The analysis of the position of the planets in the houses


The analysis of the position of the planets in the houses must begin with where (in which house) are the Sun, the Moon and the stellium of the planets (if they exist, of course). These houses always leave a visible imprint on the general character of a person’s life.

The affairs of the house, where the Moon stands, are carried out by a person unconsciously, almost cannot be corrected, strongly depend on the childhood experience of the individual, unconsciously associated with the serenity of childhood. A person is drawn to this house, where he is most emotional, sensitive and relaxed (if the Moon is not damaged, of course). The problems of the house where the Moon stands are solved “on autopilot”, intuitively, or a person acts by imitating his parents or loved ones who were with him in childhood (beloved grandmother, for example).

A person is proud of the affairs of the house where Jupiter stands, this is his strong place, support usually comes from this house, here a person will be lucky. Working on the affairs of this house, a person usually gains respect from others. In the house of Jupiter, a person shows his foresight, vision of prospects, breadth of thoughts and soul, conceptuality and purposefulness of actions.

The house where Saturn stands is the most problematic for a person. The situations of this house put a person in uncomfortable positions, limit his freedom (checks, obligations, hard or forced labor, etc.), and also arouse in a person a feeling of guilt, loneliness, isolation from other people, responsibility to others. The problems of the house where Saturn stands are resolved for a long time, with great obstacles and delays, but thoroughly. The results are durable and long lasting. If Saturn is damaged, the problems are not solved at all, passing into the chronic stage.

Now let’s take a closer look at each house.

I house.

Ruler (co-ruler) of the horoscope in: I house. A very good position (unless it is Venus, the sign of Aries and the 1st house for her is damage). A bright, strong personality, success in life, talents and abilities, victory over enemies.

II house. Self-affirmation through a specific talent (for example, he knows how to do something with his hands), “handy”, good financial position (knows how to earn and spend money), prosperity.

III house. She asserts herself through travel, business chores, the media, a lot of acquaintances, a lively mind, good speech, organizational skills.

4th house. The family man, all in the family, is preoccupied with the house, apartment, dacha; owner of real estate, builds a house, summer cottage, garage, etc.

V house. “I want to be in the spotlight.” Targets actors or at least lecturers. Loves children and asserts itself through them; amorous; pays great attention to hobbies, entertainment, organization of his leisure.

VI house. This is just a bad house. If the dominant of birth has bad aspects and / or is weak in sign or home (fall, damage), then illness, short life, difficulties (a lot of hard work), lack of freedom (some responsibilities, forced circumstances). If the dominant of birth is in good aspects and stands well in sign, then it asserts itself through service and work (takes pride in its hard work and its duties, performs them well), shows interest in healing, medicine, diets, etc.

VII house. If the dominant of birth is in a good standing (good aspects, not bad in sign and at home), then he energetically communicates with partners, gives a lot of energy to marriage, actively and fruitfully cooperates, participates (gives or takes) in individual consultations. If the dominant is in poor standing (damaged, bad at a sign), then it conflicts, there are many enemies, problems in marriage, bad partners and co-authors, too much energy is spent on conflicts and fighting with enemies.

VIII house. Another bad house. Good standing dominant – money (but strangers – inheritance, dowry, profitable loan, good business). Injured – premature death, bankruptcy, large debts, possibly suicide. In the horoscope of a businessman – ruin.

IX house. She asserts herself through a scientific career, travel, religion and philosophy. Higher education, long trips, foreign travel. Poor standing is not so bad. The wicked and damaged planets in this house do the least harm.

X house. Ambitious, longing for fame and fame, investing in career and social growth; success here is achieved at the expense of personal merits and external data (literally “for pretty eyes”). If the dominant is in good aspects and not bad in sign (house), then all of the above is achieved without much effort. Otherwise, a person has a painful ambition, he pushes others with his elbows, fights for success and fame, can go “over their heads”, “sit up” the bosses, etc.

XI field. Many friends and interests associated with friends. Sole of company. She asserts herself in a circle of friends and through participation in social movements, clubs, associations, social work.

XII house. The worst situation. Continuous hospitals, psychiatric hospital, prison; the person is very closed, distrustful, inclined to hide his life from others (living with such a hard thing), he has a secret grief or secret enemies (i.e. all the time someone is interfering, but not openly, from under the quiet). Only with a very good standing is the dominant of birth (it stands strongly according to the sign and has only good aspects) – success in secret or illegal work (good for scouts), striving for secret esoteric knowledge, meditation, inspiration (in solitude – creates).

Planets in the 1st house

First, a quick note. If a planet stands in the XII field at a distance closer than three degrees to Asc, then it is also considered a genius of birth, i.e. belong to the 1st house. If there are no planets in the house, then we look at the sign on the cusp, its action is similar to the position of the planet – the owner of this sign in the house (in the text the signs will be given in brackets). You can also see the co-manager’s sign – it will give additional information. If there is a planet in the house, then its manifestation is brighter than the manifestation of the sign on the cusp, which goes like a background.

Sun (Leo) in the 1st house.

“Solar character” – a very high self-esteem, considers himself to be the “navel of the Earth”. Warmth, optimism, enthusiasm emanate from him. He will always help another, but he himself is not inclined to make requests and petitions (too proud). He has high demands (I won’t go to Zaporozhets, let’s get a Mercedes) and is constantly striving for self-affirmation. In general, it makes a vivid impression, it stands out among others, it is hard not to notice it. Women with such a sun are drawn to the stage or podium. There may be conflicts with the father because of the desire to do everything in his own way.

The appearance is courageous, the muscles are enlarged, the hair is often light (as if faded in the sun), the skin is light with a barely golden tint. He never slouches, always proud posture, looks solid, his eyes are often brown.

Moon (Cancer) in the 1st house.

The situation is reversed. If the Sun gives protection, then the Moon in I field is looking for it. Strives to adapt to stronger and more self-confident people. The ideal position for a woman (but for a man it is not natural). A very strong and long-standing affection for the mother. Changes his behavior all the time in order to adapt to the environment. In his presence, children feel good (ideal for a teacher in the kindergarten). He himself is always looking for a strong person to whom he seeks to “lean”. He does not strive to be in the center of attention, but is always somewhere on the periphery, shy, afraid to seem ridiculous.

If the Moon is standing well (in a good sign and has harmonious aspects), then a person is highly adaptable, pleasant, soft, affectionate, he wants to cry into a vest. Good relationship with the mother.

