Have you ever experienced the strange feeling of being asleep peacefully, but achieve view from outside float your own body, such as having become detached from the same? Maybe you went somewhere where you wanted to go. You have lived experiences with loved ones that are thousands of miles away; even the kiss and embrace. Your mind has been awakened, but your body is still lying in bed without be able to move.

The situation described, in fact it is similar to what would result when a person dies, because there are so many cases of people who have suffered a situation of “clinical death”, that is to say, that have remained clinically dead for a few minutes, and the taking of new consciousness, have expressed this type of experience, where they have been raised above the physical body, at the same time that they could see and hear everything that was happening around them.

However, it is not necessary to reach a state of clinical death in order to be able to experience a astral travel, in fact, the astral travel occurs naturally in each and every one of us during sleep, although in this case it originates in form unconscious.
The astral travel, occurs when the astral body, is separated from the physical body, without the need for the intervention of the emotional body, or the mediation of the mental body.

In the astral travel, or astral projection, there is no control by as soon as the mind cannot take any initiative. According to the investigations conducted by spiritual masters and mystics, the mental projection is directed toward very clear objectives.
In this sense, we should refer to the descriptions made by parapsychologists and scientific researchers in the field, and descriptions made by the esoterics, because while the first attempt to discover the physical and psychological mechanism that produces it, from the esoteric point of view acquires a dimension of a spiritual nature.

One of the world leading experts in the study of “Astral Projection” is Dr. Waldo Viera, founder of the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology in Iguazu (Brazil), with offices in various countries, including Spain.
Dr. Viera began its research through their own experiences, and to subsequently completely devote his life to the study of the so-called astral traveling, arriving to say the following:

“Everyone makes astral travels each night, but most don’t know it. Statistically, 89% of the people do not remember what happens during the dream, which is an altered state of consciousness where you lose a quarter or third of life. But if the body needs sleep, the consciousness not. ”

The astral travel is a mystical experience and spiritual. There is no danger to the person. We have several “vehicles” for consciousness, and the astral body is one of them. Break the barriers! All we have the capacity to project ourselves with the energy of the Cosmo and make a trip beyond the boundaries of our universe.