Totem animal loon – characteristic and meaning


Each person has his own totem animal, which is considered his patron. The totem is designed to guard and protect its owner. However, you should not completely rely on the talisman, because it only enhances innate talents and protects against impending disaster. To activate it, you must first wake it up. Living in the hope that the totem will help you avoid any danger is stupid, but relying on it when you need to make an important decision is right.

Determining the totem

People deciphered the meaning of each totem rather intuitively, based on the visual perception of each specific animal. The practice itself belongs to the category of the ancients and has both sacred and esoteric significance. It is impossible to verbally express this information. A patron from the animal world pushes a person to explore his own inner world. In addition, it helps to develop hidden qualities in oneself and acquire new ones. The images of the selected totems will help protect against the negative effects of extraneous energy.

Totems can be insects, fish, birds and animals. The classification is carried out according to the elements in which their natural halo of existence is located. A solar or lunar vector is also used for grouping.

The vector is determined individually in the process of working with totems or during meditation. The lunar vector is shrouded in feminine energy, which becomes soft at night. The active masculine principle and the energy of the day carries the vector of the sun. However, the vector of the patron animal is selected regardless of gender. Often among women there are those who have chosen the solar vector for themselves. Among men, there are also those who preferred the power of the moon. To choose the right totem, you should pay attention to the clues that the Universe gives. Take a look around, perhaps the image of some animal is constantly flashing before your eyes. A person can be completely indifferent to this creature, and the relationship between them can be ambiguous.

It is the soul of the animal that acts as a mentor. The learning process can be unpleasant. To determine the totem, you must ask the appropriate question while in a meditative state. It is the trance state that is capable of giving the correct answer. In this state, the human brain practically stops working, but the subconscious wakes up. In the process of waking, such questions will not give unambiguous answers, so any attempts are meaningless. To develop an internal dialogue, you will need to close your eyes, relax and drop all doubts. The process of establishing contact is personal, since in the course of self-knowledge the secrets of the inner world of a person can be revealed. Among the common tips are the elements, which, in one way or another, prevail in the inner world of a person. By the way, other chakras can also dominate in the biofield.

With the right mood, the totem can appear to a person in a dream. Such visions are important and symbolic.

Totem birds and the air element

There are many myths and mystical events associated with birds. Many ancient cultures have argued that there are tremendous otherworldly forces hidden in animals, and that in order to realize God, one must understand his creatures. This is especially true for birds. It was to these creatures that divine powers were attributed, because they can fly.

Direction Animal
Scandinavian mythology She found the personification of divine messengers in two crows – Munin and Hyugin.
Indians Originating from the lands located in Central America, the serpent covered with feathers was considered the god of Air, its name was Quetzalcoatl.
Native Americans The petrel represents the spirit of power and creation.
Egypt The goddesses were depicted with a vulture feather, and Horus had a falcon’s head.
Hindus We saw in birds the highest state of being.

Winged creatures are mentioned in all, without exception, ancient myths and legends, which sooner or later every person comes across. In Greek mythology, for example, there is a pegasus – a horse with wings. In the same place, half-women-half-birds are described. Griffins were present almost everywhere, as were the phoenixes. Angels also have wings in most legends.

The primitive representatives of the human race considered birds to be deities who caused thunder with rain. The ability to fly has always fascinated a person, as well as the presence of beautiful wings in birds. Others thought that birds were able to predict the future, bring good luck or disappointment. Birds are perceived by people sometimes as evil tempting spirits, and sometimes as mentors.

Separate teachings testified that the souls of the dead continue to live in birds. According to monks practicing catechism, an unbaptized child after death is reincarnated into a bird.

Flight symbol

Feathered belong to the category of ancient life form that evolved from reptiles hundreds of millions of years ago. The very first winged creature on the planet is considered to be Archeopteryx. He had:

  • claws and thorns on huge wings;
  • tail (like a lizard);
  • powerful jaws and strong teeth.

Wings not only make it possible to fly, but also successfully land from great heights. That is why birds were perceived by people of that time as messengers between heaven and earth, were considered a symbol of liberation from worldly prejudices, imperfections and base needs.

Also, feathered creatures are considered a symbol of unity between the unconscious and the conscious. The flight of a bird is breathing, awakening intuition, enjoying beauty while soaring above the surface of life. As sources of unquenchable inspiration, birds are able to awaken hidden sources of strength in a person. Each bird is special in its own way and endowed with unique properties. Spending time with your totem animal will help you find hidden creativity.