If the Moon is in a bad standing, then a person is difficult to bear, requires super attention to himself, is capricious, whines, complains all the time, seeks only pleasures in life and the opportunity to relax, several times a day changes his mood and attitude towards other people; conflicts with the mother, neuroses. He gets irritated about little things and goes into hysterics.

Appearance changeable, from dull to complacent-affectionate (depending on the mood). Bulging, lively and expressive eyes. The skin seems to be wet all the time, plump (due to excess fluid in the body), women have large breasts. Skin color is light pale. There are many roundness in the lines of the body: the face is round, the shoulders are sloping, the figure is feminine (even in men). The nose is either potato or upturned, with a deep bridge of the nose. The ear shape is crab-like.

Lilith in the 1st house.

In behavior, naturalism is manifested, the rejection of conventions (for example, he walked naked across Red Square), he perceives conventions as a stupid pretense. His motto is “everything that is natural is not ugly.” By its presence, it provokes people to throw out all the dark and secret emotions and feelings. Psychological – a person sees what is in your soul (especially if it is something dark and greedy), you cannot hide a stone in your bosom from him. A person with such a position Lilith often seeks to get to the bottom of life, to understand the basis of human desires and needs, to reveal the essence of the psychology of human behavior. He may be inclined to experiment on himself in the field of borderline states (I had a case when a teenager with Lilith in Field I strangled himself with a rope to find out how those who were hanged feel) and to commit suicide. Difficult relationship with mother the mother may even abandon such a child after giving birth. In appearance there is some kind of “devilry” – eyes of different sizes, fangs like a vampire, ugly moles on the face or open parts of the body (God, as they say, marks rogue). Often it is a conductor or victim of dark forces.

Mercury (Virgo, Gemini) in the 1st house.

A person is constantly in the flow – information, cases, acquaintances, trips and means of transportation. His self-expression occurs in the process of exchanging information, things, etc. Very sociable, sociable, easy-going, quickly rebuilds. Outwardly, it looks somewhat fussy, mobile, all their life they are somewhat reminiscent of a teenager. He speaks well and quickly, reads on the go and in transport. Polite, diplomatic.

If Mercury is bad (weak in sign, damaged), a person is nervous, chaotic in words, gestures and actions, super curious, talkative, gossips a lot. The behavior is strongly influenced by which planets the aspects are from. For example, from Saturn – distrustfulness, incomprehensible speech, stuttering, etc.

In appearance, they are often tall, thin, slender, limbs are long (sometimes disproportionately long), facial features are pointed and smallish. They look younger than their age.

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 1st house.

Not very good standing for Venus around the house (Aries is a sign of damage to Venus). But all the same, he makes a good impression, charms others (“oh, what a honey!”), Seeks understanding and love from those around him, is always ready to compromise. He is tactful, dresses tastefully, puts a lot of effort into his appearance, takes care of himself (with this position of Venus, even men visit beauty salons), mannered.

If Venus is in a bad status (weak in sign, affected), then a person may develop narcissism, narcissism and self-praise (“look how elegant I am!”), While a great tendency to laziness, passivity, and excessive luxury or sensuality in clothes.

The appearance is youthful and, as they say, model, smiling, the skin is soft and velvety (it resembles a peach skin to the touch), there are dimples on the cheeks, it is inclined to slouch, the hair is light.

If it is Taurus in the 1st house, it looks like a closet – all square, powerful, the head is large and square, the neck is thick and short (in short, Porthos), large facial features, looks lazy and slow, and speaks as well. Most often – brown-haired with brown eyes.

Mars (Scorpio) in the 1st house.

Daring, energetic, athletic, constantly defends himself, asserts himself. The appearance and gait are masculine (even in women), the eyes are usually gray, the hair is black or red, muscular, the skin is reddish, the eyes are easily bloodshot, the facial features are rough, the nose is often crooked, the natural lines on the face resemble scars (for example, a crease on the forehead at a glance, it may seem like a scar from a deep cut), therefore, real scars harmoniously fit into the facial features (the same case when scars adorn a man). He acts earlier than he speaks (for example, reaches out and grabs something and only then says: “Come on, I’ll take it”).

If Mars stands badly (weak in sign, damaged), then the person is too aggressive, lives according to the principle “there is strength, no mind is needed”, gets angry, rude, rude, behaves insolently, unconsciously or deliberately provokes a conflict, is pugnacious.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 1st house.

In classical medieval astrology, Jupiter was called “Great Happiness” and “The Favorite of Fortune”, which is no coincidence. Jupiter brings happiness and good luck to any house, and if it is directly related to the 1st house, it is generally wonderful.

With this position of Jupiter, a person simply radiates optimism, enthusiasm, love, humor, faith in a bright future and a willingness to provide patronage. Compliant, trusting, not prone to criticism (and self-criticism too). He sees a high meaning in everything, considers himself a mentor of others and really sees further than others in many ways, feels a perspective. Not without reason considers himself superior to others (“white bone” or “blue blood” – as you like). He often relies on chance and he is really lucky.

If Jupiter does not stand very well (weak in sign, damaged), then what was said in a positive sense still takes place, but some disharmonious features are added to this: a tendency to put pressure on others, proving his innocence; requires almost the power of love and admiration; greedy for flattery; careless; adventurous.

In appearance, as a rule, large, solid, necessarily a tummy (even if he plays sports), his eyes are blue or gray-blue, he is inclined to slouch, clubfoot, and shuffle his feet when walking.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 1st house.

He is cautious and distrustful, he sees the bad and crumbling around him, he breathes with pessimism, he is sure that the world is just waiting to crush it, so a person spends a lot of energy on maintaining order, rules, restrictions. Gives negative predictions (which come true, but simply does not give good predictions – this is a function of Jupiter). Closure, a clear border between “I” and “they”. It makes a depressing impression on people: gloomy, serious, unsmiling, uncommunicative, speaks softly and little, laconic speech (even swears in monosyllables) If Saturn is also in a bad position (weak in sign, damaged), then a terrible misanthrope, hates everyone, shuns people , does not communicate with anyone, stingy and quarrelsome.

He looks frail, short, dark-haired, bony and stooped. Looks older than his age. The skin is dry, inelastic, becomes flabby early, has a blue-lead tint. The face is ugly, the features are small, the nose is small.

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 1st house.

