The magical properties of trees and their medicinal properties

Since ancient times, it has been believed that every living creature on planet Earth has magical properties. This applies not only to animals and man himself, but also to plants and even trees.

The wisdom of ancient ancestors does not give any doubt that nature is the best source of health for us. The healing power of the forest consists of the plants located there. And so they create a kind of biosphere. The healing properties of a tree directly depend on the content of various compounds and substances in its parts: alkaloids, enzymes, organic acids, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins. Dasha with forest air, our body receives substances such as resin, essential oil, and even phytoncides and bitterness.

Knowledge of the magical properties of trees came to us from ancient paganism. There are descriptions of the sacred groves of the Druids, which were a place of pilgrimage and worship of the pagans to their deities.

The priests of ancient peoples knew how to use this power with care and respect. But even today, people instinctively seek support from nature. If a person and a tree become friends, this invisible bond lasts until the end of days. And even in the ordinary vocabulary, you can hear the echoes of those times when human communication with trees was a part of life.

Trees, the same living beings, like humans, animals, birds, plants. With its internal energy, which can be both good, useful, and bad, destructive. And leaning against a tree, a person receives from it that energy force that is characteristic of this particular tree, or vice versa, he may not share power, but take away. To explain this by the fact that trees share their healing energy with a person, such trees belong to the category of donors. But this does not always happen, some trees do not have such properties that are sometimes found in the human world, they can only take energy from a person – this is a category of vampires.

To determine this, you need to snuggle tightly against the trunk and stand like this for several minutes. If you feel a surge of energy, then this is a donor. And if on the contrary – weakness, headache, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms – a vampire. Donors – oak , birch, spruce, pine, cedar, apricot. Vampires – aspen, poplar, alder.

You don’t need to be afraid of trees – vampires are not needed, since we need both species to heal. If you are sick, then first you need to communicate with the vampire in order to remove all the negativity present in your field, and then recharge and replenish your energy from the donor tree. It is best treated during flowering trees – in the spring.

Donor trees can often be found in the central part of Russia. This is the legendary Russian beauty birch, as well as alder, maple, chestnut, ash. Each of them has its own unique properties and helps a person with various ailments. Birch will help if you are worried about high blood pressure. A daily morning appeal to this beauty will give you not only a positive charge and cheerfulness, but will also allow you to forget about going to the doctors forever.

  • You have a painful condition, fatigue, nervousness that has come from nowhere. Spruce pine, often replacing the New Year tree for us, will help you. It will restore your strength, give you self-confidence, relieve discomfort and increase your overall well-being. Probably, each of us felt a surge of strength, joy, peace, walking in the pine forest.
  • Alder will become your best personal doctor if the cardiovascular system begins to give noticeable disruptions. And chestnut will help you with coughs, pneumonia, such serious diseases as bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, as well as bronchial asthma.

But there is a small condition that must be met in order to receive help from the tree. Every time you approach your new doctor, be sure to greet him as if you were talking to a person. Respect and appreciation must be sincere. After greeting, also sincerely ask for help in healing your ailment.

Pressing your back to it, grab the barrel with your hands and close your eyes. After standing like this for about ten minutes, turn to face the tree, cuddle with your whole body, also clasping the trunk with your hands. The session time should not be more than twenty minutes. After the healing session, as a polite patient, thank your doctor, and only then leave. All this seems a little fantastic, but in the world a lot happens without our consent, much less understanding.

More than 1-2 weeks, you should not contact the same tree, if the ailment has not passed, then it is better to continue the treatment procedure with another natural donor.

Trees that suck energy from a person are poplar and legendary, in the fight against werewolves, aspen. But they can not only harm, but in many cases, even help a person a lot. There are such diseases, during the course of which, a person has a lot of negative energy. This is where vampires come to the rescue and will gladly help you get rid of it. With constant pain in the extremities, with pain in the back, following the same signs of respect as for donor trees, you need to nestle on the trunk with painful places. Limit the treatment time to a few minutes. And if you did everything in good faith and believed in success, then after a few years you will feel much better, and in the future you will be healed altogether.

Wood is one of the very first materials with which people began to carry out magical rites. Archaeologists still find wooden amulets preserved in cold, moist soils almost unchanged. One of the most interesting artifacts is a wooden sword from Arum, found in the Netherlands. The age of this sword dates back to the middle of the seventeenth century.

On this sword, you can make out some runic inscriptions, which translate as: “Messenger” and “Return”. It is believed that this wooden sword was an amulet designed to protect the traveler from the evil forces that lie in wait for him on the road.

