The evil eye – symptoms and protection


Our first contact with the environment is made concrete by sight, that’s why they say that “a look is worth a thousand words”, and it is true, the eyes reveal a person if it is peaceful or aggressive, if it is coquettish or lascivious, if rabid or envious, shy or provocative. Sight is the organ that can be most powerful due to its correspondence with the liver (where all the anger and frustration, sympathy and trust accumulate).


Through the gaze we can transmit many emotions, sometimes we reflect positive emotions (if we fall in love our eyes shine with light, the tenderness of the mother is perceived in the look on the baby, etc.), but we can also manifest negative emotions (the anger is reflected in the sparks that our eyes give off), before the envy the expression is blurred, the light is obscured and the eyelids are drawn in like a feline ready to attack in the night.

The evil eye is therefore simply “bad energy” that someone projects to us through the eyes (sometimes unconscious and other consciously), and what happens to us if someone “looks at us” is that we come to misfortunes that are attracted by the envy of another person towards us, who wishes us that things go badly for us.

So it is called evil eye precisely because one, unintentionally, attracts the gaze of the other, that looks at us with envy, with bad feelings, and it is that look that fixes in us that evil, which absorbs our energy, our power , our ability to act, making the good that happens to us in our life change to be bad.



  • Sudden muscular pains and cramps although the person has not done any physical activity.
  • Tension in the cervical and acute headaches that, despite repeated, come and go in a matter of minutes.
  • Itching throughout the body, but manifested in a special way in the crown and between the eyebrows.
  • Intestinal gas problems of difficult justification and worse control, with emissions of very foul and persistent odors.
  • Sudden sweats with high production of unpleasant odors and with nuances of rust.
  • Sudden changes in body temperature followed by severe pain in the eyes.
  • Sexual turbulence unjustified or unprovoked or emotionally encouraged.
  • Excessive sleep, do not want to get up and even more, do not feel like doing anything.
  • Loss of appetite and weight.


  • Hearing obscene or mortuary words that apparently are not uttered by any person.
  • Strong sexual desires that disappear suddenly, especially when the patient wishes to put them into practice.
  • Lack of goals in life, apathy when doing any kind of action even those that until now were very appetizing or fun.
  • Feelings of negativity, lack of self-esteem. Belief of incomprehension on the part of others
  • Memory loss.


  • Participation in small but continuous accidents. Slips, falls, bumps and trips when walking.
  • Visions of unpleasant facts, fights, discussions and participation in unjustified squabbles.
  • Fear of displacement, insecurity when walking on the street and feeling persecuted.
  • Fear of the dark. Strange and negative visions that the affected sees without knowing whether or not he is dreaming. Presence of monsters and derogatory figures in their dreams or nightmares.
  • Bad luck in general. Failures in each and every one of the projects that are launched.
  • The plants do not bloom.


  • Everything starts to go wrong, business does not work, sales decline, many times the business ends.
  • When it is undertaken with a company, it does not flourish.
  • Economic ruin
  • They do not want to go to work.
  • Loss of work.
  • Loss of money

Note: The fact of presenting several symptoms does not mean that you have been “peeked”, so before taking any action, you should study coldly what is happening and resort, if necessary, to the help of a good professional in which you deposit your confidence, that knows how to look at it and even in some occasions cut it.


The knotting of cords, ribbons or ropes is an ancient resource that comes from magic. It was originally used to neutralize an enemy.

In the Middle Ages it was closely related to the sexual power of man and by knotting strings made according to certain witchcraft procedures it was intended to render impotent the recipient of the spell, another thing for which this type of knotting was used was to “trap the luck “and thus” tie it to oneself “, but the one that interests us in this case is the one that was used as a barrier to protect against external aggressions that can not be seen or touched apparently (as is the case of envy, bad influences and the evil eye)

What do you need:

  1. 2 cords, ribbons or ropes of red color and of a natural material (such as wool).
  2. A person of confidence that puts it to you.

How it is done:

Take the 2 cords, ribbons or ropes and knot each other by its two ends and this is tied to the left wrist, while the person is knotting you have to go thinking about what you want to achieve (in this case protect yourself from the envy, bad influences and the evil eye), and when the person has done the knot you say:

“So be it”, and I miss this you already have a good protection, which surely saves you a lot of headaches