Sees the world in extreme mode. Lives under the motto: “all or nothing!” The calm atmosphere brings him to depression, so he is looking for extreme adventures for himself. He is only interested in supernovae and hitherto unseen, the normal and ordinary disgusts him. He despises the present, is directed to the future. It seems to him that the ideal is somewhere nearby, he just needs to make one decisive leap towards it, so he is inclined to solve problems in a revolutionary way (that is, like this: “once – and into the king!”). Ripens early, already in adolescence takes on the functions of adults. Rapid intellectual development. All processes in the body are accelerated, accelerated. Friendly but impetuous in relationships. Success in astrology (or at least interest in it). Intuition makes predictions and they come true.

If Uranus is damaged, it is unsafe to be around such a person; he is always tense, unpredictable, shocks others with his words and actions (sometimes you don’t even know how to react to such people), is perceived as abnormal. Sudden changes in life (profession, place of residence, etc.).

In appearance, there is always some kind of non-standard, strange facial expression, there may be squint, disproportionate facial features (for example, disproportionately large ears), eyes of different colors, abnormal growth (either very large or very small), disproportionate body composition (for example, arms too long for his height). The eyes and hair are often dark.

Neptune (Pisces) in the 1st house.

A person floats in this world like a hedgehog in a fog (there is such a beautiful cartoon). He practically does not catch the edges and boundaries between himself and the world around him. Own “I” dissolves in the environment, great sensitivity and gift of empathy, capable of self-sacrifice. Usually imitates others, unconsciously perceiving their line of behavior (along the way, adopting characteristic words, gestures, manners, and even elements of handwriting). Quiet, shy. Immersed in himself, eyes with drag. It has a calming and even soothing effect on others. He seeks to smooth out all the contradictions, always looking for a compromise, living under the motto “and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.” He walks away from acute questions and the choice of the type “either – or”, at the same time he shirks responsibility and unpleasant duties. And it is almost impossible to bring him to clean water, he,

Generally looks drunk or sleepy; in the company sits on the sidelines and is silent. Appearance is dim, imperceptible, it is not even clear whether he is still here or has already left (remember, in the movie “Garage” Eldar Ryazanov played just such a thing? He slept somewhere behind a scarecrow throughout the meeting).

Pluto (Aries) in the 1st house.

Bright, conspicuous, powerful. The star of his circle (or even larger). He is able to control the crowd (look at the map of Yeltsin, here is a typical example – he climbed on a tank and immediately got his hands on everyone). Shrewd (you can hardly hide anything from him). The behavior resembles Mars in the 1st house, but the scale is larger, for example, he himself no longer fights, but commands a crowd, a gang, an army, a fleet. It is almost impossible to resist his will, it acts like a battering ram. The feeling of a powerful flow of energy emanating from a person is created. The look is piercing and heavy.

It looks somewhat gloomy, severe facial features, a prominent nose with oval nostrils, eyes are often brown, hair is often reddish (but not pure red).

II house.

Planets in the 2nd house.

Sun (Leo) in the 2nd house.

Pays a lot of attention to money and property issues, ensuring his material independence. She prefers to buy durable items of excellent quality, large in size and prestigious. If he is fond of collecting, he collects expensive collections – gold jewelry, objects of art and luxury, as well as objects that are associated with the transmission and production of light – chandeliers, lanterns, mirrors, lamps, etc. Energy enters the body through sunlight and therefore a person does not need a lot of solid food. If the Sun is harmonious (it has only good aspects), then this indicates prosperity, help from the father and patrons in financial matters, protection. If there are both good and bad aspects, then money is easily earned and easily spent (there is no special savings, but the standard of living is still high). If the Sun is damaged, then this indicates problems and difficulties in monetary and property issues, loss of credit and creditors’ trust, but such a person will still not die of hunger. This is not poverty.

Moon (Cancer) in the 2nd house.

All the time worries about money and income (and about food too) and not without reason. There is no stability in income, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little – fluctuations and constant changes. She is afraid of being left without a livelihood, so he mainly pays attention to “essentials” (clothes, bed linen, soap, etc.) and creates supplies (preserves food, stores bags of sugar and flour, collects toothbrushes, soap, kitchen utensils, etc.). As a result, these reserves are gradually filling all suitable premises and there is nowhere to put them. In the style of consumption, he is a conformist, everyone buys something and he buys without thinking about whether he really needs it. He draws energy from food and liquids, never complains of appetite (starving is torture for him), loves to eat and nourish (therefore, culinary abilities are not uncommon). If the Moon is damaged, it is not possible to make stocks (only those that are urgently needed at the moment are purchased) and a person does not know how to spend money at all (well, just like a small child, maybe, for example, buy a box of candies for the last and fill their mouth with them …). It must be said that the Moon in the II house is in any case in a strong position (the II house is an analogue of Taurus), therefore such a person will also never die of hunger, although he may be on the poverty line (i.e. in the sphere of consumption he will only the required minimum is available).

Lilith in the 2nd house.

Periodic attacks of animal fear of losing everything, being left without a livelihood and starving to death, or, on the other hand, complete disregard for money, income and things. This is how a person “shakes” back and forth: from excessive stinginess to incomprehensible spending (literally throws money down the drain, maybe, for example, climb on the roof of a house, throw down a bundle of bills and watch passers-by fight for them below). It is attached to things as to animate beings, therefore, it cannot get rid of many unnecessary things (say, a kettle without a lid or a clock that has been standing for a long time), feels sympathy for them, so it drags all this stuff around with it. At the same time, he sometimes seeks to get rid of normal, completely new and functional things for unknown reasons – they begin to inspire him with unaccountable fear. The intake of energy in the body is associated with groundwater (for example, he likes to listen and recharge from the murmur of water in a sewer well, climb to swim in a well or an old half-flooded mine). Collects all kinds of “muck” (for example, photographs of freaks – a kind of cabinet of curiosities at home, torture equipment, paraphernalia for sadomasochistic orgies, etc.).

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 2nd house.

Income and expenses are often associated with business, hassle, transmission and processing of information, often this is a banal small business “buy and sell”. He uses inexpensive and non-durable items, his ideal is all disposable: shirts, underwear, dishes, etc. If he makes large purchases, then in parts (for example, a computer – gradually by components, furniture – also gradually by one item, etc.). At the same time, he does not care about the appearance, the main thing is usefulness, functionality and price (of course, in the direction of reducing the cost). The concept of “prestigious thing” is beyond his understanding. Often he accumulates information carriers that he does not have time to fully use (for example, he buys books, but cannot read everything, so much cannot be read by a normal person). With damaged Mercury, money is obtained by cunning,

Collects books, stationery, postage (envelopes, postcards, stamps), telephone directories, writing or drawing supplies (pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers), etc.

