The Fool Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money


“… I am getting older, realizing that
my vanishing youth
Hides itself in my vague wisdom,
Which is becoming more and more childish …”

Something new awaits the questioner in life, but it will bring chaos. The senior lasso tarot card Jester (Fool) in fortune-telling portends good changes, nothing bad will happen. The main meaning: the beginning of a new cycle, bringing clean energy into life. A person feels that he has chosen the right path, although not an easy one, but life itself will help to bypass all obstacles. In this material, we will consider the description and meaning in the relationship of the direct and inverted Jester card, the interpretation and combination of the Jester with other cards in the layouts for love, health, career and work.

The appearance of the major zero lasso of the Tarot card Jester (Fool) in the layout means that life is preparing surprises, ahead of an unexpected turn of affairs. The detailed meaning depends on the type of divination and other cards in the layout.

The general meaning of the Fool card

The positive value of the Jester Tarot card:

  • Unplanned events that will turn the usual rhythm upside down. You have no idea about something, but your intuition tells you that you need to prepare.
  • The events of the past affect the present day, you have to make some important decision.
  • Fool Tarot portends good luck. The querent can choose any path, wherever he wants, he will get there. Fate blesses him for action and gives him a chance.
  • This is the beginning of a new project, or a new definite stage of being. You need to “take the bull by the horns.”
  • The jester points to a certain person who can influence the life of the questioner (querent).
  • In some household layouts of the Tarot, the lasso Jester (Fool) means – a successful trip, a hike, a picnic.

Negative value of the Jester Tarot card:

  • In a negative sense, the card indicates thoughtlessness, whims, whims, absurdities, reaching madness. When guessing at a young man, infantilism is possible.
  • Extravagance, eccentricity, passion.
  • Chaos in thoughts, lack of a clear plan of action, sheer confusion in deeds and actions.

Personality description

This archetype is prone to impulsiveness, rash actions. The Jester Tarot card symbolizes a cheerful, cheerful person, he has a light heart, inspiration, openness of life. The task is to figure out: he is just a fool or really lucky. A stubborn unwillingness to grow up, as well as wise simplicity and experience, lightness at the end of a difficult path keeps the Fool Tarot in his heart.

Positive features

This person does not have deep knowledge in life, but on an intuitive level he understands all its laws and whims. The archetype of a foolish jester in the wise king. This tarot card symbolizes an insightful, incorruptible person. Energy, optimism, extraordinary ideas, extraordinary intelligence and ingenuity are also characteristic of him, albeit to a lesser extent. He feels a sense of involvement with life, talents for the occult sciences, but at the same time he has a carelessness.

Jester Tarot. This is a cunning, mischievous, living today, frank, sincere, mobile, direct person. He is open to communication, loves life and all that it can give.

Negative traits

The behavior of the person who is symbolized by the lasso Jester Tarot is radically different from other people. He is fearless to the point of stupidity, does not understand the danger or does not want to see it. Ready to jump off the cliff. But at the same time he does not know how to cope with life’s difficulties, escape from reality. Naivety, sensitivity, courage bordering on recklessness, immaturity, infantilism.

Extravagance, in entertainment can go to frenzy. Not always a rational attitude to life, carelessness, eccentricity. His whole existence is a continuous theatrical performance. Very freedom-loving, and often neglects caution, does not think about the consequences. Windy, loves entertainment, leads a riotous lifestyle. Often gets into adventures. But at the same time, he has intuition and discernment.

Jester Golden Tarot

0 Arkan Fool Golden Tarot

At a deeper level

The card indicates the inner child. Arkan Tarot Jester is a hero who boldly moves towards life. At the end of the path, the World awaits him. He doesn’t listen to reason. From the outside it seems that he does not know where he is going, that he will fall into the abyss. But this is his path to transformation. His life goes beyond normalcy and established standards, it is difficult for others to understand him.

