Totem animal Deer – Softness – characteristic and meaning


Almost all peoples living on the planet worshiped animals. According to the beliefs of various peoples, man descended from an animal. Since animals have greater strength, developed abilities, it is assumed that people have partially lost them when they began to destroy nature. Some totems refer to the animals of the Sun, others to the animals of the Moon.

It is believed that people cannot choose a totem on their own, an animal does it for them. This can happen both at the moment of birth and throughout life. But all people should independently strive to meet their totem. The totem helps a person both throughout his life and has an impact at certain moments. In any case, it all depends on the person. And if a person constantly strives to find harmony with his totem, then the latter will accompany him all his life, help and protect.

Before you find your totem, you need to familiarize yourself with their features and symbols. Sometimes the totem is a mystical creature. Each person can have one main totem and several less significant totems. If you make the right choice, then the connection with the main totem will be very close, and life will be successful. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

  • in no case eat totem meat;
  • do not hurt this animal;
  • not to have a stuffed totem animal at home;
  • do not make fun of the totem.

And most importantly, to show him every respect and respect, in case of offense, he will leave you, and you will be left without help and patronage.

Choosing his totem animal, a person is simply obliged to take into account its main features and direction in life. Goals and paths are more important in this case. Many people believe that it is through meditation that you can get this strength, which will then go alongside and help you cope with many problems and situations in your life.

Finding your totem animal

Currently, there are a large number of totem animals, so it is very difficult to make your choice. Let’s see what the Deer totem animal is.

The Deer totem is the beginning of the thirty-two-year cycle of the Zoroastrian horoscope, that is, the year of the first cycle. He appears to us in the form of a Deer with golden horns that illuminate the path. According to the description, he has the highest power and ascent, the original purity. He has the following characteristic: he is laconic, energetic, has athletic abilities, and strives to master new heights. Always takes responsibility, leads, which means leadership. This is a kind and bright animal.

The deer is almost never satisfied with achievements, because it can see the dark sides of life, draws attention to them to other people and tries in every possible way to eliminate them. Since childhood, the Deer has shown such properties as the insight of the mind and extraordinary intuition. He does not give in to deception, cunning, shenanigans. He accurately determines the degree of trust in a person and is never wrong. In this regard, the Deer does not have true friends, but only comrades, so he is lonely, but does not suffer from this.

Main directions

The main character traits of the Deer-man: exclusivity, pride, strength, fighting qualities, a sense of justice. But it is the Deer that gives a person softness. This trait is necessary for a greater understanding of people. The Deer-Man must learn to love not only himself, but everyone around him. It is this behavior that makes it possible for the Deer to achieve his life goal. Outwardly, such people have an athletic physique, tall stature and a proud look. At work, they show freedom-loving character, independence and determination, intelligence and outstanding abilities.

In their personal lives, they try to establish respectful relationships, peacefulness and complete harmony. In relationships with children, they show gentleness, complaisance, friendship. Men – Deer are always charming, attractive, courteous, know how to protect, show care and love for their neighbors. As rivals, they have a strong character, honesty, the ability to control their feelings. Women – Deer are too narcissistic and proud of themselves, secretive, timid, suspicious. They prefer comfort and luxury.

Born under the sign of the Deer

Those born under the sign of the Deer are perfectly combined with people of the sign of the Lani. Doe and Deer have leadership qualities, innovation skills, strength and pride, they are romantic and sensual.

Deer has a period of activity – spring, autumn. The color of the year is white. The symbol of the zodiac sign in the mythology of the Maya peoples was an open palm with a circle in the middle, this symbolized the receipt of something, as well as a sign denoting wind, life, spirit. The sign of the Deer symbolizes the sacred rhythm of life, in which all living things find submission. According to astrological data, the dates for the Year of the Deer: 1906, 1938, 1970, 2002, 2034, 2066. The Year of the Deer follows the year of the Falcon.

The antithesis and complete opposite of the Deer is the Toad. This person always looks full, balding, has greed, arrogance, arrogance, grumpiness. He is the very first gossip at work and the consummate sycophant. In life, he is inactive, lazy.