Totem animal gazelle – characteristic and meaning


The gazelle is a unique definite symbol, the meaning of which is similar to that of a deer and an antelope; Christendom uses such a symbol as the escape of the soul from the passions of the world. The animal serves as an emblem of the soul and has long been used in iconography as a gazelle running from a lion, it serves as a symbol of the pure and unconscious.

Ancient gazelle totem

Among the Ancient Egyptians, a gazelle with a goat and an oryx is considered a symbol of the god Set, who became the personification of disorder, desert and chaos. And in the mythology of Greece and Ancient Rome, the gazelle was already a symbol and attribute of the hunter Diana, for the Hindus it became a means of transportation for Chandra, who is the god of the moon and a symbol of Shiva himself. Among the Sumerians and Semites, the gazelle is already a symbol of Astarte and the god Mulill, who is the deity of storms and can appear with the god Ea and others. Such a totem was worshiped by humanity as an animal god, where the gazelle was only a temporary general shell for the deity himself.

The meaning of the totem

The gazelle totem is a symbol of human intimacy, it is a mystery and shrouded in many secrets, a woman with such a unique totem will be the most mysterious and sexy. In this way, she will become mysterious and will be a secret for her husband, the character of the gazelles is definitely harmless, she looks very beautiful and her eyes are especially amazing. Another meaning is harmony, which a woman will retain thanks to the totem for a very long time, gazelles are easy to lift, they live very quickly and there are always many interesting events in their lives.

A person with a gazelle totem has beautiful and very mysterious eyes, their main disadvantage is their susceptibility to alcoholism, since they often need to relieve stress. The main and even the main vocation of wonderful gazelles is to make a person more natural in his desires, as well as emancipation and lack of a complex in life.

Gazelle is an amazing and beautiful animal, which is already considered the personification of femininity, nobility and mystery, as well as grace all over the world. Often in the countries of the East, a woman is compared with gazelles, that is, there still this animal has remained as a symbol of beauty and peace. If a person has a talisman with this animal in the form of a figurine and even with an image, then this will be an ideal protection, that is, a totem in his personal life. With such a totem, a woman can easily find beauty for herself, and this applies to both her soul and body. If you have an image of a gazelle with you, then this totem will make a woman a mystery and attract more attention from men.

Many beliefs have unique images of various animals; mankind has long worshiped such totems, believing that these animals were previously human ancestors. The gazelle has already become a sacred animal for many tribes and clans, it serves to unite with the gods of this world, in addition, it is a guardian who will protect the clan. You can easily recognize your totem by the date of birth, this animal will protect and protect you, and also guard in this is the function of the animal-guardian spirit, that is, the totem. Both a figurine of this animal and its claws, skin or teeth will be able to protect, and you can also have an engraving or drawing with you and even a symbol that you can easily ask for help in various matters.