  • Meaning 1: “New way”. Fool Tarot, the meaning of the card is a new path. The beginning of an adventure, spiritual growth. Entering the area of ​​the unknown, new and fateful. There is no prosperity from such a person, but in his soul everything is calm. He has a busy life, despite all his gaiety. He is not attached to conventions, he has no framework and boundaries, he lives for his own pleasure. He is not embarrassed by the condemnation of people. He himself laughs at everyone and knows that everything is done for the best.
  • Meaning 2: “Talent”. The Jester has many abilities and talents, but he does not use them! He creates his own worlds, but also destroys them himself. Much has been given to him by nature. He needs an impulse or a person to guide him. On the classic Tarot card, the Jester is depicted with a knot and balancing over an abyss: it is believed that the knot contains all the wisdom of mankind and higher knowledge.
  • Meaning 3: “Responsive”. The Jester card indicates the ability to adapt to unforeseen situations and to life. He sees everything from an angle with his innovative look, which helps him in life. It personifies a creative person who literally creates his own life. He is well aware of the laws of being and understands them like no other.
  • Meaning 4: The Chosen One. Jester Tarot is a man of God, of higher powers. He feels the surrounding space at a subtle level. He knows how to be reborn like a phoenix. Having “burned out” in one case, he will not be discouraged, but with a smile will create a new Universe with its own rules and laws. An innovator in life, an ideological inspirer. He combines both male and female qualities, in his soul he is hermaphrodite.

The meaning of the major arcana of the Tarot Jester in various layouts

Next, we will consider the meaning of the zero Arcana Fool (Jester) in various layouts: love and relationships, career and work, and health.

When divining for a career and work

Starting a new business. There is no clear plan of action, everything is done “at random”. A person may not believe in the success of the business, but he sees the meaning in it. Activity, enterprise. But there is no clear plan, forecast and analysis. Subjective opinion.

Positive sides

Unfolding of the creative process, spontaneity, he does not control the process, he lets everything go by itself. Problems arise when such a person works to order, he cannot come to terms with the set framework. For creative people, the presence of the Fool (Fool) Tarot card meaning in the layout is a test of fate.

He has a good sensitivity, but lacks professionalism, training and knowledge. The card means that everything has to be “started from scratch”. A person does not like to work with proven methods, he does not accept familiar ideas. He is indifferent to material wealth.

Negative sides

Can personify a beginner who has a lot of ideas, but complete chaos in actions, does not know where to start and clings to everything at once. Lack of professionalism, scattered over the smallest details. Lack of discipline, spontaneity, does not react to the comments of the employer, the customer. Lives in his own world. Dancing over the abyss. Lives on a whim, does not think about the future. Avoids responsibility, lives by his own idea, is obsessed with it.

Many abilities, but none are realized, since there is no self-discipline. He showed great hopes, he did not justify one of them. He makes promises, but then he forgets about them. The card indicates unreliable partners. Frivolity, insecurity, childishness, immaturity, negligence. Lazy worker, likes to “play the fool”.

0 Arkan Jester Marseilles Tarot

0 Arkan Fool Marseilles Tarot

When fortune-telling about finances and property

The value in the hands of money can be presented in two main forms:

  • Personality. Tarot card Jester personifies a person who does not need money for life. He lives as God willing. Those around him condemn him, but in the end, he experiences them all and will live happily ever after. Wastefulness, inability to manage money, stupid in matters related to finance. Frivolity and extravagance.
  • Prediction. If the Jester’s card fell out, it is better not to invest money anywhere. The state of affairs is precarious and not serious. There is no certainty in the situation. The Fool’s card shows that a person needs to get distracted from material issues and rest.

When divining love and relationships

Tarot card Fool, meaning in relationships – freedom and lightness. Flirting, frivolity, carelessness. Spontaneity, casual connections. Strong lust, eroticism, thoughts of sex. Love is like a whirlpool with your head. Blind passion, unbridledness, recklessness. A jester for the sake of love can go even to the ends of the world. Adventures, vows of love until death. Not afraid of anything.

In divination for love, the Jester card is considered a harbinger of a new romance with an interesting young man. But what kind of novel it will be – other cards in the layout will tell you.