Loon – totem animal

People born under this totem are particularly suspicious, mysterious and strange behavior. Previously, the loon was considered a guide to the afterlife. She has an innate note of artistry, many talents are hidden in her, which seems even something unexpected. But in the eyes of others, such a person will look like:

  • somewhat fake;
  • unnatural and even pretentious;
  • strong-willed.

The loon practically does not have its own energy reserve, so it is content with little.

Who is a loon

The duck belongs to the category of unusual waterfowl. On land, the loon is uncomfortable, so it behaves awkwardly. However, among the waterfowl living in North America, it is considered the fastest and most agile. Only penguins compete with it, and even then not all of them. It can stay in water for 300 seconds. The duck not only looks unusual, but also swims faster and deeper than any other bird. One gets the impression that the loon is a kind of living submarine.

To simultaneously master several shallow breathing techniques that will help you enter trance and other stages of awareness, you should make friends with a loon. This waterfowl will teach you how to breathe correctly and maintain control over other vital functions.

The bird has dense bones, in the cavity of which there are no air masses. Before diving, the loon empties its lungs almost completely, leaving only a small reserve in order to provide the body with oxygen for 5 minutes. The duck swims masterfully, which repeatedly saves her life in a battle with agile predators. The mastered breathing technique will help to remain fully conscious in a dream, which is extremely important for dreamers. Awareness of what is happening comes when a person in a dream realizes that he is sleeping. This will help you to be exactly where you want to and to do what your soul desires. The journeys that begin after leaving the astral body are important, but it is equally important to learn how to wake up in time.

Element of water

If the loon is going to be your totem animal, then you should focus on further dreams. It will show you how important lucid dreams are. The screaming bird will tell you about the dreams and hopes hidden in the depths of the heart. The life of a totem is inseparable from the water element, which will help a person learn to enter new states of consciousness and reveal other abilities in himself.

Water has long been considered a symbol of astral projection, which is reflected in changes in consciousness in a dream.

After the transition to a new level of work with the subconscious, a person will spend a lot of time surfing the oceans and sea expanses. Loon prefers to live near the shore. Regular contact with the water element will help you learn not only to enter a deep meditative state, but also open the doors to other worlds inhabited by various creatures. The cry of the totem can be perceived as the singing of sirens, beckoning to their kingdom. The bird’s voice is memorable, penetrating to the depths of the soul.

A duck can scream in different ways, and each of the sounds has its own meaning. The most memorable is the rolling laughter and howl, vaguely reminiscent of a wolf. The loon often screams in order to frighten the predators that are near the nest. Tourists and seasoned travelers claim that her voice can be compared to the call of nature itself. Hearing the call will help to revive deeply hidden memories and feelings that are in the subconscious.

Birds fly great, but they are not able to take off from the ground. Acceleration is taken from the surface of the water surface. Only the most powerful and strong-willed creatures are capable of this.

On land, the loon moves awkwardly. An experienced observer will immediately notice the discomfort that the land part of the halo gives to a living creature. A person who is patronized by a loon may feel awkward in society and when trying to live according to established canons. The moral norms imposed by society are not perceived by them. The discomfort that comes with the bird landing will help you learn to feel good everywhere.


There are people who have vivid and intense dreams every day, who are also fully conscious. One gets the impression that a person is experiencing events in reality. In some cases, it is extremely difficult to determine the moment when the dream has ended and it is necessary to return to reality. In such a situation, a judicious patron comes to the rescue. If you choose a loon as a totem animal, then you should think about several vital aspects:

  1. Does a person look at the world through the prism of rose-colored glasses?
  2. Does imagination work well enough? Is it able to transfer consciousness beyond the real?
  3. How difficult are the goals set?
  4. Is there something in life that deliberately prevents you from facing problems?

There are many superstitions associated with the loon. In Norway, it is believed that her cry is a harbinger of the fact that a drowned man will soon be found. It can also be the call of a person who died in the water. Northern tribes associate the cry of a bird with imminent rain, and the inhabitants of Siberia are sure that the soul of the deceased goes to heaven together with the loon.

One of the Eskimo tales says that the loon was not born a bird. Once, two men went fishing, but only one managed to catch a fish. In anger, the man stunned the fisherman and took his catch. So that he could not tell others, he cut off the fisherman’s tongue, and then put him in a boat and pushed him into the sea. When the wounded man cried out in pain, his cry was heard by the Higher Powers, which turned him into a loon. That is why the piercing cry of a bird is compared to calls for justice.

