Totem animal dragon – characteristics and meaning


Today almost everyone has heard that a person has his totem animal. A lot can depend on this, but if you draw lines of comparison, then it is easy to understand that every person is like him. Not so long ago, a calendar was found in which this information was found.

Each person is endowed with his own totem, each has its own purpose. There are people who are referred to as the Dragon totem. And we can highlight that they are filled with health and strength that not everyone eats. But at the same time, there is a simple human gullibility, which is easily used by others and can simply betray. Such a person is often very demanding not only of himself, but also of everything around him, he is pure in soul, and does not have a sense of hypocrisy and pettiness.

If the Dragon has set a goal for himself, he will certainly achieve it. Whatever career he chooses for himself in life, everywhere he will be in the forefront, whether he is a doctor or a politician, a warrior or someone else, he will succeed, and in everything he will succeed. This person will not need anything and will always be on horseback!

There are also pluses of a person with such a totem!

The dragon is a good advisor, although it happens, he is not restrained in language, his words always get ahead of his thoughts, so his opinion should be taken into account, but often many consider it a minus. He is a proud, easily carried away person, well-rounded, very hardy and generous. He has weight in society, so his opinion is listened to.

In the first half of a person’s life with a Dragon totem, not great difficulties associated with communicating with his relatives will be expected, since he is a maximalist, which is what he expects from the people around him. It can also greatly interfere, many try to fight with this quality. His temperamental nature will create many problems for him in the future.

The dragon is the totem that has its own characteristics, this strength and frequent luck in life. But, in general, this is a life in which there are many positives:

  • longevity,
  • harmony,
  • wealth,
  • virtue.

Only the life of the Dragon cannot be called easy, since its apparent strength is just an appearance created by it. In reality, it looks very different.

Often for the people around him, he remains incomprehensible, although at the same time they admire him, listen to his opinion. His character is not easy, he constantly experiences a feeling of dissatisfaction, but at the end of his life he will have everything he wants. People with the Dragon totem have magic, but it is best not to turn to them for such help, because they are fire magicians and if they do something, they do it on a global scale.