Have you ever thought you could plan your vacations according to your zodiac sign? You might not believe it, but as you know, people have different characteristics that are reflected even on how they have fun.


Aries: Too active to relax in your leisure time. Your idea of rest included hiking, horseback riding, biking and parachute jumping to spend all the energy you have inside and get to balance your body and mind.

Taurus: Your favorite destination is the beach. You love to relax with the sun, sand and the sea. This represents extreme enjoyment for you. You love the comfort of having a refreshing drink at the beach; that will make you feel like home.

Gemini: You love to visit water and theme parks, your vacations are pure adventure, they go from one extreme to another in a minute. You hate routines and get bored very easily.

Cancer: You love the water and you love to spend time with you family. You need your family to feel good, you look after them and feel you belong to them. You don’t like to pack too many clothes when traveling, and you like peaceful places where you can relax.


Leo: Because of your strong personality, you always want to be the one who decides where to go on vacation. A natural leader, enthusiast and sensitive, you like the nightlife and all sorts of culture. You also like to eat good food.

Virgo: You like clean and neat places. When you eat, you wish you could see the kitchen where your food is being prepared. You could spend hours watching the sunrise, and you love all-inclusive packages.

Libra: You like to spend your vacations in places where you can get the best of the world. You love fashion, romantic getaways with a new partner, and you love to enjoy your life in style.

Scorpio: Nightlife lovers, with a gothic and exotic spirit, you sometimes feel anxious under control. Vacations near the ocean can become the perfect trip for you.

Sagittarius: Full of illusions, you would like to travel around the world in days. You love lively colors and intense fragrances. You have a free spirit and mind, and you prefer to explore places by yourself, not on guided tours.

Capricorn: You don’t like surprises, you organize every detail to feel comfortable and in control. You love the past, so you love to go to museums and cities with great historical centers.

Aquarius: Your vacations are always unique for you. You like to make new friends, meet new people and talk to different people. People also see you as a peculiar and unique person.


Pisces: A kind and loving person, you love to travel as a couple and with your friends who are facing a period of crisis, so you can help them. You are very romantic and pay attention to details when choosing the perfect partner. You love going on cruises.

Your next vacation may be the best one in your life. Let yourself be carried away by the peaceful waters of the zodiac and trust the power of the stars to spend some happy and peaceful time.