Another amulet, found in the same Netherlands, dates back to the end of the eighteenth century. This amulet also has a runic inscription that reads: “Always wear this yew in the fire of battle.” Most likely, this amulet was used in battle magic.

In pagan mythology, the tree meant that connecting link that connected the world of high subtle matter with the underworld. The pagans practiced the following rite:

When it was necessary to cuddle up to a tree and feel how the vital sap of the tree flows, rushing from the roots to the top of the tree. The ancient Russians believed that a talisman made from the wood of a certain tree retains its magical power. The pagans deified trees, prayed under the shade of their crowns, made sacrifices to the trees and buried their treasures under the roots, believing that the tree would protect from encroachment on the treasures of strangers.

There were so many gods in the pagan religion that each of them had his own tree, from which they made amulets with the hope that they would receive protection from the evil eye.

Modern people also believe that a wood amulet can protect against inevitable and unpredictable misfortunes. You just need to always carry with you this amulet or twig from the tree, and that the patron God of this tree will save you from trouble, having previously worked with the amulet or branch, saturating the object of divination with his energy and vitality.

The magical properties of various types of wood

Different types of wood have different magical properties. The tree gets its nutrients from its roots. The more powerful the root system of the tree, the stronger the trunk, the stronger the branches, the more abundant the foliage.

All trees fall into two main categories:

  • on energy vampires;
  • and in the second case, on energy donors.

Vampire trees are used by magicians and psychics to heal diseases.

The patient is pressed against the trunk of a tree, and it begins to pull away all negative energy from the human body, and with it the pain. 

This method of treatment is widely used in traditional medicine.
Donor trees, on the contrary, when in contact with their trunks, begin to saturate a person with their energy. A session of such recharge should not exceed fifteen minutes. If the session is continued for a longer time, then the person’s blood pressure may jump sharply.

How to properly carry out a tree energizing ritual

First, you need to find out which tree is your patron, then find out if it is a donor tree or not. Finally, having chosen a tree standing alone and suitable for you, approach it two meters and stand silently.

  • If you have a desire to get closer to a tree, then contact has occurred between you and the tree.
  • If you do not know the type of your tree, feel free to choose birch or oak. These are the most powerful trees charged with magical energy and are suitable for almost everyone.

Lean your back against the trunk of the tree with your face facing east. Place your right hand on the solar plexus, and put your left behind your back and attach it to the liver area so that your hand touches the bark of the tree.

Having taken the right position, mentally refer to the tree and ask to fill you with its energy. Relax and stay in this state for a few minutes. You will definitely feel how vitality and energy returned to you.

The best time to carry out the ritual of filling the tree with energy is spring, the time of flowering trees, when they awaken from hibernation and all energy is directed to the branches, on which the buds are waiting for an energetic impetus to awakening.

Another way to get wood energy

Today it is known that some healers have chosen a different way of healing a person or filling him with the energy of a tree. They practice using wooden combs and combs.

For treatment, combs are made from the wood of a vampire tree, for energy supply – the wood of donor trees.

It is believed that it is the hair that is the conductor that connects a person with the other world and absorbs energy best of all.

Experts believe that the choice of wood for the ridge is very important.

  • A person with an emotional, unbalanced disposition of character needs to comb his hair with a comb made of poplar, maple and walnut wood, which will help relieve unnecessary nervousness.
  • A person with a suppressed vitality, a pessimist, needs to comb his hair with a comb made of oak or birch.

The magical properties of some tree species

Each tree has only its inherent magical property, which, with skillful use, can serve for the benefit of a person. Here are some of the trees and their real magical properties:

Cedar. It has such a large and powerful pillar that it is called the tree of life. It is believed that the cedar is a symbol of the Earth. To get a charge of energy and strength, a person just needs to touch the trunk or the tips of the cedar leaves with his palms.

The spiritual nature of this tree also helped people in everyday life. In addition, the Celts of mainland Europe used cedarwood oil to better preserve the enemy heads that were taken during the battle.

Birch is a symbol of Russia and a sacred tree since pagan times. Possesses strong magical protective energy. The ancient Russians made baby cradles from birch to avoid damage and the evil eye of the baby.

Birch is considered a kind and cheerful tree associated with the forces of fertility. Birch wood is rarely used to create any magical objects and products, but as a talisman that drives away sorrows and ailments, protects children from troubles and diseases, birch was used quite widely. This is probably why we cannot even imagine going to the bathhouse without a birch broom.

Birch means “birth.” Something new and the very birth are associated with this tree. This is really confirmed by the fact that it can be very closely associated with love spells, love spells.

