James Richards, a man that presents himself as a time traveler, this year starred in the headlines of the international media when he said that in a parallel dimension got a new production of The Beatles. The information was released by the blogger John Kerrison, is an album that would be the only material in cassette of the English group. Four Guys is a song that is posted on the Internet and part of the alleged material that traveled through time.

Mystery, scientific evidence or just coincidence is behind all this. In the sci-fi and comedy movie of 1985 Back to the Future written and directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg, where the protagonists are transferred to different realities that correspond to different times in history, portrays the possibility with some Hollywood glamor of being in another place-time that does not match our present.

In Latin American literature in the presence of time travelers have a figure in the book El Eternauta a cartoon published in 1957. The controversial history analyzed in the later centuries aroused the audience’s imagination to idealize the belief that individuals or objects can travel through time.

This phenomenon of time travel event refers to move backward and forward or move in parallel universes and for years has been a topic of discussion, while there have been many cases and figures who defend that are protagonists of this fact, but it’s possible? Galileo and Poincaré are recognized as authors of the bases for the study of this, one of the dreams of human beings. Then we have the theory of Albert Einstein when he developed the Special Relativity.

Einstein took as a basis the study of light, space speed and establishing that the speed of light in vacuum is always constant and independent of the emitting body as well as the observer. Thus, further studies were used to research indicating, among other things, the existence of tubular holes that might be gaps between the space communicating with other realities.

Now, in the XXI century with technological advances, the use of satellites and GPS, more and more people opt for the opportunity to move. And that manipulation of the speed of light and space and time could be key to visit other worlds, other times, other characters, another life.

Still is news John Titor who introduced himself many years ago as a time traveler, and who continues doing alleged predictions based on his life in 2036. One of the most surprising announcements that occurred in the past was that the United States would be governed in 2015 by a black man, which coincides with the current president Barak Obama. Given these assumptions, the human race is still investigating and can only judge the facts and imagine fantasy or reality? And you, to which time would you like to travel?