The superstitions are beliefs that have been ingrained in the people through the years; attributing to them some events, actions, animals or objects such as influence on our good or bad luck and that always are present in our lives. But only some superstitions have earned the title as the most famous, not only by its meaning, but also by the large number of people who believe in them by being linked to everyday events. Discover below some of the superstitions most famous of the world:

Cross with a black cat: these were considered sacred animals for the Egyptians. However, the Europeans of the medieval times would change this meaning, because they believed that witches could transform themselves into cats to flee from the Inquisitions and continue with their wickedness, by which many were burned.

Breaking a mirror: one of the most entrenched superstitions and has its origin in the popular belief, is that by damaging a mirror we hurt ourselves; since the image reflected in it, is the soul of who uses it.

The number 13: the fear of this number is based on the influence that the presence of apostle Judas Iscariot in the last supper, which resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus, which is believed that it happened on a Friday 13.

Pass under a ladder: one of the beliefs in which this is based, comes from ancient times, in which the triangle was considered as a sacred symbol with which was identified the most Holy Trinity; so pass through a the triangle that is formed under a ladder, means a desecration to the sacred and an invocation to the daemon.


Spilling salt: in ancient times the salt was considered as a highly prized ingredient that symbolized the friendship and trust, by which originated the belief that spilling it would bring bad luck and break in the friendship. One of the versions about the beginning of this superstition, points to the last supper, in which it is said that Judas Iscariot spilled salt while he was walking away from Jesus.

Touching wood: a hypothesis about the origin of this superstition is associated with the Celtic culture, which they considered the trees as a manifestation of their gods in the earth; therefore touch them would get away bad luck and bring protection.

While there are forces that we cannot see, and no evidence that these have relation with the superstitions, and much less, that these can affect our lives; from you will depend on building your own luck, being courageous and facing the preconceptions you have. If you want to deal with them we invite you to use a garment with the number 13 or adopt a black cat as a pet. You will realize that nothing happens, you should only think positively and with this you will attract to your life everything good that it has for you.