The Mystery of Psychic Reading using Astrology and Tarot Cards to Predict the Future


You’ve seen it on the news; a psychic reading foretold the end of the world. We react to it because usually we don’t know what happens in the future. Then here comes a person able to predict the future.

There will be a point in our life where we question our future. That’s why some of us will attempt to turn to someone who can give answers to our question. We look for a psychic reader. They are said to be gifted with psychic reading. You could ask about the future or the past from a very good psychic reader. Yet how sure are you that the psychic reading is true?

There have been a lot of research regarding psychic reading, most have come out inconclusive. Scientists say that human intuition may be a form of psychic ability. Other scientists scoff at the idea and say it is pure luck.

There are different types of psychics. There is a psychic reader who doesn’t need any focus to predict the future. They can just say anything and name it as prophecy. On the other hand, most psychics need an item or substance to focus on. Examples of these are the oracles in Greece. The oracle would use steam from a spring or interpret the leaves of an olive tree to predict the future. Medieval psychics used crystal balls. The crystal ball is an item that is in use in even up to day.

Another psychic reader uses tarot cards. He or she is called a tarot reader. A reader uses a deck made up of 72 to 78 illustrated cards. What a tarot reader does is to pull out cards and lay them on a table. The tarot reader then interprets the layout of cards. Some insist that this type of reading comes from a simple tarot reader. They only interpret the meanings of the cards and nothing else.

A true psychic tarot reader is able to predict the future with the use of one card. A lot of movies feature the profession psychic tarot reader. Most of the characters don’t show a layout of cards. Usually, the psychic tarot reader pulls out one card and predicts events that will happen in the future. The tarot card called Death is the usual card shown in movies.

However, a psychic tarot reader is no match for psychic astrologers. An astrologer has more credit compared to the rest of the psychics. That’s because they use century old science called astrology. In ancient times, intellectual men observed the heavens. They found that certain events occurred when planets and stars were in various positions. Hence the science astrology was born. Some claim to be gifted in reading the heavens.

To predict the future of men, astrologers use a branch of astrology called the horoscope. The horoscope is collection of constellations that appear prominent on certain birth dates. Astrology relies heavily on the constellations in the Zodiac calendar. Astrologers would identify the zodiac sign of a person and then predict his or her future. The future of a human is affected by the planets and stars that enter their zodiac constellation.

There’s no harm in believing psychics. Some may have the ability, majority are just hoaxes. You just have to realize that as a human, you have the power to change your future.