Totem animal crane what does it mean?


Totemism is an ancient belief in the ability of an animal to help and guide the human being in the right direction. A totem is a type of animal that is closest to a person in character and habits.

General concept

Totemism has its roots in ancient times. Nations that do not have their own religion worshiped various idols, most of which depicted various animals or birds. Noticing the strength, dexterity or habits of a certain creature, entire tribes built a cult out of worshiping this particular animal.

To date, close attention to totemism has somewhat diminished, but many esotericists believe that such a fact as an individual totem can bring good luck and happiness to its owner.

A person must choose his totem on his own, while you should not think about large animals of a predatory nature. The simplest ant in the form of a totem can give a person diligence and diligence in any endeavors. Knowledgeable people advise, when choosing a totem, pay attention to peculiar clues. These can be images that you meet on the road, dreams, or mentions of an animal in conversations with friends. You can get acquainted with one of the types of totem birds from the following material.

Totem animal – crane

The crane chosen in the totem ensures longevity, develops creativity and gives maximum concentration of attention. The ancient Chinese believed that the crane symbolizes justice and longevity, the Celts thought that the bird has communication with representatives of the kingdom of water because of its attachment to water bodies. Therefore, the crane chosen as a totem can help build relationships with the fair sex.

Seeing a crane chick is very problematic due to the fact that adult birds hide their offspring from prying eyes. This fact can be considered that the totem directs to protect their interests or new ideas before their actual implementation. In a crane family, one chick from the clutch survives, in the language of totems this can mean that you should not waste your attention on trifles and join forces on one goal.

Principles of the Force Awakens

Any totem can adjust character traits in the right direction. With the right choice of a being, unity with natural forces is possible, and the acquisition of certain forces to achieve something new and inaccessible until now.
The totem in the form of a crane carries the positive energy of freedom and flight, which affects the calmness and balance of the owner’s character. Having carefully studied the habits of the bird, one can take into account its grace and beauty.