He draws energy from the air (air baths are useful) and communication (he gets a boost of vivacity by chatting with a good friend). Pleasant travel experiences also lift your vitality.

Venus (Libra, Taurus) in the II house.

Venus (like the Moon) is also strong in this house (the II house is an analogue of Taurus), therefore, with this position, it is also impossible to become completely poor and starve to death. Incomes are often above average. Things are purchased for reasons of beauty, prestige and fashion, and real use is a secondary matter. The most collectible aspect, it is with Venus in the II field that natural-born collectors are born. What exactly a person collects, you need to look at the sign in which Venus stands. For example, Venus in Scorpio – weapons, paintings with battle scenes, military uniforms, military awards and insignia; Venus in Taurus – sculpture, architecture (at least books and photographs), expensive dishes, luxury goods, etc.

With harmonious aspects of Venus, he earns well and spends prudently (therefore, his fortune is steadily increasing), with damaged Venus, there is still money, but they are spent indiscriminately on the purchase of tasteless and unnecessary things – gradually the house turns into a warehouse of third-rate antiques.

Energy is replenished through contemplation of beautiful works of art (for this they collect them), they eat a lot of carbohydrates, have a sweet tooth (both men and women).

Mars (Scorpio) in the 2nd house.

He actively treats income and property, often fights for them. In most cases, earnings are associated with specific physical labor (metalworker, locksmith, plumber, etc.). According to the position, Mars is initially weak here (Taurus, an analogue of the II house, a sign of damage to Mars), therefore, good aspects are urgently needed for a good level of income. Wastes a lot of energy. There is a danger of useless labor (it works hard, but little sense). There is a desire to work, but it is difficult to constructively realize it.

When Mars is damaged, a person does not know how to handle money, spends it too impulsively, money goes “between his fingers”, acts recklessly in property matters (for example, starts a move on a rainy day, when loading in the yard, things fall into a downpour, a lot gets spoiled and goes to ejection), often shows greed, seeks to snatch by force (robbers often have a damaged Mars in the II house). Or money is given by too hard work, through serious injuries, burns, etc.

In things, such a person is attracted by the possibility of direct and active use, so they pay attention to tools (especially piercing and cutting), objects made of metal and other durable materials (they say that subconsciously, they pick up such things with which, if necessary, you can attack or to defend yourself – an ax, an awl, knives, a hammer, etc.). Such a person always has a sharp instrument at hand (therefore, jokes with him are bad).

Accumulates (and even sometimes collects) tools, physical skills, techniques of craftsmanship for processing various materials, while he prefers solid materials, so to speak, bone matter.

He draws energy from the fire element (in the evening after work he likes to sit by the fire), eats a lot and well (especially meat and dense food with a predominance of proteins and fats).

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 2nd house.

Jupiter brings good luck to any home, and the latter is no exception. Wealth. The income level is always above average. But with a damaged Jupiter, a person is very wasteful – constant large spending, so there is no savings, money does not stay in bank accounts.

Things get expensive, prestigious, large, durable, so that they are appreciated in society and can be boasted of. Sizes are especially important. He does not exchange for trifles. Will not stand up for the price (out of ten cars he will choose the “coolest” and largest, regardless of the price). He prefers foreign-made things, for him “import” is a pass to the world of the most prestigious things.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 2nd house.

Saturn brings big problems to any home. Even in good aspects, he does not promise wealth here, only a relatively stable income as a result of hard work. In other cases – deprivation, poverty and hunger. The ability to save money is the basis of property security in such a situation. If a person learns to spend his funds wisely and carefully, then gradually he may even save up for a rainy day and for old age.

A person appreciates the reliability and long service life of things (even if they look very ugly). He carefully acquires things and does not part with them for a long time, accumulating heaps of rubbish and leaving it as a legacy to future generations. Driven by the idea of ​​constant and steady strengthening of their material well-being.

Collects documents (certificates of honor, for example), old keys, locks, watches, orders, ancient coins.

Fasting is contraindicated (it is too much stress for him, he is afraid of starving to death all his life). He needs dense food, salt and calcium.

With the receipt of vital energy (as well as with income) – is always a problem, but mountains and loneliness, solitude can help.

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 2nd house.

With harmonious aspects of Uranus – sudden income (including income from astrology).

A person loves exotic things (things from exotic countries), modernity, novelties that have just been created using the latest technologies, he is addicted to advertising. It is difficult to accumulate, if only something from electronics, computers, modern means of communication, storage media (CDs, computer programs, etc.), optical instruments, rare things (for example, a coin issued in a single copy), antiques … Meeting astronomers, astrologers, physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists can dramatically change income levels.

Damaged Uranus gives equally unexpected and large property and monetary losses due to natural disasters, catastrophes and social upheavals (for example, refugees from “hot spots”).

A person receives energy from the air, partly from fire, electromagnetic fields, cosmic radiation (it is useful to look at the starry sky). Starves easily.

Neptune (Pisces) in the 2nd house.

According to the qualities of Neptune, it indicates income received in a secret or secret way. A person does not advertise either the sources of income or the level of his well-being (underground millionaire Koreiko). Has an intuitive sense of the source of income; where the money comes from and where it goes is not clear (including the person himself). However, an astrologer can say that income is possible from oil products, drugs, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, religious activities, seafood, seafaring, fishing, show business.

A person is emotionally motivated when acquiring things, is guided by something that cannot even be clearly formulated, therefore, from the side of his spending, it may seem inadequate to normal ideas on this issue. Establishes a kind of mystical connection with a thing. The acquisition process itself is chaotic and resembles the course of a ship thrown by the team into the waves in the middle of the ocean. A person cannot understand his true needs (they are not formulated in words!), And because of these difficulties, as a rule, he falls under the influence of fashion and social cliches prevailing in a given place and time.

Collects and accumulates chemical reagents, medicines, various containers for liquids (for example, a collection of wine bottles), alcohol varieties, aquariums, fish and marine life (for example, Neptune in Gemini – collects postage stamps with images of fish and marine animals), video and audio tapes, religious utensils.

If Neptune is damaged, then we have a lifelong beggar, but not out of need (as in the case of Saturn), but out of conviction. He is simply indifferent to money and other material goods (an aspect characteristic of monks who have taken a vow of non-acquisitiveness). Damaged Neptune here enriches only spiritually – in terms of acquiring moral and ethical values.

Energy costs are replenished through reservoirs, best of all, large: lakes, sea, ocean. The food shown is seafood and liquids. Fasting can be used, but not dry.

