The moon in Magic and its influence


Who else has least heard about the powers of the Moon and their influence on life on this planet. This is a very extensive subject since tides, creatures and men, we are all exposed to this influence. Magic, esotericism, witchcraft and many other traditions in which energies are moving are not alien either and are also awaiting the lunar influence.

Normally, everyone knows the four phases of the moon; the new moon, the full moon, fourth crescent and waning quarter, the most popular being the new moon and the full moon. However, there are also those who distinguish four more phases, dividing the lunar cycle into eight phases in total to which they are given different names.

In esotericism, the number 8 represents a great power of transformation, the end and beginning of a cycle, rebirth and judgment, the ebb and flow of life, what we are given and what we do with it, the movement of the breath, the cycle.


Growing, Fourth Growing, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Quarter Waning, Balsamic and New.

To these 8 phases we can also join the dreaded Black Moon and that we could consider as a sub-state of the New Moon that we will see later.

To begin we will speak only of four phases, gathering the magical acts of the eight phases in the following way:

Growing, Fourth Growing → as a Growing Room.
Full → Like a full moon.
Dispenser, Quarter Waning and Balsamic → As a quarter Waning.
New and Black → As New Moon.


Phase of the New Moon
The absence of Luna is propitious to make disappear, diminish and eliminate everything that we want. In magic we usually use it to cut out all the negatives as well as to end curses and black magic.

Phase of the Crescent Moon We will
take advantage of the Fourth Crescent to give strength and grow everything that may interest us. It is a fertile moon, power businesses, health, money, success, harvests and whatever is necessary.

Phase of the Full Moon
The full moon is excellent to give life, to fill and to abound everything we need. It is the moment of maximum strength to work love. It is a powerful moon for Divine Justice and for the culmination of success.

Phase of the Waning Moon 
During this period we have an excellent opportunity to reduce everything that we do not want, that which harms us, diseases, enemies, jealousy, etc.

Once the general aspects have been memorized, let’s dive into the detail of each of these.



In this phase the moon seems totally black or you can not see the moon at night. This phase lasts 5 days. The first three is the Black Moon, in which no request should be made unless it is to cut an evil and make it disappear. The next two is considered the new Moon phase, which introduces the rising phase. In this phase, and although it is usually better to wait for the increasing one, rituals of personal growth, healing and blessings of new projects can be initiated.

It is also a very good moon to cleanse and consecrate magical tools.

In this cycle where the sun and the moon meet, (the closer they are), it indicates the beginning of a stage that is propitious to make new projects and start them with great positivism.

At the level of health, we will achieve in these days a good detoxification of our organism and it is the best moment of the lunar month to perform a fast or some detoxification therapy. This accompanied by a ritual of purification and cleaning will give us the strength to face the month with renewed energy.

It is also in this phase where we are given the best opportunity to abandon bad habits and customs that harm us and undertake something new, such as leaving cigarettes or alcohol, among others. In magic, now is the time to work for those beings who want to help them to stop any addiction.

Any interior work or improvement routine is now when it should be started.

These are some days in which we will be more psychologically calm so we can undertake a magical act with maximum concentration and strength. It is a phase in which self-control reigns.


The Moon is called a crescent when it goes from new  full, when it is increasing in size and visibility or when there is light on the right side of the moon. This phase also includes the growing phase and gibbous (or growing gibbous).

In this phase you work magically to increase anything or attract it. To ask for a love to come, to increase the money in our accounts or our work influence are some of these requests.

If what we want is to protect someone from some evil is the opportune time to ask for Divine Justice and the increase of protection over our loved ones.

At the level of health, it is time to strengthen the body’s defenses and give vigor to people. The organism begins to be predisposed to grow and enlarge as the moon in this phase begins to grow in light. The right days begin to recover the lost forces and replenish all the energies that were low. Our whole body begins to assimilate everything we eat or drink, as well as everything that is applied to our skin, as our body is more perceptive and better prepared for it. Because of this, everything we eat will make us fatter, even if it is the same as we have consumed in other lunar phases. Because of this great assimilation of our body, there are favorable days for the intake of vitamins and minerals, if we find ourselves lacking in them.

If Alchemy is known and ointments have been prepared, it is now the best time to use it, (at least in general).

Returning to magic and the spiritual, are days to work clairvoyance and strengthen our mental forces. It is also the right time to work the fertility of a couple.


