The moon carries advice


The Moon is a satellite of the Earth, it is the link between our divine part (the Sun) and matter (the Earth). In the human body, the moon is symbolized by the unconscious, the creative force but also the ego in its perfection before it is used awkwardly. Just as it influences the tides, it also acts on the human body since it is made up of 70% water. It is believed that the menstrual cycle of women is related to the lunar phases.

Indeed the cycle of the moon takes 28 days to reach its revolution (it is also the duration between two menstruation) and 14 days to pass from the full to the new moon., which is the time it takes for a woman to be ovulating. This is why the moon is interpreted as being of feminine polarity. It also has a direct impact on sleep since with each full moon we receive new programs in order to consciously integrate the terrestrial and solar vibratory change. The moon can also be seen as our Grandmother since it helps the flowering of certain plants and can give us a boost to start a project as well as to close others.

In the rest of this article, I will explain to you how it is possible to create a project in alignment with increasing lunar phases :

  • The first phase is the new Moon , it is the moment when we ask the Moon to accompany us in order to bring our project to light . Our intention must be pure so as not to sow doubt at the same time as the idea. Example of pure intention: when we plant a rose we know without doubting that a rose will grow and not a geranium.
  • Then it is the appearance of the first crescent , the Moon starts to shine to show us that our idea has been taken into account and that it is now time to get down to business, to invest with all your heart in the project , to start watering it . Take care of it in order to put all the chances on our side so that the flowering is as beautiful as possible.
  • Lunar phase number three is called the first quarter. At this point we are halfway between the news and the full moon. We must redouble our faith and pure intention to allow the project to see the light of day. The purer the intention, the more chance the flower will have to come out and shine . We must watch over it and continue to water it well, be as present as possible in order to see the signs that have been put in our way.
  • Regarding phase four, this is the waxing gibbous moon, gibbous meaning “hunchback”. She did three quarters of the way. She is not completely round and can therefore be seen as pregnant, ready to give birth. We must stay the course, this is when we can know if the project will be able to germinate or not.
  • The last Lunar phase of growth is the culmination, the zenith . We know it as the Full Moon . During this period we pass to the harvest. We then perceive what we have put to germinate and harvest the freshly released fruits from it, provided we have been attentive enough to pick up the messages that have been sent to us.

Regarding the decreasing phases, they are the stages where we become aware of what we have just sown and what it is important to let go in order to get rid of what is no longer in alignment with our person. Then we start the increasing phases again, then the decreasing phases and so on.