Pluto (Aries) in the 2nd house.

In good aspects, very good incomes, abundance. This person can control huge cash flows, for example, on duty to be included in the global banking network. Pluto in the II house most often comes across in the charts of large tycoons (such as Rockefeller).

Damaged Pluto completely destroys human income and property (for example, as a result of hostilities, natural and man-made disasters, etc.), as they say, in what he managed to jump out, he remained with that, everything else burned down (washed away, fell asleep, fell into crack, etc.).

A person accumulates things with a hidden meaning, fateful (for example, stores the bullet that caused the First World War), unusual, collects antiquities, antiquities, stones, metals, “shards” of civilizations destroyed by rock (for example, stones from Pompeii or Troy) …

The body’s energy is drawn from some deep source, perhaps from the center of the Earth, or is connected to the energy of the atomic nucleus …

III house.

Planets in the 3rd house.

Sun (Leo) in the 3rd house.

The core of human consciousness is expressed through contacts, communication, exchange (in general, information – in particular), the acquisition of specific knowledge. Likes to make acquaintances with different people. Authoritatively expresses the most commonplace things (as if they were the first to come to his mind). Can simultaneously get involved in different activities or keep several information streams at the same time (for example, read a newspaper, talk on the phone and watch TV at the same time). Learns well through communication and play situations. If the Sun is damaged, then gossips, judges and discusses others, spreads bad rumors.

Moon (Cancer) in the 3rd house.

Instability in emotional connections. A damaged phone – it is difficult for a person to convey information without distortion, because he colors her too emotionally (and the meaning changes). It gets confused in the little things, it turns out badly to highlight the main thing and discard the “husk”. Often confuses his thoughts with those of others. The mood of the person himself changes rapidly, he seeks to diversify his emotional life. Communication is used not as a means of information enrichment, but as a means of emotional adjustment, therefore, it can be chatty for no reason (from the point of view of an outside observer). Communication is very emotionally colored, overloaded with interjections, parasitic words, repetitions, lengthy digressions and explanations. Such a conversation defies retelling (especially when trying to reproduce it in writing).

Frequent moves are possible, with subsequent difficulties in domestic arrangement. If the apartment (house) of a person is large in size, he often changes the place of night sleep (he cannot sleep in one place).

The moon in the III field creates a special relationship between a person and his sister, the older sister, as it were, takes on the role of a mother (and if there is no sister, then the brother can take on such a role). If the Moon is in poor standing (weak in sign or damaged), the relationship with the sister (brother) does not develop, although the emotional connection is still deep.

In the horoscope of a woman, the Moon in the III house makes it difficult to fulfill maternal roles. Difficulties with the birth and upbringing of the child are possible, it is difficult for the child to establish proper emotional contact with the mother.

Lilith in the 3rd house.

Superstitions, conventions that affect thinking and mental assessment. Some terrible and terrible thoughts periodically surface in active consciousness. At the same time, a person is a born psychologist and physiognomist: he easily reads information on facial expressions, facial expressions, subtly recognizes subconsciously hidden meanings in the speaker’s speech. Communicates quite seriously with animals and even inanimate objects, convinced that they fully understand him. Has a craving to use forbidden channels of information – opens other people’s letters, peeps and eavesdrops. It filters well occult information, distinguishing fake from real.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in III field.

Active mind, super curiosity. A person reads a lot (even a polymath), absorbs a lot of information per unit of time. If he takes the trouble to concentrate, he can achieve great intellectual success, if not, he can drown in the information bustle, since it has a low information threshold, any news seems to him valuable and useful.

Constantly processing information. Many events in his life begin with the receipt of information (call, letter, newspaper message, conversation with a neighbor, etc.). All his life he studies, looks for new knowledge and teachers. As a rule, he has a good general secondary education. He respects the word and means of communication, actively uses them (including the Internet).

Able to distribute attention between several activities, easily and quickly rebuilds from one activity to another.

If Mercury is weak in sign and damaged, then the flow of information is often cloudy, there is a lot of misinformation or distortion. The person himself is inclined to distort information during transmission, “lie” in his own interests (or even just like that – “for the sake of art”), can be cunning, deliberately deceitful, prone to fraud (including forgery).

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 3rd house.

A person sifts all information through the sieve of Venus, passing only pleasant and coinciding with his attitudes and values. (If you tell him something impartial, the reaction is: “Oh, shut up!” – And to the side). The person himself is also pleasant in communication, he will definitely not swear, he will express himself beautifully, somewhat bookishly, formulate thoughts in a streamlined, tactful manner, with an abundance of words like “please”, “be kind”, “to my pleasure”, “with joy ” etc.

Information processing speed is low. She does not perceive naked information (like the text of a statistical reference book), therefore she learns only under the condition of bright emotional reinforcement and clarity. He doesn’t like to talk on the phone, tk. perceives to a greater extent the interlocutor’s appearance (outfit, makeup, facial features, jewelry) and his emotional state, rather than the meaning of the words he said.

Possible romantic acquaintances during travel, by correspondence, during the period of study. A handsome brother or sister.

With damaged Venus, instability and chaos of emotional connections, informational snobbery (“I know this without you”) and narcissism (“ah, this article does not praise me, it is not interesting, I will not read”) are observed.

Mars (Scorpio) in the 3rd house.

A person has a lot of energy, but it is applied chaotically, dissipates. It’s hard to get down to business and see it through to the end.

In communication, he is light and energetic, the reaction is quick, active. He expresses his thoughts vigorously and accurately (without wasting words). Prone to controversy (“verbal battles”). Information is exchanged for self-affirmation or struggle. It is difficult to convince such a person that he is right, he imposes his opinion, is harsh in his statements (here mate is not uncommon).

With damaged Mars, foul language and abuse for any reason, constant quarrels with neighbors, relatives, brothers and sisters, acquaintances. Denunciations.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 3rd house.

There are a lot of interesting and reliable sources of information. Sometimes there is a problem with its excess. If Jupiter has good aspects, a person is well versed in this stream, choosing the right information; his consciousness expands and his worldview is enriched as a result of the assimilation of new knowledge. A wide range of communication means, especially long-distance. Contacts with abroad. Many trips and acquaintances, meetings with outstanding teachers. Brother, sister, neighbors and acquaintances provide moral and material support. There is an ability for foreign languages ​​and teaching.

When Jupiter is damaged, there is too much information, a person cannot digest it, and even not all of it is reliable.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 3rd house.

