Third House in Astrology


Third House of Communication. The third house relates to your immediate environment in three important areas: self-expression, family ties, and daily travel. This house determines how you think, speak and write. His sphere of influence includes logic, memory, and manual work. The third house indicates what kind of education you received as a child, how receptive you are to learning. The patronage of this house covers your relationships with siblings, aunts and uncles, neighbors, as well as short trips, especially those related to work or study, and vehicles for them.

Self-awareness is associated with the 1st house; The 2nd house reveals the relationship between self and personality. In the 3rd house, this experience expands even more, goes beyond pure self-awareness and territorial self-ownership. The first house was dynamic, the 2nd house was substantial, and in the 3rd house we reach the sphere of the initial mentality – the mind, which is a means of organization and communication.

Our nervous system extends its influence beyond the physical limits of the human body. It invades the surrounding world in order to define objects and divide the endless world of objects into categories – both inanimate (things) and animate (people). The third house indicates learning in its classical sense, and in general this house describes “concrete thinking,” although the phrase is not entirely apt. In reality, there is nothing concrete in this area of ​​the mind, in the 3rd house we do not use rational thinking, as opposed to the conceptual mindset of the 9th house.

The mindset in the 3rd house is at the lowest structural level, it provides us with building blocks, basic experiences, ways of interacting with the environment. The third house is a field of activity; this house demonstrates our relationship to the ordinary, everyday environment around us. A joint analysis of the 1st and 3rd houses reveals the areas of ordinary human activity.

Each home corresponds to the human experience of interaction. And astrology is the only system that explores this relationship, which shapes our world both within us and outside. However, certain houses more than others emphasize the sphere of mutual relations, since these houses in their meaning more directly correlate with the sphere of interactions.

The third house is not about intimate relationships. It really has to do with cognition, but rather on the “I – This” level than on the “I – You” level. We see other people as interesting objects that arouse our curiosity. We want to understand how these people differ from us, to find what separates us. However, the 3rd house is decisive in relation to the potential of intimacy, as it emphasizes the connection of people with each other using the language of communication. Each biological species has a “language of communication”, but our species – homo sapiens – differs from other species in the developed specialization of areas of our brain, especially the speech centers of the cerebral cortex. We not only use language, we think about language, separating it from our manners, structuring it and developing all the components of the language. So, the 3rd house has to do with the development of this unique human quality.

Traditional interpretations of the 3rd house in relation to siblings, relatives and neighbors have never seemed particularly important to me. They can be useful in clearing up “unfinished showdowns” when new people are brought in to explore old unresolved marital differences. The logic behind attributing them to the 3rd house is quite simple, since they are interactions that form part of the immediate environment in childhood, and as such they were close to us. But it seems to me that it is better to study their influence with the help of horary astrology (considering specific issues, situations and events), and not to involve them in the psychological study of the world of the individual (where the themes and patterns surrounding the development and improvement of consciousness are considered).

So, I use the 3rd house primarily as an indicator of a person’s basic ability to communicate with the outside world – the unpolished human ability to understand what is happening in the outside world and successfully interact with it. The Third House determines the zodiac sign Gemini and the planet Mercury.