If you collect strips of birch bark during the new moon, you can write a short spell on them asking for true love, then burn them or throw them into running water. When a spell is pronounced, you cannot keep in mind the name of a loved one, otherwise the conspiracy may have the opposite effect. This will either ruin everything, or even turn the spell into a curse.

Yew. The yew tree (also known as European or berry) is one of the most important and powerful in all of Europe. The tree has beautiful wood of golden color. It is considered one of the oldest on the planet. Despite the fact that almost all parts of the yew tree are poisonous, with the exception of the berries, it has recently been found to be very useful in the treatment of cancer.

The winter solstice celebration focuses only on the yew tree, as it is believed to be closely associated with the deities of death and rebirth. This mystical link means that the tree was used during funerals or lay on top of graves as a reminder of death. And she is an integral part of human life, the end of his path.

In the Middle Ages, yew amulets were considered powerful objects of power, which fully guarded and protected the person wearing them from dark forces and unkind thoughts. Pine has exactly the same magical properties as yew. Therefore, we will not talk about it separately.

Rowan. Rowan cannot be fully attributed to sacred trees, although its magic is no less powerful than the magic of oak or hazel. It is mainly aimed at overcoming evil witchcraft. Until now, girls make beads and bracelets from rowan fruits, not even suspecting that thereby they protect themselves from the effects of someone else’s magic, evil eye and damage.

When building houses and temples, rowan logs were necessarily built into the walls, so that the structure would receive full-fledged magical protection.

Elder. The tree embodying the symbol of evil spirits is a witch tree, so no one dared to make amulets from elderberry or burn it in a furnace. These actions could bring trouble to the house.

This tree was sacred to the White Lady of the Druids, it was also called Lady Eldere. He even has a connection with Venus. The power that lurks in this tree has made it as dangerous as possible. If someone ever chops down or completely destroys, burns a tree, he will be cursed by the White Lady of the druids.

The summer solstice is the peak time when the elderberry radiates all its power, as the period is closely associated with the White Lady. By standing under a tree during the solstice, a person could see what only spirits usually see. Magic wands were made from tree branches, because they possessed such powerful power that they could even drive out evil spirits.

Oak. Means good health and powerful energy. The pagans considered the oak to be a symbol of the almighty God Perun – the god of thunder. Therefore, it is not recommended to seek shelter from a thunderstorm under an oak tree. A lonely tree is often struck by lightning. The bark and branches of an oak are attributes of magic both in the days of pagans and among modern magicians and sorcerers.

The longevity, imposing size and nutritious nature of acorns combine to make the oak sacred to any culture that comes across it. He is the king of trees. In addition, the main characteristics of oak (strength and durability) were considered transmitted to those who used their strength wisely.

Oak acorns, which were harvested at night, were believed to have tremendous fertility power, whether for a person or an entire field. Even oak leaves had magical powers. When people burned them, they stood in smoke for a while. In their opinion, it was the perfect way to cleanse the aura and energy of any place.

The oak was considered a sacred tree of the god Perun (Slavic thunder god). The Celts also revered the oak as the tree of the supreme deity, the tree of wisdom and spiritual strength. Oak wood is very durable and only gets stronger over time. Therefore, in addition to the sacred meaning, this tree also had a purely material application.

Holly. This tree has many magical connections and powers, since pagan and Christian teachings say that it is a symbol of death and subsequent rebirth, especially in winter and during the winter solstice. Why is it so? This is due to its famous bright red berries, which delight the eye when the rest of the world seems dead.

The wood of the holly is special in its beauty, so transparent that it resembles ivory, since the grain is almost invisible. Wood is so strongly associated with protection that people even made spears from it. If the reason for the battle was justified, it was believed that when thrown, the spear would fly faster and would certainly hit the target, even if the thrower was not an excellent warrior.

Spruce. There is a belief that the spirit of the forest lives in a spreading tree. If you cut down such a spruce, then the goblin will ramble and take revenge on those who cut it down.

Willow. A tree that personifies unhappy love and universal sorrow. The pagans believed that something serpentine was hidden in their flexible branches.

Willow has many practical uses in the modern world. With the help of the bark, you can get rid of any pain and fever, it is a kind of aspirin. An alternative name for the tree is Witches’ Aspirin.

It was believed that if you stand for a short time in a willow grove , then this is one of the ways to get divine inspiration, skills, or even prophecies. Priests, priestesses and even artisans sat for days under these trees (especially on a full moon) to receive all kinds of gifts that came from the bark and foliage of the willow.