The situation is reversed. The information flow is weak and poor, the news arrives with a great delay, the means of communication “fail” all the time (the TV breaks down, or the person lives in an area of ​​poor radio signal propagation), the letters are lost or pulled out of the mailbox, the neighbors are deaf and dumb, there are no acquaintances wants), etc.

A person’s speech is often monotonous, slow, emotionally colorless. In his judgments, he is laconic, careful, shows skepticism, follows some canons (for example, he never speaks to a stranger). Primary school for him is torment and hopeless hard labor (they always study badly), arouses guilt (since they are punished a lot for this) and an inferiority complex (“Am I really such a fool?”). Fear of punishment for poor studies.

In relations with brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and classmates, there are problems: a person is too demanding of them or they are of him, strive to control and organize all the time. The sister and brother take over the parenting functions. Quarrels with loved ones, a break with a brother and sister, troubles at school (such children are often boycotted and harassed by fellow practitioners and even teachers). Problems also with paperwork, writing something. Travel is forced or may be related to work (career).

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 3rd house.

A very peculiar style of communication. Intellectually and informationally inventive (remember the notification system in “Timur and his team”?). A lot of new ideas, which are often not fully thought out and formulated. As well as with Mercury in the 3rd house, it is able to assimilate a large amount of information per unit of time and distribute attention between several classes at once. Traditional education disgusts him, to sit from bell to bell at the desk and study school rules according to the general textbook is too much. The main thing for him is to quickly grasp the general structure of knowledge, the basic principle of the structure of a particular discipline. Seeks to arrive at pure, universal knowledge (like the Unified Field Theory). Success in the study of astrology.

Strongly associated with the media, uses original channels of information that are inaccessible to others – reads directly from the subtle levels of the noosphere. General planetary thinking for him is not an empty phrase, but a completely real and effective concept.

An experimenter in the sphere of words, invents neologisms, fancifully mixes genres of literature and journalism, invents his own “gibberish” languages ​​and information coding tools. Maybe even become an author of a programming language (or something like that). The language is sharp, it uses many adjectives and prefixes denoting the highest degree – “super”, “over”, “archi”, etc. The speech is mesmerizingly magnetic. From reading material, he loves science fiction (or writes it himself).

Brother, sister, acquaintances, neighbors, classmates are strange people, and he is “friends” with all of them (in his own words).

Strange trips (like a business trip to the “city of grain”). On trips, unexpected adventures from the cycle “you can’t imagine it on purpose.”

If Uranus is damaged, there are unexpected disasters and accidents on trips (but this does not mean that he will die in them – special additional instructions are needed for this), breaks with sisters, brothers, neighbors, classmates. The information flow is too bizarre, the ideas are so far from the norm that they smell like a psychiatric hospital.

In general, Uranus, associated with the III house (the ruler, stands there, has a bad aspect to the planet in the III field) almost always means an incurable mental illness in varying degrees of severity – from mild disorders to deep delusional states.

Neptune (Pisces) in the 3rd house.

Abilities of the storyteller (so to speak, “thinking according to the tree”). But the unconscious has a very strong effect on the intellect, and this influence cannot be formulated in words. Hence, deceptions (often involuntary) and self-deceptions, ambiguities and understatements in information exchange. A person seems to be in an information fog (there is such a cartoon – “Hedgehog in the Fog”, very similar), hovers in an atmosphere of inaccurately formulated, fragmentary, not thought out thoughts. Can wander aimlessly around the city, get lost in the forest (literally between three pines). In a conversation, the follower falls under the influence of others, is hypnotized by the interlocutor and blabs any secrets.

Brothers, sisters, neighbors, classmates are the same – neither fish nor meat.

Can study well, intuitively understanding what is at stake, so it is best to learn by immersion (this is when one subject goes all day, or even all week or month). Ability to foreign languages ​​(intuitively understands the meaning of foreign words – he does not need a translator).

Trips are usually by water and sea, with unclear goals or unknown return dates. In short, “go there, I don’t know where, bring that, I don’t know what.”

If Neptune is damaged, all the negative qualities mentioned above are aggravated at times, and the positive ones disappear.

Pluto (Aries) in III field.

Concentrates on one thought, but global (say, about world domination). Intolerance to other people’s statements, pressure on the interlocutor, authoritarianism, a tendency to abuse and backbiting. But the mind is insightful, analyzing any phenomenon to the “atomic” level. Difficulties in primary education – school changes, poor relationships with classmates and teachers.

4th house.

The main thing for us here, of course, is housing – we are all spoiled by the housing issue.

Planets in the 4th house.

Sun (Leo) in the 4th house.

The main requirement for a person is to become the head of the family, the owner of the house, real estate. Household chores, family problems take up most of the attention, although your own home appears rather late. This is a home leader (with a damaged Sun – a despot), fights for supremacy in the family until victory. Ties with father and grandfather and family traditions are of great importance. Hospitable, hospitable. A patriot, a conservative (almost domostroy), shows interest in the history of his native land, in agriculture (farming).

In good aspects, the Sun here gives help and material support to the father, inheritance from parents, good parentage (genes are good). Success is achieved in the second half of life, in the period of maturity – harmony is established in the family and in terms of property ownership.

When the Sun is damaged, there are too many requests to parents, poor health, a sick father, family authoritarianism.

Moon (Cancer) in the 4th house.

Good position, strong at home (4th house – analogue of Cancer). Attachment to home and family, especially strong connection with the mother, love for the Motherland (in a foreign land suffers from nostalgia). The problem is that someday you need to get rid of attachment to loved ones and go out into the big world. Homebody. In the house he is looking for shelter (like a cancer in a shell), making increased demands on the safety of the home.

In good aspects – an inherited dacha, an apartment, farming, a vegetable garden, a garden. A damaged Moon gives a closed, painfully vulnerable person, poor living conditions, constant changes of place of residence, conflicts in the family. Damaged by Saturn – there is no housing at all (homeless, refugee), damaged by Uranus – there may be a loss of housing due to natural, man-made or social disasters (earthquake, fire, explosion, war, etc.); damaged by Mars – possibly a robbery of an apartment, dacha.

Lilith in the 4th house.

