The crowfoot is a plant used since ancient times for medicinal and therapeutic purposes; however, our ancestors attributed it magical and protective powers used for esoteric and occult purposes. The Chinese used it to counteract bad thoughts; Celtic magicians said that the crowfoot or rough was a defense against evil spells and powers; which was also use to heal the sick.

This plant is native to southern Europe; its leaves are green with yellow and the inconspicuous flowers are very easily distinguished by its strong penetrating aroma.

This mysterious herb has given much to talk and its uses have spread in the esoteric world. Conventional wisdom says that the plant tough away evil influences and evil spirits; that serves for protection and good luck. It is also widely used in business to attract prosperity; protect people from the evil eye, and to increase the power of intuition. If you are interested in different spells, consider all the properties of this magical herb for your protection and safety.

Its branches should be hung behind the door or placed in bags; if fresh the crowfoot leaves are rubbed against the ground, it returns any negative spell that has been sent to your home. You can carry a dry twig with a red bow tied only to avoid been bitten from insects or any venomous animal, but also, you will be protected from all the negative energies, envy or jealousy; and any spell or curse that you want to brake.

Moreover, it is an amulet of protection and good luck to be carried in your wallet. You can make an amulet by placing dried leaves into a rough red fabric bag and carry it around. Many people have the habit to placed it at the entrance of the house, behind the door, to ward off unwanted female visitors, and those who bring bad luck. At the time of planting it, it is recommended to be in good emotional and mental state, to get good results. Now, take note of the rituals that can be prepared with this plant:

Ritual against negative energies: Burn several crowfoot leaves in a bowl and prepare a balm of myrrh incense. The smoke permeates every part of your home decreeing that all the negative things are out of your home and tranquility reigns. This should be repeated for seven days.

Ritual for love: Get oil vegetable, crowfoot oil and a perfume of your preference. In a small bowl place all materials and heat them; then incorporate them into a bottle and let it cool. Every night you must place a few drops of this ointment on your heart, making positive requests to the person you love.

This wonderful and magical herb creates a protective field around who owns it, its energy are effective to counter fight any evil. Plant it and fill your environment with its magic!