In our solar system the sun is the main protagonist, the soul of astrology and the father of knowledge and all sciences in connectivity with the universe and its energy; counting from the celestial King, Uranus is the planet that is in the seventh position, in astrology symbolizes the breaking of tradition in order to begin new and unfamiliar situations; when the planets are in opposition to the Sun, they face two distinct types of planetary energies, which is the case of the Sun opposite of Uranus.


For Uranus even intuition is knowledge, so not everything is rational. This planet dislodges us from our comfort zone and connects us with reality, wants to make us understand that there are unexplainable things there, and one way or another, we cannot deny its existence. It pushes us to overcome fear, to not remain stagnant, the majority of people easily adapt to a routine, and we adapt ourselves around an environment in which we feel comfortable because we fully know it.

For example, there are many marriages that hold up throughout time despite their being no more love, only out of convenience since the patrimony has already been formed and neither wants to start over from zero. They speculate and search for excuses, will I remain alone?; And, what if I meet someone who will hurt me?; Where will I live?; Likewise in the case of education, there are many people who study careers that they do not like; they practice it, work as robots and years go by, but deep down inside they desire another life, want to dedicate themselves to something else that has nothing to do with what they currently do; then Uranus arrives and causes us to doubt, provides courage and an opportunity to change.

When the Sun is in opposition to Uranus, a drastic change in your life will certainly occur; steers you away from the routine and customs, but be careful not to take decisions lightly, try to meditate before deciding; those who live with their parents or are subject to their bosses in an employment relationship will have desires for independence and freedom, you must remember that there is no need to cut your relationships at the root, learn to live together, to discern and to skillfully take on a relationship.


In astrology, opposition is a channel of transmission for the patterns of conduct we are able to obtain with great energy, the Sun personifies figures of authority, generally masculine or paternal, on occasion they are castrators of our dreams or goals; in the case of the Sun opposing Saturn, people do what they do not want to, then are found facing a sense of authority, it is common that these individuals have received a rigid education and obliged to study what their paternal figure chose.

Thus the opposition between two planets besides crossing patterns receives a special reading that should be interpreted carefully according to the stars that are involved, the regents and the Houses in which they are found.