Three of Swords

Three of Swords
Three of Swords

The third card of the suit of Swords is the Three of Swords card.  This card is not a fully positive or a fully negative card.  This can be a bad card when it comes to love

The Three of Swords represents being depressed or losing someone.


The past with the Three of Swords shows that you were in an intense time and you went through depression and it changed how you think.  You learned from these experiences and you need to take the past as objective.  The reason bad things happen is so that you can learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.


The present with the Three of Swords shows that you are not well in your current situation and you are not happy.  You have to figure out why.  If you are sad and want attention, you need to stop this.  It is hard to admit that you are seeking sympathy but if you are, it is because you are afraid to fail.  Failing is something you learn from so embrace it.  Don’t let things lose its memories and meaning on you and learn from your mistakes.


The future of the Three of Swords shows that you are living life in a downward curve.  You have to stop what you are doing even if it seems like you can’t.  If you feel that you have hit rock bottom, make a change.  Stop worrying about things that happened to you years ago and move on in life.


Your work with the Three of Swords shows that you are achieving things, but you are not happy.  You need to not give up your morals for money.  You might feel like you are not making it at the moment and that you are facing things at work like long hours and bad co-workers, but you have to work and get by.  You will need time to recover and find a new job path.  Try not to let your feelings of life get in the way of how you are doing.  It is hard but you need to separate things out of your life to do better.


The love with the Three of Swords can be a bad thing.  You need to know that you will experience loss and grief.  This will affect you and those close to you.  You need support and you might even feel that your partner hates you.  Relationships can handle pressure so as long as you are not offended, you can fix things.  If you are single, stop looking for now because it is not the right time.  Spend your time working on you and make sure that you are stable in your life before you meet someone else.


Your friendship in the Three of Swords shows that you are not going well, and you can expect arguments in the future.  Have deep conversation with your friends and help them to understand why you are not having a happy time with them.


Your finances show that you will have a time where you need help.  Ask someone that you trust for help and don’t feel bad when this happens.  This situation can feel stressful but don’t let it upset you.  Cut back on luxuries and only buy what you really need.  Don’t let things you buy or not buy hurt your pride but accept help from others if they offer.


The health with the Three of Swords shows that you need a change.  Go somewhere or do something new.  If things are being too serious, talk to a lot of people and get their advice.  Don’t think badly of who you are because you don’t feel good.


The spirituality of the Three of Swords shows that you are active and seeing negative things in your mind.  You are not yourself and you cannot see what is inside of you.  Don’t focus on the details but talk to new people.  Consider the things in life that are bad but learn from them.  Forgive yourself from your past so you can move on.  No one is ever going to be perfect.


The Three of Swords in reverse shows that you are needing to recover from a heartbreak.  You will recover and deal with it.  This doesn’t always mean a loss of a relationship it can be family or a friend.  Grief is real and you are on the way to get better.


The three is a very powerful number and can represent being stable, creative and also means birth, life and death.  This can remind you of a cycle that you are going through and might have a hard time getting through, but you will make it.  Be persistent.


  • Being separate
  • Pain
  • Heartbreaking
  • Loss


The element of the Three of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is no.