The bells in esotericism


Since ancient times, bells have been used in a great variety of magical rituals, religious ceremonies, cults, invocations, etc. In European civilization, for example, the bell is such a common element that it goes unnoticed; but if we look a little more, we will realize that they are an integral part of the usual landscape, not only of the towns, but also of the cities.

In many Eastern traditions, bells are also used regularly, with Buddhism being an example. We also find its representation within ancient polytheistic cultures of the pre-Christian European environment. This only demonstrates that the bells are, truly, an important tool with great virtues.

Within the current western tradition bells are known only for their function as a warning for the hours of the mass, or simply as watches. They also have a usefulness, also as a warning, in the secular sphere if we take into account their presence in bourgeois and stately homes in the face of service.


The symbolic meaning of bells goes much deeper than religions explain. Let us now turn to the practical utility within esotericism, since the bells fulfill, eminently, an esoteric function; even when you do not want to give it intentionally. This function is intimately linked to its more secular expression as an instrument of call.

The bells have the property of attracting angels, and other positive energies, the place from which they are sounded. Its resonance, vibration and metallic sound is what attracts precisely those energies, and what explains the extent of its use in so many religions around the world.

In some traditions the bell is also usually present in ritual altars, as a representation of the Air Element, and in support of incense. It is through the relationship with the Air Element that the bell acquires its gifts and the ability to connect with the higher worlds; since it is through the air that our requests circulate.

Within Eastern cultures, for example, it is believed that the vibration of the bells attracts good energies and influences to bring us fortune and clean our chi (vital energy).

Another mystical image of the bells is its relation with the day of Judgment, of which it is said that on that day the bells will ring and the trumpets will sound; both as call elements for the souls of the world, which are not only going to claim but also to be purified.

For all this it is good to have bells nearby, even to have a small hand bell at home, in order to attract as much positive energy as possible around us. It is advisable to ask, when we ring the bell, that the energies come to us in order to help us in everything we need.

We can also use the bells before making any request, since, having previously called the good energies, it will favor that our request be heard; giving it more strength. That is why it will be good to have one at our disposal at home and if we have an altar, or a place dedicated especially to our work, leave it in it to have it always at hand.

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