Aspen. The most vampire tree, since Judas hanged himself on the aspen, the aspen leaves never cease to tremble. Aspen is considered a formidable weapon in the fight against ghouls and vampires. Sticking in an aspen stake means destroying a vampire. If you hang a killed snake on an aspen branch, then it will never come to life.

Hazelnut. Walnut trees and their timber were ideal tools for all types of white magic. The latter can be used to gain wisdom, knowledge and even inspiration, in addition to being very useful in the art of healing.

To protect his territory from evil forces, a magician (or an ordinary person) stuck nut twigs around the entire perimeter. And, for example, in Scandinavia, tournament grounds were fenced off in exactly the same way so that none of the spectators could use magic in favor of one or another fighter.

Thick hazel trunks were used to build a fence around the dwelling. Such a fence was considered impregnable for the passage of hostile energy. And in physical terms, it was quite strong and durable.

If someone is wandering the street, especially at night, and needs magical protection, the best way to form a safety area is to draw a wide circle around them with a hazel branch. Forked twigs (sticks) of hazel are a magical vine that helps in the search for water, minerals, or even buried treasures. The nuts of this tree can be pulled on a line and hung along the doorway to ask the fairies for help in your affairs.

Ash  is a traditional tree used for almost all types of magic and divination. It was ash that was the most common material for the manufacture of fortune-telling runes and weapons intended for magical actions. For example, in Scandinavia it was believed that if the shaft of a spear is made of ash, then it is magical, only because the sacred spear of the god of light was also made of ash.

Most of the important and sacred objects were made from ash. Even the steering wheels and tilts of ships were made from this magic tree.

Ash was also widely used in the manufacture of various protective amulets, protecting the owner from almost all harmful influences of the outside world. Ash served as fuel for sacred fires, the smoke from which was fragrant and healing.

Hawthorn is a very healing tree. It is closely associated with female sexuality, and therefore many women use it to renew passion in marriage or to create the magic of love.

The magical properties of trees and their medicinal propertiesHawthorn is considered a symbol of the spring awakening of nature and the girl’s chastity. The pagans adorned the heads of the bride and groom with wreaths woven from hawthorn branches. Weaving hawthorn flowers into a wreath was considered a bad omen, meaning death.

Hawthorn flowers are a kind of pheromones. Single women who were looking for new love used the buds to get the attention of men. Besides the buds, the branches of the tree also have a certain strength. Women made magic wands and used them for their own good.

Let’s imagine a person in the form of a tree. The roots of the tree are our ancestors, the crown is the descendants, the trunk is the person himself.

Each of us has our own tasks for incarnation, we come to this world for new experiences, and not necessarily for joyful and happy ones. Accept that your world is different from that of other people. Yes, physically we all live on planet Earth, we experience the same events, but we perceive them absolutely individually.

Let the other person be different. Accept its peculiarity, abnormality. Your children are not you, they are individual and came to this world for their special experience. Your parents have the right to be crazy in their own way, they have the right to see the situation in a different light. It is your choice to be born in this particular family, in these conditions. You need just such circumstances to start your life.

The conductor of energy does not try to remake everyone around, he monitors the purity of his inner state. The task of each of us is to accept the power of the Rod and pass it further along the branches.

Visualizing yourself as a guide tree has a tremendous effect. The desire for excessive care disappears, the excessive feeling of anxiety and concern for the life of another person disappears. First of all, responsibility for oneself appears. After all, your task is to convey all the power of generic energies, knowledge, experience accumulated by previous generations.

If you are unduly worried about the fate of your child, or he regularly cries, throws tantrums and scandals, take a look at the situation from the outside. Look, where do you cut off the energy intended for him from the child, where do you squeeze the channels of transmission of the birth force in yourself? Start changing yourself, your inner state, so that the child again feels the inflow of the most valuable energy for him.

Redefine your relationship with your parents. It’s time to stop judging their lives, decisions and relationships. Accept them as they are. Even the negative experience of the ancestor is subject to approval (fertilization of its roots).

Look at a person’s life from the perspective of experience. He shows you by the example of his whole life what mistakes you can personally avoid. Don’t you want to thank him for that?

The state of the generic energy conductor strengthens you many times over, puts you on your feet, allows you to go your own way. Allow yourself to be yourself and others to be different.

What trees to choose for planting on the site

You should not choose trees with a branched root system, which, growing, can damage the foundation of the house.

  • It is good to plant cherries, which are considered a symbol of fertility.
  • It is very good to plant juniper bushes, which will protect the house and all its inhabitants from damage and the evil eye.
  • From time to time it is good to burn juniper needles in the house, the smoke of juniper needles will carry away bad energy from the house.
  • Rowan will protect the house from black witchcraft and any negative energy.