The Element of Metal in Chinese Astrology


The Element of Metal is very contact, the external coldness of the representatives of this element is very deceptive, it can be felt with closer communication. But they need to learn the ability to compromise in order to realize their potential. Those born under this sign are always energetic, ambitious, independent and willing to take risks. They have strong beliefs that can lead to success. At the same time, the people of Metal are intolerant of criticism. It is difficult to knock them off the once chosen direction, problems and obstacles cannot force them to change their goal. Metal greatly enhances natural constancy and endurance. Steel is hardened under difficult conditions.

People of the sign of the element Metal are charming idealists, but at the same time they are decisive in setting and achieving goals. It is important for them to be true to themselves, to lead a refined life, to strive for the truth. They have a developed sense of beauty. Metal is able to change and obey, and therefore this element patronizes finance, business and gives clarity of thought. He is strong, enduring and able to withstand the blows of fate. At the same time, the predominance of Metal in the character can indicate a tendency to violence and outbursts of emotions.

For those recovering from illness or depressed people of Metal, white will be useful. It is also desirable that the facade of the house faces the west, it is useful to sleep with your head to the west, and it is good to admire the sunset as often and with joy. You can enhance the influence of Metal in the interior by using metal objects, round objects and white and metallic colors. Metal has a good relationship with Water. Relations with Fire and Earth can be tense, and with other Metal – neutral.

Elemental Man Metal

Metal is always charged with energy, unbending and decisive, He is not afraid of risk. This is the type of independent person. He doesn’t like outside help. Criticism acts on him like a red rag on a bull. He is guided by strong convictions and unswervingly pursues his goals, with little embarrassment. Driven by ambition, he acts with full dedication, is oriented towards success, plans everything in advance and does not like impromptu. Once he has chosen a course, he usually does not change it. The hardships, hardships and initial setbacks will not lead him astray.

If, in accordance with the date of birth, constancy and endurance are characteristic of him, then the element of Metal multiplies them. Obstacles only temper him. It is not surprising to find among the generals many who saw the light under the sign of Metal. Despite the external coldness and inflexibility, subjects subject to this element emit electricity, which is felt by everyone who comes into contact with them. But in order to realize their abilities, they must learn to compromise, since dogma and intransigence sometimes interfere with the establishment of good relationships.

Metal Man

The Metal man is obsessed with a sense of his individuality, is full of a categorical determination to prove to everyone how special he is. People belonging to this element are the most ambitious, often the most ruthless and usually the most successful on any path and in any field of activity. Perhaps the only problem of the Metal man is that, having finally discovered a treasure with treasures, he does not feel the highest and final happiness that he was waiting for. The same happens in his intimate relationships. The most difficult thing for Metal is the need to agree that in personal relationships you just need to stop and listen carefully to your partner.

Metal initially assumes that the partner, which he himself has chosen, will hastily respond to any of his whims. He will easily and without hesitation take on the role of a breadwinner in the family, seducer, lover and father at the same time. Most of all, Metal loves to hold the reins in its own hands; he understands what it means to rule, narcissism and independence of this type of personality speaks of how he relates to women. However, this gives him a certain advantage in personal relationships. Having truly consolidated the relationship with a partner, Metal is unlikely to go “to the side”.

However, at times he is able to go into loneliness and in this state is prone to self-criticism and doubts. An important aspect of Metal’s insatiable hunger for power is ambition, so don’t be surprised if, when a conflict arises between personal life and career, Metal abandons the former for the latter. Metal always proceeds from the assumption that it builds its personal relationships infallibly. Although sometimes it destroys the relationship that he created. In some respects, the Metal man is completely impenetrable. His strength and seriousness towards life can make him feel cold, devoid of feelings and love. However, in fact, he has an extraordinary intuition, is able to withstand where others break, and the steel of his nerves will amaze anyone.

Metal’s powerful intuition means that he usually knows exactly what turns his partner on, even before it’s time to make love. However, love for a Metal man always remains a very strong pleasure and a form of studying oneself. It is better for the partner to be prepared for the fact that Metal at times will give the impression of a person who thinks only of himself. The mask of seriousness that Metal wears in his intimate life hides loneliness. Metal is able to remain happy and alone with itself, but in the company of a woman who respects and values ​​Metal’s entrepreneurial spirit and obsession with himself, it can become a loyal and devoted partner.

Metal Woman

The steel gaze of a Metal woman will unmistakably focus on the man who will be able to offer her independence within the framework of an ordinary and honest relationship, on whom she can trust without fear. However, in a relationship, she will agree to no less than a leadership role – both physically and emotionally. If a Metal woman connects her fate with someone who is not able to provide her with a lasting existence and respect, she, without batting an eye, will destroy this union to the ground. The Metal Woman admires sexuality and power. She loves to enjoy the dangers and secrets of intimate, erotic sexual relationships.

However, no matter how seductive the dangers may be, the Metal woman will not go on a “spree”: firstly, because she is the owner and lover of loneliness, and secondly, too “extreme” behavior immediately causes a feeling of guilt in her. Taking life seriously isn’t her only obstacle to a close relationship. The Metal Woman penetrates into the spirit of her beloved, filling him with herself; but no lover is allowed to do the same to her. The Metal Woman is a born conqueror of all and sundry heights. She needs a position in society, prestige, love, honors, and all this should be presented to her by one person.

A woman of the element of Metal prefers loneliness, it is easier for her to live independently, relying only on herself, since the fear of losing love is much stronger than the hope of meeting her ideal. She compensates for this with enormous achievements in other areas of life: in a business career, business, appearance and feigned inflexibility. Sexually, a Metal woman can play the role of both a seductress and a seduced one. If she is given the role of a leader, she can leave, but if she is in the position of a slave, she can dissolve in the arms of a man so quickly that there is no time for intimate cooing, the unbending Metal can melt, and the Metal woman is acutely aware of this.