The power of the four elements is known since ancient Egypt, and their study goes beyond the physical plane. There are experts of esotericism that point out the influence of water, fire, earth and air in people’s feelings and actions.

Priestess Trinity said that the Egyptians used to say that “the outside reflects the inside“, referring to the important relationship between human beings and the four elements, because when people lose their balance, unfortunate situations can happen, so it’s necessary to know each variable of water, fire, earth and air to stay in harmony.

Human beings need water to live. In addition to collaborating with the transport of nutrients and body detox, it is believed that water influences our emotions. Trinity explains that when we feel heavy, it is because “our body and soul are swollen“, so in order to restore our body, we must eat apples, fish, and seafood, and listen to sounds related with this natural element.

Element fire is related with the digestive system. When we have problems digesting food, it is because our metabolism is at its minimum capacity. That’s when we should eat spices, such as cinnamon. Remember that harmony must be achieved both inside and out, so as a complement, listening to stringed instruments is an excellent option.

Element fire can also saturate the body, making us feel irritable, angry, and constantly uncomfortable. In that case, you can use the power of the following natural element: earth. Besides balancing the effects of element fire, it represents stability and is related with the skeletal system. To enhance its power, Trinity recommends the consumption of potatoes, peanuts, and bread. She also says that listening to tropical sounds like salsa, cumbia, or a drum is ideal to complement the organic harmony.

If you enter a stage of confusion where new ideas seem to have abandoned your mind, the power of change of element air will help you solve this complicated situation. The air is creativity, communication, and as important as water for the existence of our body. Foods related with element air are greens. It is ideal to listen to musical instruments that are related with the sounds of the wind, such as the flute or the clarinet, and your tasks will benefit from the great power of this fourth element.

Finally, Trinity suggests the empowerment of the four elements, since they will balance your daily life. “The four elements together have the power to recover our health in every aspect. To create positive changes, you should start by ‘cleansing the house’, so that what you show on the outside is as wonderful as what you have inside”