The power of the pyramids


According to the medium William Webber, in Atlantis they dominated something called “Wave of Form”, synonym for them of and hidden energy power associated with all geometric forms. “The rounded forms produced a balancing and harmonic effect in the bioelectric field of living beings while the straight and pointed forms created effects that increased and amplified the cosmic and bioelectrical energy producing overloads and nervous overexcited to those who were exposed to them”. This happened because they were convinced that every dynamic form of the physical world seemed to express a holographic correspondence in the Astral world, “what is above is equal to what is below”.

Alluding to the power of pyramidal geometric shapes, the expert in “channeling” Susan Blake tells us: “The extraterrestrial guides of the magicians established that all geometric shapes moved a certain power support, spirals, stars, squares or triangles. An example of this were the great pyramids that used as temples of initiation and generators of “astral energy”, the vertices of the pyramids acted as conductors of cosmic power over the priests and provoke healing effects. They covered their pyramids with large slabs of color and glass to increase their generating power and transmute the energy between dimensions “…


The height of the Great Pyramid of Cheops (which we will use as a scale model) is 148 m, the square of its height is equal to the surface of each of its faces. As a curiosity we will say that its height multiplied by 109 is equal to the average distance from the Earth to the Sun, and that the total perimeter of its base is 931.22 m. If we divide the perimeter value, by twice the height, which when it was built was 148.208 m, it gives us as a result the constant Pi = 3.1416. The great pyramid has an exact orientation of north-south, that is to say a azimuth of 360 °, and the corridor that ascends from the interior has the same direction of the axis and goes towards the Polar star. What do we recommend to create a homemade pyramid?

The relationship between height, base and side (edge) that must be preserved in the construction of a pyramid is the following. The base can be 1,570 cm, the height of 1 cm, and the side of 1494, if for example we want a height of 10, multiplying each element by this same number we will have the necessary measures, so the height 1 × 10 = 10, the base 10 × 1,570 = 15.70 cm. and the side 10 × 1,494 = 14.94

Once we have the pyramidal shape ready, we must orient it to a precise cardinal point. Although satisfactory results can be obtained with different orientations, the researchers recommend that one of its faces point to the North. The North-South orientation is the correct one since this magnetic line carries the energy that when passing through the center of the pyramid begins to generate a force field that will be the one that will act on the element or problem to be treated. There is no more to use a compass for this purpose, but it is convenient to assign a fixed place to place our pyramid, so that the orientation can not be altered accidentally


In the ” Cosmic Energy” of Texas (USA) has worked experimentally with pyramids of glass, copper, wood, simple colored cards and even with STEEL.
A new way of using Pyramidal Energy is the a method, which is a pyramidal cabin in the traditional way to which an antenna is added, it is isolated from the ground, and this causes the energy that is deposited to be maintained inside. The Pyramid is composed of rods of 1.80 m, these in turn are composed of 3 pieces of 60 cm., Equipped with male-female thread for assembly and constructed of stainless steel. In the Pyramid one feels the same effect that in the normal pyramids. According to the studies carried out, exposure to the energy of the bioenergetic Pyramid for a brief period, causes the following effects:

1. Generalized energy exchange.
2. Decrease in energy in organs and areas where there are excesses.
3. Remarkable increases in areas where deficiencies exist.
4. Greater balance in left-right laterality of body and brain.
5. Considerable increase in energy in the spine and in the head.
6. Get the balance.


For the study: In order to enhance concentration and memory, it is good to study inside or under a pyramid of large dimensions.
Renew edges: The parallel edges should be located in a North-South direction, staying for 10 days in a row within the small pyramid. With this procedure the performance of the razor or razor blades reaches an average of 200 shaves. To sharpen knives or scissors, proceed in the same way.
Insomnia: A pyramid of medium or small size, placed under the bed balances the rhythm of sleep, avoiding insomnia or restless dreams.
Conserve food: A pyramid can help us to keep food stored in it fresh.
To quit smoking: Place the cigarettes inside the pyramid for 20 minutes a day. After a few days the smoker will slowly leave his habit.
To enhance the probable experimental effects it would be interesting to associate the work with REIKI, CHAKRAS to the waves of form

YELLOW Pyramid : Used for health, and well-being.
WHITE Pyramid : For relaxation and psychic power
RED Pyramid : Used to increase health, vital energy and sexuality.
VIOLET Pyramid : For meditation and studies,
BLUE Pyramid:  Meditation and development of psychic faculties
CELESTE Pyramid : For Serenity
GREEN Pyramid : For health in general
NEGRA Pyramid : For Mental Power and Memorization

We hope that the following work proposals are of interest, one last thing, maneuver with the time of exposure in each experience and see how they feel after verifying that variable, take note in your Pyramid experimental notepad always of your state of personal encouragement before and after each experience. Good luck, and may your curiosity be satisfied …

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