Totem animal fox – cunning helper


As a totem animal, the fox was revered by many peoples of the world. This inventive predator, a popular hero of folklore and mythological plots, can share his qualities with those who want to possess her energy.

Fox totem in astrology

In the Slavic horoscope of 16 animals, the Crouching Fox patronizes the years 1937, 1953, 1969, 1985, 2001, 2017. This predator symbolizes fire – an element that can destroy and create.

According to the ancient Zoroastrian horoscope, consisting of 32 animal totems, the 28th year of the cycle is headed by a fox (1933, 1965, 1997). It follows the year of the Eagle and precedes the year of the Dolphin. The color of the year is blue; its patron – Veda – the spirit of the wind that dispels sorrow. This time is favorable for those whose totem is a predator. It is marked by the birth of people with an extraordinary destiny.

According to the Celtic horoscope, the dates of birth of the “foxes” are from March 18 to April 14. Cheerful, courageous and energetic, they can adapt to changing circumstances, benefit from the current situation. Strong in spirit, but at the same time compassionate.

If we talk about the zodiac horoscope familiar to us, then the fox can be a symbol of the Taurus sign – because of the cunning inherent in it.

The manifestation of the totem in mythology

In mythological and fairy-tale plots, the fox can act as both a positive and a negative character.

In China, the animal symbolized the afterlife. The Japanese revered the fox as the spirit of rain and the messenger of the rice god Inari, a symbol of longevity.

In the ancient Greek myth, it is said about the elusive Tevmes man-eating fox, which only the dog Lilapes could cope with. In Norse mythology, this predator accompanies the cunning and insidious fire god Loki.

Among the ancient Slavs, the fox was revered as the embodiment of the goddess of fate and harvest Mokos. This animal is a popular character in Russian folk tales (“Fox-sister”, “Lisa Patrikeevna”, “fox-godfather”), and not always negative.

In Christianity, the fox was associated with evil spirits because of its bright red fur, reminiscent of the fire of hell, and cunning.

Description of the totem

Symbolism of the sign: fertility, seduction, cunning, deceit, insight, sophisticated mind, ingenuity.

Period of activity: night, evening and predawn twilight.

From ancient times to the present day, cunning and ingenuity have been associated with the fox. She is active in the twilight time, when people have access to the world of magic, which means that the totem will help you get to know him better.

A keen hearing enables the fox to hear the unspoken. Excellent vision will help not only to discern the essence of any person, but also to see the messengers from the magical world. The excellent sense of smell of this predator will open the ability to engage in aromatherapy.

The fox is the personification of female magic. She will help the fair sex to develop femininity, effectively use their creativity.

The fox hunter can move silently, from her a person can adopt this property – to appear and leave unnoticed. Warm and thick fur reliably protects the animal from the cold. Therefore, she will teach how to escape from everything that seems cold – looks, words, sensations, drawing warmth and comfort in her own soul.

The fox will help you become a harmonious person, show you how to act in your own interests. Under its influence, you will cease to depend on the opinions of others, you will begin to take care not only of others, but also of yourself, stop engaging in “self-digging”. Cheerful and active, she will show how to live with pleasure, finding joyful moments in every day she lives.

An antitotem with opposite qualities is either a gray rabbit. The distinctive properties of this rodent are gluttony, gluttony, stupidity. Weasel is notable for its opportunism and sycophancy, greed, lust.

Speaking about the compatibility of totems with each other, one should recall the lifestyle and habits of these animals. So, a predator fox will feel comfortable in the company of a wolf or a tiger, but it will be more difficult for her to build a relationship, for example, with a poultry rooster.

Celebrities born in the year of the Fox: Antonio Vivaldi, Hans Christian Andersen, Ivan Kramskoy, Yuri Gagarin, Walt Disney.

Characteristics of a person born in the year of the Fox


People-“foxes” often have thin features and a narrow oval face. They are thin and graceful, they can have an insinuating voice.


A lively mind, intelligence, cunning and foresight are the main qualities of such individuals. They are able to deal with the most confusing cases and help others to break the deadlock. “Foxes” unravel intrigues, expose conspiracies and deception. They will not go into their pockets for a word: their jokes and comments can be quite offensive. It is no coincidence that among those born under the auspices of this totem there are many politicians, family lawyers, detectives, and researchers.

Such people are extremely cautious, sometimes even cowardly. They can get out of the blow by substituting a stronger person under it. But you should not blame the “fox” for acting only in her own interests: she is characterized by a desire to take care of her neighbors and help them.

This person will not move mountains on his way, but will leave it to other people, more courageous and “punchy”. Her goal in life is to point out the right path, and not to overcome obstacles. “Fox” knows how to appreciate another person at their worth, but they also require respect for themselves.

Cheerful and sociable, these personalities make friends easily. They are one of the best parents among totem animals, spend a lot of time with family and children, protect and take care of them. When building marital relations with such people, it should be remembered that their life is never ordinary, it is filled with surprises, incredible turns, incidents, changes. Not everyone is able to withstand such a turbulent existence, so in the personal life of “foxes” are often lonely.

“Foxes” are well mastered in a team, at work they often show themselves as competent specialists, responsibly approaching the execution of the assigned task.

The fox totem makes it possible to develop the same talents of disguise and invisibility, a unique ingenuity. It is important to learn how to conduct a competent meditation process in order to receive all the strength of this animal and its abilities.