. If about its general characteristics, then this is femininity. Strange as it may seem, but around the Dove, at all times there were many secrets and mysteries. But this applies more to femininity and motherhood. There is one of the beliefs among the Slavic people that a person after death becomes a dove. In other nations, this is purity and tenderness, and it is also a symbol of women and their femininity.

But at the same time, one of the main characteristics attributed to this bird is kindness and tenderness. It is the Dove that is often glorified in many different poems and verses. A person can determine his totem depending on many indicators, but there is a division, these are:

  • Totem of the beast.
  • Fish totem.
  • Fire.
  • Insect.
  • Bird totem.

The dove refers precisely to the latter option. But there are many other representatives with him. But how, then, give a characterization to a person who is under such protection. There is a special calendar in which the distribution of animals for people takes place, depending on the period of their birth.

A dove is a bird that carries a lot of goodness, everyone knows about this. And therefore, people who are born under this totem are distinguished by their pure nature and childlike spontaneity. And they are easy to find among others, since the eyes are pure and innocent. Such people are interested in the problems of others, and often they creep into the soul, but only from sincere and best intentions, although this is not to everyone’s liking. And even this annoys many.

It turns out that kindness sometimes becomes just too big and unnecessary. And some of these people are equated with annoying. And people are pigeons, sometimes they even want to help and understand too much, hug and do it, confess their feelings and often just impose themselves on others. If this person falls in love, then sometimes he can simply pursue his chosen one or chosen one.

But there are downsides, like any other totem animal. Sometimes, under the apparent tenderness and care, anger and hatred can be hidden. So you need to be careful with this person. In any case, such a totem is inherent in humans and nothing can be changed here.