Totem animal Marten – characteristic and meaning


If your totem animal turned out to be the Marten, it means that you are a curious, active and cheerful person. A person who loves to collect information, analyze and structure it. Sly, he will dig to the bottom until he gets to the bottom. In a love relationship, this is a faithful, beloved and loving person, if he has already chosen a companion, he will be with him to the end. They have the ability of a psychologist, they can penetrate into the very depths of the human subconscious.

Characteristics of the Marten

The marten is a quiet and very graceful animal. At first, they quietly observe the events taking place on the sidelines, and then they decide what they need to pay attention to. Weasels move unnoticed across the territory, observing their enemies. For this reason, the Indians, when they were going to go to battle, asked for blessings from this particular animal. The character is quite strong, unapproachable and cunning. But nevertheless, it is a very influential ally in the search for luck.

European folklore tells us that if a marten appears somewhere near the house and screams loudly, then death is nearby. But, nevertheless, this animal is revered as a symbol of sinlessness and moral purity.

Weasels are not cowardly, but rather brave, confidently and courageously capable of attacking animals that are several times larger than them. They are also very aggressive.

The value of the marten

The animal carries the qualities of a just soul, capable of cold revenge. Thousands of them will come to avenge the killing of one marten. Also, the Marten is a symbol of the resurrection, since in the summer it changes the color of the skin to brown, which symbolizes rebirth.

This totem animal is observant and agile. Very fast and characterized by good intelligence, foresight, as well as a sharp mind and perception.

In life, Martens feel easy and comfortable almost everywhere, the main thing is that there are dear and beloved little things nearby.

Outwardly, this animal is medium-sized, graceful and slender. The people of this totem are very dexterous, agile, at the same time smooth and sharp. Communication with this person is complicated by constant stress. The key qualities of the Marten are vigilance and observation, listens carefully and remembers well all your actions and actions. According to legends, it is this animal that is capable of killing the Basilisk, and they also actively fight against injustice, untruth and sins.