Totem Animal Eagle: Born Leader


The eagle is traditionally perceived as a king among birds, strong and noble. Let’s try to figure out what this totem means, what characteristics it has and how it affects a person’s life.

Totem eagle in astrology

Zoroastrianism, the oldest religion in the world, has its own calendar based on a 32-year cycle. The year in Zoroastrianism begins on March 21st. According to the Zoroastrian horoscope, a person has a patron from birth – a totem animal, endowing him with his best qualities. The 27th year of the cycle passes under the sign of the Eagle. It follows the year of the Polar Bear and precedes the year of the Fox. 1932, 1964, 1996, 2028, 2060 – these are the birth dates of the “eagles”. Its color is blue. Patronizes the year Amertat – the Spirit of immortality.

In the Slavic horoscope of totems 1939, 1955, 1971, 1987, 2003 – the years of the Soaring Eagle, brave and proud, leader and reformer.

According to the zodiac horoscope familiar to us, the eagle is a symbol of the scorpio sign and a totem for the Libra sign.

Eagle in mythology, religion and heraldry

In ancient beliefs, this bird was credited with the ability to fly above all, rising to the sun, and looking at the sun without fear of being blind. Hence its perception as a symbol of the air element and the sun.

In Mesopotamia, the Anzu eagle, which has the head of a lion, was considered an intermediary between heaven and earth. In ancient Egypt, he symbolized the sun, wind, speed and fire. In the ancient Egyptian pantheon of gods with the head of a falcon, the god Horus was depicted, fighting against dark forces.

In ancient Greece, the eagle, as a symbol of strength and power, was a satellite of the main god Zeus, and in ancient Rome – Jupiter. He becomes the hero of many mythological plots, is perceived as a messenger of the will of the gods. So, in the myth of Prometheus, he flies in to peck the liver of a hero punished by the gods. Also, the eagle is the sacred bird of the Scandinavian Odin and the Slavic Perun.

In the mythology and culture of Asian countries, the opposition of an eagle and a snake is often found. There is a widespread plot in which a bird is at the top of a world tree, and a snake nests under its roots.

Among the peoples of North America and Eurasia (primarily Siberia), the eagle is revered as a cultural hero who teaches people to make fire or returns a stolen sun to heaven.

In Christianity, it is a symbol of the Evangelist John, in various interpretations denoting the Holy Spirit, the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven, the elevation of the evangelical teaching.

The eagle is a famous “heraldic” bird. Today, he decorates with his image the coats of arms of such states as Russia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria and others, as well as various cities (for example, Oryol, Yakutsk, Chernigov). If you remember history, then the eagle is represented in the heraldic system of Ancient Rome and Byzantium.

Description of the totem

Symbolism of the sign: spiritual values, the Sun, height, victory, power, strength, state.

Period of activity: daytime throughout the year.

The eagle rises high up, but hunts animals that live on the ground. He shows us how you can be true to your dreams and at the same time not forget about earthly concerns. The eagle’s ability to firmly grab and hold prey with its sharp claws is an example of how to be able to use and not miss the benefits that are given to us. With its powerful beak, the bird inflicts fatal blows on its prey. People with this totem should remember that their words can hurt others. Manifestation of the eagle’s excellent hearing and sight can be the ability to foresee and the ability to see what is hidden.

This bird skillfully controls its own wings: it hovers in the sky, dives silently in order to grab prey. She will teach a person with the same skill to move in living space, making the most of his energy, saving strength where necessary.

Antitotem: locust or fly. This is an animal with opposite qualities, and if it takes over, then a person moves away from his totem, which means he is able to lose his support. “Locusts” are unscrupulous, malicious, greedy people who like to lay eyes on other people’s property, to take what is bad. Unrestrained in their desires. Alone they do not dare to do dirty tricks, they prefer to “get lost in flocks.”

Compatibility with other totems: A predatory eagle has a hard time getting along with a squirrel or hedgehog. According to the mythological tradition, the eagle and the snake, personifying evil, are at enmity. Other hunting birds, like the owl, the falcon, on the contrary, will be suitable partners for him.

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Eagle: Leonardo da Vinci, Georges Sand, Nicholas II.

Personality trait with eagle totem


Noble profile, proud posture, thin arms and legs, pleasant voice – these are the distinctive qualities of the “eagle”.


Such people have an innate aristocracy, the ability to feel confident in any society. These traits often cause envy in their environment, to which the “eagles” are completely indifferent. Proud “birds” always feel a little higher than others.

These individuals are excellent leaders. They are able to assemble a team and unite people. At work, they are often appointed to leadership positions. The Eagles’ decision-making process is quite lengthy: they plan and calculate options and decisions. However, at the right time, they act without delay. To achieve the goal, we are ready to make any efforts, while realizing that not all means are equally good. They are noble, do not go for meanness, they are ready to “fight” with the enemy in the open. Expecting similar behavior from others, they often fall prey to scammers and deceivers.

Among them there are those who have the gift of foresight, including events of a planetary scale.

“Eagles” are individualists, but they are adherents and defenders of the integrity of any association – from a small family to a huge empire – protecting them from decay, what is their purpose in life.

In personal life, they are ascetic. Both men and women marry early, usually remaining faithful to their partner. However, the influence of the other half on this “bird” is not great, its focus is on relationships with children and parents. Friendship is no less important for them, however, there are usually few friends.

They value freedom of thought, action, movement. They love outdoor recreation, active and even extreme sports and entertainment.

In communicating and interacting with the “eagles”, one should not forget that these are predators that can strike a sudden, unexpected and painful blow – by word or deed. Like a soaring bird, patiently stalking its prey, such a person is able to wait for the right moment to “strike”.

The personal eagle totem is a powerful force to be held accountable for. Using the magic of this bird, a person will see that events in his life develop faster, and the consequences of actions will not go unnoticed. Having learned how to work correctly with his totem, he will be able to become a source of creative power, to have a beneficial effect on people’s lives.

How to work with a totem

It is important to find a place where there will be complete peace and no one will bother you. For 15-20 minutes, you will have to completely remove contact with the outside world. This is required for high meditation.

You can use the floor or any other place to sit comfortably. Do not bend, keep your back straight, your head looks forward, there should be no tension in this state. To completely disconnect from the world, it is better to close your eyes. Breathing is even and measured.

We must imagine an eagle and try to see its center – a place where all power is completely concentrated – and in it is a shining ball.

Then you will begin to feel warm and energized. Do not forget about the image of the eagle itself, let the power and energy pass through yourself.

So, let’s highlight the important points:

  • You need to focus on the main thing, to understand what is important to you.
  • Imagine the animal that interests you.
  • You need to try to accept his energy and live with it.

Relaxing as much as possible, you can see and feel the totem animal. You need to follow him for a certain time so that his power comes to you. This can be accompanied by a variety of sensations that should not be feared.

You need to be able to get out of this state. The power of the totem should last as long as possible. You need to imagine how a totem in the form of an Eagle takes your place, and the human body simply leaves. Next, you need to dissolve in the totem animal and thank him for everything, then it will transfer its energy to you, and you will receive maximum strength.