The loon is shrouded in secrets, myths and legends. A shrill scream, amazing ability to swim and unusual plumage should remind everyone of hidden possibilities. They can be hidden in the depths of the soul, they can help to move to different stages of changes in the subconscious. The totem reminds a person that no matter how difficult a dream is, it is never given to the weak, and that he always has the strength to fulfill it.

Meditative state

This practice is considered the most common, but for beginners it can be overwhelming. Only after entering a certain stage of union with the subconscious is contact with the totem established. Further interaction will require a lot of effort. We have to do something that remotely resembles the journey that shamans take. At this meeting, the person will communicate with the patron and receive the necessary information from him. The advice and guidance received will help develop hidden skills and qualities. This technique deserves detailed consideration.

For meditation, you need to choose a quiet and peaceful place in which no one will disturb the person. A secluded place in the bosom of nature is perfect, but the noise of a city apartment will not give an opportunity to concentrate. To start meditation, you need to sit down. All thoughts should be focused on the breath. For a while, you just need to sit and listen to your feelings. Then you should mentally transfer yourself to a calm place (for example, to nature) and go on a journey.

Step by step

The tunnel is a harbinger of further immersion in the necessary state, and the loon is a source of natural strength. To enter into direct contact with her, it is necessary to act intuitively or even unconsciously. After passing through a cave or dungeon, a person will go to the house of the totem animal. After the call, and it is carried out by the name of the animal, you can begin to communicate.

Communication with the totem is carried out in several ways. Often we are talking about telepathy, however, you can use speech familiar to a person, but only at the initial stages of immersion.

At the end of the meeting, it will not be superfluous to thank the loon for your time and politely say goodbye. To return, you must use the same road as at the beginning. Pulling out of the trance will not do anything good, so avoid interference and noise. Interruption of communication can prevent further return.

During meditation, a person should feel completely safe. Consciousness is cleared in advance, because the existing problems will not allow you to enter a trance. Such a technique will require a lot of effort, strength and skill from a person. Over time, the process will become less costly (in terms of energy) and faster. The rest of the techniques are either based on the ability to enter a deep trance, or they include skills that are acquired only through awareness of the technique of its execution.

Identification with totem

This technique is comparable to role-playing games in which a person has to “try on the skin of a totem” (of a chosen animal). Small children often like to play such games, imagining themselves as a bear, bunny, butterfly or bird. This is where the practice should be started. The older a person becomes, the more “difficult” it is for him to play such games. Some practical lessons may be needed. They start with imitation. To begin with, you need to observe the selected animal for a while. To do this, you can watch videos or go to the local zoo.

It is recommended to pay attention to the individual traits and special qualities of the selected animal. It is them that are to be portrayed in the future. Birds are easier to imitate, as you can try to recreate their voice and movements. Gradually, a person will begin to adopt the qualities and characteristics of the chosen totem and learn to feel it.

but on the other hand

Practical manipulations are also of a different nature. Starting with meditation lessons, a person learns the state of peace and tranquility. You should mentally create a clot of energy, for example, in the form of a ball. It is placed in the center of the abdomen. The power of the totem itself will be hidden in this energy clot. The ball should begin to grow mentally and eventually fill the entire human body. Imagination plays a key role, so you can safely imagine a beak, wings, plumage and even a tail. You should begin to move in this image, gradually getting used to the role of the chosen totem.

Focus on those emotions and sensations that are beginning to emerge. Feelings become sharper, as well as perception, and smells become brighter and richer. This indicates the beginning of the process of connection with the totem. Over time, this will lead to the unleashing of potential and the development of unusual abilities. For example, for some, entering this state helped to reveal the gift of foresight. After some time, you can enter a similar state at will, in any place convenient for a person. Using the abilities of the totem, a person can literally transform before our eyes, which will be noticed by others. The situation will be taken under complete and undeniable control at any second.

The technique should be used only for the good, and connect with an animal in a public place – in extreme cases. Often we are talking about self-defense and nothing more. Connecting consciousnesses will help make the body more flexible (gymnastics and dancing), self-confidence will appear (public speaking). The first practical lessons should be directed towards reincarnation into a well-known animal. In the future, the number of patrons can be increased to five. Thus, you can instill in yourself the desired character traits and skills.


It is extremely difficult for a modern person to cope with the accumulated difficulties alone. This leads to a series of requests directed to the Higher powers. Totemism – an ancient teaching about animal patrons, claims that each person has his own totem, which can become a source of knowledge, great strength and energy. It can take a long time to learn how to connect with your totem, but the result is undoubtedly worth the effort.