Totem animal Elk – characteristic and meaning


The elk is a large beast, distinguished by its grace and the ability to some kind of reincarnation. It is difficult to break him, he always follows the intended path.
Totem Elk gives its owner almost all the qualities that nature has endowed him with.

Characteristic of the totem – Elk.

Totem Elk is one of the most ancient animals not only in the animal, but also in the spiritual world. Many clans made a deity out of this beast, thanks to the nobility and ability of moose to move silently. In ancient times, people believed that by worshiping this animal, everyone in the family would have good health and great strength.

In nature, Elk has heightened senses of smell and hearing. In spiritual terms, this means that a person who has an Elk totem must listen to his intuition. She will tell you when not to continue or start a new business.

Newborn moose calves are born with open eyes, which means that a person with a similar totem has inner vision from birth. Moose calves endure all the hardships in the first month of their birth, which gives people with such a totem the confidence that all problems have already been experienced in distant childhood.

The meaning of the totem – Elk

Totem Elk is a combination of feminine energies, which means close friendship with the water element, which gives a person a creative beginning, developed intuition and inspiration.

In terms of healing techniques, a person with an Elk totem responds well to reflexology of the feet and head. This is due to the fact that the strongest parts of the animal are the hooves and large branched horns. Massaging both the head and the cervical region can relieve tension and stress, and walking on massage mats or pebbles can heal the body as a whole.

Elk is a herbivore, and people who have its energy should monitor their diet, the more plant foods it contains, the better for the body as a whole.

Totem Elk will not choose a weak person. It is rather a sign for people with great ambitions and internal energy, which a person, in life circumstances, may not notice or ignore. The elk chooses people who have something to strive for; such a totem will not work for simple phlegmatic people. This is a sign of movement towards something new and unknown, fearlessness towards new beginnings and a gradual increase in one’s spiritual level.

Do not anger Elk, it is better to listen to your inner ego before it’s too late. Otherwise, strong horns can get entangled in a series of everyday events.