Totem animal golden eagle – characteristic and meaning


The power of connection with God himself is the function of the golden eagle and the eagle, which will give a person the ability to live spiritually, as well as enable him to remain balanced and teach him to understand difficult situations and various problems of life.

Golden eagle

The golden eagle is very fast and flies high, and also has the ability to see everything in general from the height of distant clouds, it is close to the sky, where God himself lives. Previously, shamans believed that the feathers of the golden eagle would serve to purify the general aura and this has been used by them for many centuries. So the feathers of the golden eagle can definitely help get rid of many problems, thanks to which the golden eagle was considered by many sacred animals and an amazing healing tool. The golden eagle is a state for quickly achieving a number of goals using a tough workforce, and also serves to understand the completeness of the degree of initiation of the world.

Totem golden eagle

The power of this amazing bird can be acquired through personal awareness of the common victory of a person, awareness of trust in God and taming carnal desires, which will give the right to use the power of the golden eagle in life. The golden eagle will often remind you of its choice and the main thing to remember here is that the striving for the universe will give you the opportunity to rise higher in the worldly level of life. If a person succeeds in this, he will recognize the strength of his personal soul and this will teach him strength and will support him at different times, as well as provide spiritual growth. The totem will teach to expand the meaning of existence to even greater limits than it was before.

The main thing is to clearly remember about the body and your soul, the dance of the universe will lead to flight, this will bring you victory over various life problems, and also give you the ability to connect with the Divine world. If you were previously in the spiritual shadow and did not think about your personal soul, then the golden eagle will definitely bring you illumination in life, and will also teach you to see the world from the height of its flight and touch everyone and warm you with your soul. If a person has the help of a golden eagle or an eagle, it will become a unique gift and he will definitely give an opportunity to learn about freedom, moreover, he asks for such freedom and says that the person should follow the desires of the soul.

The golden eagle lives only in scanty different forests, prefers forests among swamps or in the mountains, and also there should be an open place nearby, and also adores heather wastelands and valleys. The cult of the golden eagle was reflected in many mythologies of the world, where it is an independent special character associated with the sun. Also, the golden eagle is a sacred bird in Assyria and Bactria, Greece and Egypt, Rome and Scandinavia, where it was simply deified. The predator is very strong, due to which it can carry away large prey in its claws, it is beneficial for humans.