Home and the relationship with the mother are painfully important. Sharp changes in relations with household members (from painful attachment to grave alienation). The origin is strange, the place of residence may be with “devilry” (near the cemetery, houses are engaged in black magic, etc.). A person often chooses dangerous places for shelter or residence (for example, settles in the most criminal area); the place of residence, its equipment can destroy a person (for example, a person put bars on the windows at home and in the event of a fire could not escape from the house – that is, in fact, he made a crypt for himself). Often there is a need to live in nature (in a hut, in a dugout, etc.) There is no order in the house, elementary hygiene rules are violated, there are too many animals (and they all shit and stink), a person chooses one corner where he eats, and sleeps and receives guests, etc. – and changes this place all the time (one person lived in a rather large house of several rooms, so he put up a tent in a room, lived in it, then put this tent in another room, again lived there for some time …). Restless old age – loneliness, nightmares, visions, fear, or in old age becomes a homeless person.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 4th house.

Not a house, but a courtyard – acquaintances, neighbors, friends come all the time, the phone rings incessantly. Home is a place for meetings and exchange of information, otherwise the connections between households are superficial, there is not enough emotional depth. A person is not tied to home, often changes his place of residence (changes, moves in, leaves), believes that knowledge, information, erudition are the cornerstone of everything. Can inherit from parents a large library, a card index, a collection of postage stamps, postcards, etc. In good aspects, it can be work from home (for example, a dispatcher on the phone) or a small business related to issues of the 4th house (private real estate broker, housing exchange consultant, redevelopment design, etc.). If Mercury is damaged or weak by sign – there is a lot of anxiety in the house, lives like at a train station,

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 4th house.

Good and close emotional contact with parents, love for the Motherland. National and family traditions are aesthetic satisfaction. The houses are comfortable, beautiful, cozy, well furnished, there are works of art (paintings on the walls, expensive vases, art utensils, etc.). Such people often lay treasures (they make hiding places at home, where they put valuables, jewelry, etc.). If Venus is damaged and / or weak in sign – there is no order in the house, not cleaned, chaos, a lot of expensive but tasteless things, the owner of the house spends too much money on furnishing and maintaining the house.

Mars (Scorpio) in the 4th house.

A lot of physical work around the house, in the country, on the farm, in the garage (or a person is a professional builder). He is engaged in the conversion of the dwelling, builds a summer cottage, makes a cellar in the garage, etc. Conflicts with household members (or household members conflict with each other). The connection with home and family traditions is rather weak. Mars in good aspects – effective patriotism (military service by conviction). If Mars has no aspects, there are damaging aspects – conflicts in the family (up to fights), the untimely death of the father, danger to the house, apartment, summer residence, garage (fire, robbery, loss as a result of fraud, etc.), domestic injuries …

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 4th house.

Good parenting, a high level of family well-being, the ownership of significant real estate (a large house, a summer residence, a luxury apartment, etc.), a person is proud of his family. There are no housing problems, even if such a person happens to be passing through an unfamiliar city, he always has a place to spend the night (and even with comfort). A person is characterized by patriotism, pride in his homeland, adherence to national and family traditions, interest in the history of his native land, country. As a rule, such people compose and are proud of their family tree.

Damaged Jupiter – even in this case, it retains its positive influence, however, the loss of real estate is possible (but a person will never become a homeless person, one apartment has disappeared, and three more remain).

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 4th house.

The house is uncomfortable, old, something breaks all the time, the roof is leaking, the pipes are rusted, etc. A person makes great demands on the safety of the home (iron doors, bars on the windows, etc.). Family relationships are difficult, there is not enough emotional warmth, empathy, but the joint overcoming of difficulties unites household members. A positive feature is that a person has a strong family rear (“my home is my fortress”), household members are reliable people with a developed sense of duty; he can gradually acquire significant real estate in the course of his life (however, he will have to tinker with it a lot – repairs, alterations, restructuring). Interest in land and agriculture (vegetable garden, farm, own potatoes, etc.). Damaged and / or weak in the sign of Saturn – bad: there may be no housing at all (homeless),

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 4th house.

Such people rarely appear at home (long-distance train conductors, sailors, truckers, etc.) or constant crossings (moreover, sudden and by a strange coincidence). Family relationships are strange – emotional, but uneven, with sudden transitions from love to hate and back. Often an incomplete family, a person leaves home early and, having broken up with his parents, begins to live independently. There is no attachment to home and traditions, in views – cosmopolitanism. Uranium is only in good aspects – sudden favorable “breakthroughs” in housing issues (unexpected inheritance of a house, winning an apartment in the lottery, etc.), the house is full of friends and modern electronics (but there is still no comfort – the house looks like an office anyway a computer company or a cell phone shop) or antiques. Damaged Uranus – father’s premature death,

Mysterious origin (for example, a pupil of an orphanage – parents are unknown; or an adopted child with parents who hide it; or some other mystical and mysterious circumstances of birth), a family secret (perhaps a secret grief in the family, hidden from others), non-native father or parents of different nationalities (and this difference is strongly felt at the level of behavioral attitudes and traditions). A person is subconsciously very attached to home, family, homeland. When emigrating, she experiences severe nostalgia. The place of residence seems to float, it can live in several places at the same time, or, if the house is large, it constantly moves around it (it does not have its own room, its own corner once and for all). If Neptune is in good aspects, a person experiences inspiration and creates, retiring at home (good for composers, writers, etc.), spiritual and material enrichment at home (work, home business). If Neptune is damaged – of bad origin, the father or both parents are drunkards, drug addicts, criminals, invalids; there is a brothel in the house, some drunks, drug addicts are hanging around; disorder, poverty, dirt, uncomfortable, not cleaned; problems with water supply (either there is always no water, or all the time there are household floods – either the pipe burst, then the tap was forgotten to close); the end of life – in a shelter for the elderly, a monastery or a mental hospital. they forgot to close the tap); the end of life – in an orphanage, monastery or mental hospital. they forgot to close the tap); the end of life – in a shelter for the elderly, a monastery or a mental hospital.

Pluto (Aries) in the 4th house.

Abundance in the home. Wealthy parents. The house is constantly changing, cardinal updates (for example, all furniture is periodically and entirely thrown away and the furnishings are completely replaced), redevelopment. Relations between households are authoritarian, there is a constant struggle for power (“who is the boss in the house?”), Often hidden, undercover. If Pluto has bad aspects, there is a high probability of an apartment robbery, or an incomplete family, or external “compelling circumstances” force you to change your place of residence (for example, a highway is being built and it passes right through the house – forced resettlement).

V house. And in general, about children.

Of course, one of the most important issues of the 5th house is our children, their presence, number, gender, our relationship with them.