The moon is totally round and full of light. Some consider the full moon for 3 days before and after it, while others do their work only in the few hours of the full moon. The best thing is to always adjust as much as we can to the most real full moon, without giving up doing a necessary job just because we are leaving a little time (within these 7 days of the full moon).

In this phase the moon offers all its strength and you can carry out works of protection, divination, justice, spirituality and others.

During the phase of the Full Moon this is on the opposite side of the sun, and that is why it reflects its light in its entirety. It happens then that reason and feelings are further away from their influence, but our organism is under immense pressure. It is considered that the moon causes a great intoxicating effect on our whole body since it tends to retain liquids.

In addition we are highly sensitized at the organic level, so we must be careful with what we consume and we should eat in moderation. It also causes variations in biological tides and this has a noticeable effect on our nervous system, causing different states of tension without knowing, in most cases, the reason for this.

Emotions are on the surface of the skin, so we must be vigilant, since its effects manifest directly on our body. Large psychosomatic disorders are also present.

All this potential also influences the magic, causing the magician to be much more capable of handling large torrents of energy and channeling it.


The Moon is waning when it goes from full to new, when it is decreasing in visibility and size, when the left side has light.

This phase includes the Dispenser, Quarter and Balsam phases.

In the waning room is the right time to perform magic works aimed at reducing or removing negative things, to ward off enemies, illnesses, bad influences or disturbing spirits.

It is the ideal time to take advantage of and cleanse and exile in people, businesses and homes.

For its part, the body tends to eliminate or get rid of everything that is left over as the moon decreases in light. That is to say of everything that was accumulating during the stages that the moon was filling with light. The body begins to prepare itself to purify itself, eliminating toxins, so it is necessary to take advantage of these days, to make use of our energies doing activities that require effort and thus be able to sweat and cleanse our organism.

It is a very good time to activate any healing process tending to eliminate infectious foci, reduce inflammation or any process that may affect our health. Magically, it is now time to end this or that disease.

Alchemically it will be time to apply exile and cleaning potions, or treatments to remove warts, acne and other negative elements.


We have been seeing it since childhood, the Moon has always been associated with love and in truth, the moon is your ally to what the couple’s issues are concerned, if you know how to take advantage of it or your enemy, but learn to follow its rhythms.

Under the light of its light you will perceive the reality of love much more easily, you will better distinguish the different nuances of emotions and it will be easier for you to discern the vibrations that others send you.

In the  crescent moon  we will find the best moment to start a loving relationship, reveal a feeling of love towards another person, declare ourselves or use magic to attract a new love to our life or to attract a love that was gone.

In the  full moon  we are in a phase in which most of the love magic is performed because it is at the moment when the moon releases its greatest energy and strength. Under this you can meet with who you love, find the necessary courage to face a new love or completely enchant your partner. Also, in this phase, you can internalize more than ever in your partner.

In magic this is a great moon to achieve conquest and dazzle your suitors. It is a magical night par excellence in which you will shine more than ever. Use your resources wisely and you will achieve success.

The  waning moon  causes strong emotions to lose intensity and you will be able to see your problems from a different point of view. It will be a good time for reflection, to face those excessive jealousies and overcome them, to dissolve the pain and the wounds as well as to leave behind a love that no longer works or is negative. In magic it will be the moment to make sweeps, to break confrontations, grudges and end up transmuting the negative that could have been created between a couple. Honey candles are very used in this moon.

Finally we have the new moon, in which we will work little love, unless it is in the last days of this or to leave behind a relationship that has already ended and take it completely from us, from our minds and hearts.


Although each moon limits us to one way of working, we can always adapt our requests to that lunar energy and use it to our benefit. So for example, if we want to attract money to our home and we can not wait for the Crescent Moon to be in Waning, what we can do is ask that all the difficulties and inconveniences to get money disappear.


To finish, let’s see now the 4 less known phases of the Moon and their use in magic:

–  The Crescent Moon, (when it begins to break) and that is very useful to work the changes, to improve or overcome everything that is in decline and to put us into action.

–  The Gibbous Moon, (just after the crescent moon ), helps to reflect and thus make our lives more valuable and to fully develop our personal abilities.

–  The Moon Disseminator , (right after the full moon) is ideal to share ideas, concerns, or different interests as well as increase communication with others.

–  The Balsamic Moon, (just after the fourth waning) is propitious to make new plans and to make a revision of the errors and the goals that we have not come to realize, purifying the desires and intensifying the projects.