Totem animal Gyrfalcon – characteristic and meaning


The totem is a symbol of any aspects of your personality, using it in life will help you not only to establish contact with your own personality, but also to gain access to energies that are currently inaccessible. Using three totems at once will help you solve problems more productively and more accurately. When solving intellectual or psychological problems, one should turn to totems that are directly related to the air. In case of health problems, totems connected to the ground should be used.

Characteristics of the Krechet

The totem animal Gyrfalcon is freedom-loving and independent. Gyrfalcon loves nature, strives for unity with the universe. Despite all the freedom and independence, this animal can force itself and obey.

Gyrfalcon is a rather large and beautiful bird. The plumage of the bird has very beautiful colors, ranging from white and gray to smoky and brown. The bird is quite valuable as a hunting bird. Very hardy and also good at hunting.

The value of the Gyrfalcon

Despite the fact that the Krechet totem is directly connected with the service, this service is carried out at the own will of the Krechet. An animal can serve well for a long time, and then abruptly interrupt the service if it does not like something. Gyrfalcon can obey and kick at the same time. Serves in the mercenary forces, and usually can unexpectedly change his place of service. The totem carries creativity, as well as excellent mental abilities, the ability to quickly and clearly receive information. Also has a rather independent character.

Gyrfalcon is, first of all, the main totem and amulet of the Eskimos. In the east, it is a symbol of fearlessness.

To choose a suitable animal totem for yourself, you can use calendars and astrological tables, as well as special meditation techniques. The latter method helps to get rid of the conventional lines between consciousness and subconsciousness, and thus there are more chances to find an individual totem.

To choose your bird totem, you need to concentrate on the area of ​​the heart and imagine that a ball emerges from this point, which emits a soft and pure blue color. The ball will slowly increase, you need to look inside the ball, clouds will float there, and among them is a bird, which is the totem.