Totem animal Brown Bear – Introspection – characteristic and meaning


We can notice that the animal has long been very honored and respected. It is not for nothing that the constellation Ursa Major was named in his honor. Unlike other animals, the Bear is active both day and night. Therefore, he has a connection with the solar and lunar energies, and, therefore, the Bear is associated with both consciousness and the sphere of the unconscious.

Characterization and introspection

As a totem, the Bear can teach us how to draw strength and resources for survival from sources of internal energy. Choosing this totem, you open for yourself the unattained inner energy of yourself. People who have this totem plunge deep into their own “I” and look for practical application of the revealed power and knowledge.

It is the Bear totem that will force a person to pay attention to how he speaks and thinks, to perform actions with the utmost attention and precaution. Also, the totem allows you to discover insight and inner strength. It is this strength of one’s own personality that will allow making serious and balanced decisions. Those who seek some kind of spiritual advice will find it and find their own path to follow.

Bears are “climbers” and will teach you how to climb up to reach certain heights and see life from the peaks from a different angle. One should not hide from life and go into hibernation. Although the animal is famous for its strength and ferocity, it does not attack without reason. His aggression can manifest itself only when it is necessary to protect his home and family. But in this case, he becomes cruel and merciless.


This animal has no fear, therefore, if your totem is a Bear, you should stock up on attentiveness and caution. After all, if you get such power, then uncontrolled behavior can have disastrous consequences. Also, this totem has healing powers and will make it possible to manifest them in full force.

In addition to all this, the Bear awakens our inner energy. Teaches you to look for all the answers to life’s difficulties from the inside and be able to look far beyond the limits of consciousness.

Therefore, the Bear totem, first of all, means invulnerability, strength, a spirit-helper, truth and protection, introspection, endurance and patience, intuition and harmony. For its owner, this totem will mean quite a lot, will give a new invisible strength of personality and unbroken spirit.