Totem animal badger – characteristic and meaning


Zoroastrianism is considered the most ancient religion. Three Iraqi empires were classified as state. But its special influence cannot be overlooked in Christianity and Islam. Has had a great impact on world culture. Zoroastrian mythology was reflected in such a science as astrology. The principles of human-animal interaction have become the basis of some horoscopes, including the Zoroastrian one. The vernal equinox according to this calendar means the beginning of the year, has a cycle of thirty-two years.

Each year it has its own ized – a heavenly patron, as well as a sacred animal or bird – a totem. The totem has an undeniable effect on people’s behavior, shapes character, goes with them through life, helps in resolving issues, protects from rash actions. But at the same time, a person should also strive to meet his totem and be like him in everything in order to find happiness in life and grace.

Totem Badger

First you need to give a description of this totem. The badger is a fairly large animal, belongs to the genus of mustelids. Has a varied color: black, gray, yellow. It is believed that the variety of suits testifies to the concentration of the wisdom of all the many world creatures in oneself. It is characterized as a fat animal, therefore lazy, but in reality it has strength and well-developed muscles, strong jaws and thick skin. With its strong paws, it perfectly pulls out minks, not yielding to a mole in speed. Attributed to a connection with earthly spirits.

People with the Badger totem, when communicating with others, mainly use parables and stories, which means there is practically no direct conversation. Such people trust exclusively their abilities, they are subject to magic. Badgers have knowledge of the world, have a great knowledge of herbs, minerals, roots and a variety of plants. Endowed with healing abilities. They are characterized by aggression.

The period of activity of the Barsuk people: April, August, September.

Sign symbol

The symbol of the zodiac sign Badger is greed. Survives due to its fat and does not like sunlight, preferring pitch darkness.

The Year of the Badger is replete with memories, traditions, attitudes, and serious savings. Associated with large material acquisitions, great success, wealth. The badger always prefers to have a myriad of supplies. Deprived of the quality of a hospitable host, greedy by nature, aggressive.

This animal has a secret character, but it will rebuff anyone who encroaches on its freedom and safety. He will protect his property by all available means, even at the cost of his own life. Thanks to this totem, people have unique abilities of self-expression. People, whose totem is Badger, are zealous owners, thrifty and practical, efficient and homely. Their purpose in life is to accumulate wealth and preserve it.

Badger people are attractive and mysterious, they never share their plans. Even when communicating with the closest relatives, they always keep their distance. The badger has a hard time parting with the past, prefers to communicate with old friends, learns from the mistakes made, analyzes events. Doesn’t accept anything new, modern. Adheres to the opinion that it will never be better than anywhere else.

Badgers are not dreamy, but practical. They constantly see the goal, strive and achieve it. They are cheerful, cheerful, well versed in people, up to telepathic abilities. People-Badgers are trusted, they in no way will fail, they will not betray, they do not use the information they receive against a person. Both women and men – Badgers are always mysterious, which is why they attract outsiders.

People – Badgers have the following appearance: pointed facial features, obese figure, average height, elongated eyes, a tendency to be overweight.

Work and Family

At work, they show a good sense of smell and distrust, therefore they often occupy the positions of investigators, psychologists, forensic scientists, and scientists. It is impossible to approach them, it is also impossible to agree. With a difficult character, they prefer to rely on their own strength. All humanity is divided into strangers and ours, there is no third. Appearance does not give an understanding of what the Badger man is doing. But whatever he starts, he will definitely bring it to its logical end. They are very secretive, they do not disclose their secrets even to the closest and dearest people.

The very best representatives of the Badgers have an entrepreneurial streak, especially in the field of trade, but they are not interested in small deals. They prefer to play for high stakes. They have one distinguishing feature – extraordinary abilities in the logical and mathematical sciences, in the presence of the gift of a researcher and a psychologist.

On the personal front, the Badgers have everything calmly and harmoniously, if only the second half show the same qualities as the Badger-man, that is, they have full compatibility. He does not recognize friendship, only partnerships. But if he decides to open his heart to a person, then a devoted friend, a faithful comrade will wake up in him. Always ready to help. With children, he is invariably strict, but fair, laconic. He tries to show favor to them, instill diligence, restraint, firmness of character, frugality, selfishness, reverence for family values. Relationships between spouses are stable, even, do not accept novelty and diversity. Choose conservatism.

Anti-dark animal

The Badger’s antitheme is the Mole. This is truly the opposite type. Moles are endowed with greed, anger, carelessness, lightness, insidiousness, looseness, insecurity, hatred of other people and everything around them.

Zoroastrian horoscope

According to the Zoroastrian horoscope, the year of the Badger cycle is the fifteenth. Follows the year of the Tour. Dates of the Badger Year: 1920, 1952, 1984, 2016.