Tarot card Jester, meaning in relationships depends on the surrounding cards:

  • In the presence of other positive cards, the Jester indicates a new round in a relationship, a new stage, the appearance of a child;
  • If there are other negative cards, the Jester indicates a break in relations. The querent goes all out, goes “to the left. If the Fool decided to break off the relationship, then this is once and for all. Unwavering in our decision.

Such a person is characterized by inconstancy and frivolity. He is a loner in life. The Jester’s partner needs to be patient. For him, pleasure is important. One can not hope to marry such a person, it is difficult to create a marriage with him. Responsibility, worries and serious relationships are not for him. He does what he wants, without thinking about the circumstances and consequences. He is content with what he has, is free from prejudice and does not demand anything in return.

When divining on the state of health

In the case of the state of health, it may matter:

  • Cheerfulness and a feeling of “youthful” strength. However, the Jester Taro is careless with his health, but there are no particular consequences of such an attitude.
  • The jester is inherent in mental illness, a disorder of the mind.
  • If there are negative cards in the layout or the Fool’s Tarot card is inverted, then this means some kind of mental illness.
  • Perhaps it means alcohol or drug addiction.

Arcana Council Fool

  • Give yourself the freedom to be yourself. A situation should be dealt with in an innovative, reckless way.
  • Get rid of borders, frames, patterns.
  • You can start a new direction in work or business, and then boldly move in that direction.
  • Trust life, go with the flow.
  • Forget about the past, live for today and go into the future with faith.
  • Learn to accept life incidents with humor.However, the Fool Tarot warns you: do not embark on adventures, do not run away from reality and its problems. Accept the truth, you need to grow up and take responsibility for your existence.

0 Arcanum Fool Celtic Tarot

0 Arcanum Fool Celtic Tarot

Reverse Fool Card Meaning

Arkan Jester (Fool) indicates impulsive actions, rash actions, mainly to attract attention to oneself. In other versions, fortune-telling may matter:

  • By his actions, the querent wants to annoy others;
  • Takes on many things at once and does not bring one to the end;
  • Looking for company and entertainment: wasting time and money;
  • Fatal decisions, wrong undertakings, wrong choices;
  • The questioner lives in the past, does not want to open up to others;
  • An unpleasant surprise;
  • I don’t really want to start something new, but I have to;
  • Reckless behavior due to fear and uncertainty.

Combinations of the Fool with other Tarot cards

  1. Jester Tarot with the Magician – the danger of losing his mind;
  2. Jester with Lovers – a harbinger of new love, the emergence of a new partner;
  3. The traditional meaning of the Jester with Justice , the Court is to get involved in some kind of legal case out of stupidity. The second version of interpretation is rebirth, inspiration, a new big undertaking, a completely new bright streak.
  4. A jester with the Three of Wands means inspiration and hope.
  5. Jester Tarot With the Hanged Man – an indication that the questioner is in a difficult position. To get out of it, the most important thing is to keep quiet, not make unnecessary movements and try to get out without any noise and din.
  6. Jester Tarot with the Devil – cynicism and really crazy, “without a king in the head” actions with bad consequences. Obsession with a small (or even a large) demon, literally or figuratively.
  7. Jester and Tower – a serious warning about danger (accident due to carelessness, negligence, carelessness, negligence);
  8. Jester with a Star – innocence, purity, “not of this world”, a completely cosmic being;
  9. Jester Tarot and Seven of Cups – classic escapism;
  10. With the Nine of Swords – it means that fears are in vain, even if they will haunt you constantly;
  11. With the King of Swords, Five of Wands ( Five of Swords ) – fears are justified, the danger of physical violence and danger in general;
  12. Jester and Seven of Swords – when fortune-telling on a querent, the main meaning is a great rascal;
  13. The Jester Tarot and the Seven of Pentacles are just that case when a person prefers the condemned love by all (and, perhaps, breaks his life for her sake, going all out).
  14. The action of the Jester in the layout is weakened by the Hierophant, Death and the Two of Swords.