The magical properties of salt: how to protect yourself and your home from negative influences


In ancient times, priests used the magical properties of salt to protect against demons and the evil eye . Without exception, all civilizations on Earth have very similar ideas about the magical properties of salt. Namely, that it absorbs psychic energy and binds it into its own structure.

From the Roman Catholic rite of preparing holy water, which contains water and salt, to the Indian custom of using salt on wounds to distract unhealthy spirits.

In ancient Egypt, salt was considered a sacred product that was offered to the gods. The Romans considered salt to be a symbol of wisdom. Therefore, they performed rituals for newborns, sprinkling them with salt so that in the future they would have wisdom.

The magical properties of salt remain the most effective of all magical tools that we have at our disposal by nature. It cleanses, sanctifies, removes evil. The magical properties of salt are used to combat harmful waves in geobiology. Salt is also used to cleanse crystals, to protect oneself during magical rituals.

The use of the magical properties of salt in folk magic around the world

  • During the Middle Ages, salt was used to ward off evil spirits, demons and witches from homes. Salt was poured over doors, windows and chimneys.
  • For example, in Hawaii, when people return from a funeral, they sprinkle salt on themselves to ward off evil spirits and prevent them from following them home.
  • The Japanese have a custom of sprinkling salt on their doorstep after visiting an unwanted person.
  • In parts of Germany, Normandy and Scotland, salt is used on or around the churn. Salt is sprinkled so that the witches do not spoil the butter or damage the cow from which the milk was obtained.
  • Irish folk rituals involve the use of salt in conjunction with the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer to heal those who may have been “afflicted with leprosy.” A similar story comes from Bavaria and Ukraine, in which salt is used to determine if a child is bewitched.
  • Egyptian caravans traveling through the desert performed a ritual that involved burning salt over hot coals. This was done so that evil spirits did not interfere with travelers.

Signs of different peoples associated with the magical properties of salt

  • If someone sprinkled salt during lunch, it means that a family quarrel is on the way.
  • It was considered bad luck to lend salt to someone because it could lead to a feud between the borrower and the lender. There is a good way to avoid this problem. After you lend someone a cup of salt, they must pay for it with sugar or molasses.
  • In parts of northern England and Scotland, it is also not considered very good to give salt. Mainly because the person who borrowed it can use it as a magical link to curse you.
  • Salt can also be used to detect the presence of witches. It is believed that witches do not eat much salt. Therefore, if someone complains that the food is too salty, they may be viewed with suspicion.
  • There is also a story that the enchanted cattle will not touch salt.

Many peoples use salt as part of local superstition. The most famous tip is that if you’ve spilled salt, you should throw it over your shoulder. It either brings good luck or keeps evil at bay.

Today, the magical properties of salt are still widely used by many people with great mystical powers. It is used in esotericism and all occult practices to ward off evil energy and evil spirits. Its main feature is the attraction and removal of negative ions from the environment and people.

Homes and offices that have negative energies suffer from energy imbalances. This energy negatively affects the environment and the strength of people. Very often, this negative force is concentrated in the corners of rooms and especially at the main entrance to houses.


  • Bowls of salt can be placed in the room to absorb negative energy or psychic energy disturbances. Just place a cup of salt right outside the front door of every room in your home or office. This salt will absorb the bad energy of this environment. Change the cup with salt once a week.
  • Place a glass of water at the main entrance to every room in your home or office. Add two tablespoons of salt and a lump of charcoal to this glass. The combination of water, salt and coal is a powerful catalyst against bad energy. Change the contents of the glass of salt and charcoal once a week.
  • Pour 10 liters of tap water into a bucket and add a tablespoon of salt. And once a month, wash your floor with this mixture.
  • The salt itself is very strong. But if you mix it with any pepper – black, red, or cayenne, you get a much stronger mixture.
  • The drawer containing the salt can be used to clean whatever is placed in it.
  • Showering a person with salt, as a rule, is used as a means to cleanse a person’s aura of negative energy.
  • Regular salt water bathing is an excellent remedy for all kinds of negative disorders. It is also beneficial for the physical body. Thus, salt is a bridge between the physical and metaphysical world for humans.

Magical properties to attract money and good luck

In many cultures, the magical properties of salt are often used to attract money and good luck . Salt symbolizes the forces of the Earth. It destroys the energy that prevents you from moving forward in your life towards wealth and prosperity.

  • Wrap a teaspoon of salt in paper or a cloth bag so that it does not fall apart and place it in your wallet in the secret compartment. Change the salt every ten days to make sure it is effective. It is said to bring wealth to the wallet owner.
  • Place the salt on top of your front door. It is used to provide an opportunity to bring good luck, prosperity and auspicious energy into your home.
  • Solar traps work well when the salt crystals reflect all the colors of the rainbow. Place the salt in a bowl and place it on the windowsill where the sun is shining. Multipurpose colors conserve and bring auspicious energy to your property to attract good luck and prosperity. This placement of salt is especially important in your living room and bedroom, as well as in the kitchen area of ​​your home.

The best time to perform these rituals is during the new moon. Because the energy evolves as the new moon turns into the full moon.

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