You cannot determine the sex of the child in the V house, you can roughly estimate the number. The 5th house is already born children. The circumstances of conception and sex should be looked at in the IV house and the Moon – in which signs (female or male) the Moon and the cusp of the IV house are located, which planets (female or male) are in the IV house, in which sign (female or male) the ruler stands; then all this is brought together and the probability of conceiving a boy or a girl is determined. For example, on the cusp of the 4th house – Leo (male sign), the Sun (ruler of the 4th field) in Cancer (female sign), Moon in Gemini (male sign), in the 4th house Venus (female planet) and Jupiter (male planet). It turns out 2 female and 3 male directions. Thus, if a person has five children, then it will be two girls and three boys. It is the circumstances of conception that determine the sex of the child. When a person is already born,

For reference. Male signs are all related to the elements of fire and air. Female signs – related to the elements of water and earth. The male planets are the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto. Female planets – Moon, Venus, Neptune. Planets with unexpressed sexual characteristics – Mercury and Uranus (if they are related to the 4th house, they can not be taken into consideration). Saturn is nominally a male planet, but he, figuratively speaking, “does not like” children so much that he can be excluded from consideration of the probability of gender.

But I will make a reservation, so you can only calculate the probability of the birth of girls and boys, this will not mean that the first child will necessarily be of a certain gender. There is no guarantee.

If you are asked the question: “How can we give birth to a son?” – there is a technique that allows you to determine the sex of the child at the time of conception. This is determined by the position of the Moon at the moment of conception – in which sign it was, in masculine or feminine. Those. if the Moon at the moment of conception was in a female sign, then the sex of the unborn child is female. If the Moon was in the male sign at the time of conception, then the sex of the child is male.

Unfortunately, here, too, not everything is in order, if the Moon is at the end of the sign, then before the cells merge, the Moon can move to the next sign and, thus, the sex will change. Therefore, for greater assurance, one should take into account the position of the Moon in the 1st half of the sign. More guarantee that the desired sex will be born – the Moon in the 1st half of the sign. The moon in the second half of the sign can move to the next sign before fertilization and thereby disrupt our plans. For a greater guarantee, you need to look for the Moon in the 1st half of the sign, but, unfortunately, there is another problem here, which is related to the fact that the conception of a child does not occur at our will, there is a certain cycle, there is a certain moment of ovulation, which depends on hormonal cycle of a woman and it is necessary that ovulation coincides with the desired position of the moon. Here, unfortunately, problems arise.

But on the other hand, if you give a person a certain rhythm, then let him decide what to do, let him figure it out, you say: “On this day, a boy will be conceived, on this day, a girl, and work”, as they will order there, this is depends on the individual cycle of the woman.

True, I heard here from one obstetrician that sperm cells until the moment of conception can in some cases persist in a woman’s body for up to three days, and then conception occurs, and the Moon, as you know, is in one sign for about 2.5 days – in short, you can’t guess , apparently, whatever God wants, you cannot turn away from it. But, of course, you can try.

So, the IV house and the Moon are related to the conception of children. If the Moon or IC (cusp of the 4th house) are located in fertile signs (fertile ones are aquatic and Taurus), then the ability to conceive is great, but there may be few children (miscarriages, abortions); if the Moon or IC are located in barren signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Virgo, and especially Capricorn), then there are difficulties with conception. Moreover, these rules work for both women and men. I have plenty of cases when a woman’s indicators indicate fertility, while her husband, on the contrary, has the Moon in Capricorn, and IC in Virgo. They cannot conceive in any way, and why? The woman’s body is ready for reproduction, everything works as it should, but her husband has problems, sperm cells are produced “frail” and in small quantities, conception is very difficult. Or the opposite situation. A man has both the Moon in Cancer, and IC in Taurus, but there is no way to give birth, the wife has the Moon in Aquarius, IC in Capricorn. By the way, the Moon or IC in Scorpio – there are many conceptions, but pregnancies are unfavorable, it rarely comes to the birth of a full-fledged child (however, modern medicine quite successfully copes with this problem).

Well, we’ll talk about infertility as a disease in the Medical Astrology course.

The desire to have (or not have) children is determined by the V house of the natal chart. Those. the ability to conceive may be high, and there may be no children at all (contraception, abortions, etc.). How is this determined? If there are barren signs on the cusp of the V house (Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Virgo, and especially Capricorn), there may be no children at all (God forbid, one will be tortured). If there are fertile signs (water and Taurus) on the cusp of the V house, then there will be many children. What does “a lot” mean? A hundred years ago, five children were the norm, and now officially a large family is a family with three children, i.e. our “many” are three (more is a rarity). Similarly, the planets in the 5th house. If there is Venus, the Moon or Jupiter, then it is “many”, if Saturn, then no, or one and later. In other cases – “average”, i.e. in the context of modernity – two.

But this rule cannot be applied in isolation from the entire natal chart. Five minutes ago I gave an example, a woman has problems with conception (Moon in Aquarius, IC in Capricorn), but this Moon is in the V house! Formally, she is a mother of many children, but she cannot conceive. What conclusion should we give in this case? That’s right: a person wants to have many children, but he cannot.

Planets that increase the number of children: the Moon, but the Moon, of course, it generally gives a predisposition to children, especially to small children, love for children. Moon, Venus, Jupiter, being in the V house, can talk about an increase in the number of children. Aspects of them, especially aspects of Jupiter to the planets of the V house, can also increase the number of children, especially aspects of Jupiter, Jupiter can even have tense aspects. Tense aspects of Jupiter: there may be a mother of many children, Venus in the V house, damaged by Jupiter, she has five children there, a mother of many children, that is, Jupiter through tense aspects can increase, even excessively, with excess, Jupiter is generally associated with excess, he gives everything lot.

Now the planets in the V house and decreasing the number of children: the Sun and Saturn. The sun in the V house gives love to children, but your child can be alone, but in general, children have a very good attitude, this is an excellent instruction for a teacher. This love of his for children is realized through the profession, and he does not seek to increase the number of his own children. Saturn reduces the number of children, as a rule, gives one.

Early or late children? Fire signs in the V house or the owner of the V house in a fire sign incline towards early children. Capricorn in the V house, Saturn in the V house is inclined towards late children, but there can be conflicting situations, for example, Saturn in Aries in the V house, early or late children? What do you think? One child and an early one, so in this case the sign is stronger than the planet. In this case, I am talking about intact Saturn, when Saturn in the V house is damaged, this is a completely different situation. When Saturn damages the planet or the ruler of the V house, this is an obstacle to having children at all. This is not connected with the inability to have children, it does not mean infertility, the V house means attitude towards children: a person wants to have children, he wants a lot or does not want at all.

When we analyze the V house, we analyze the attitude towards children and hence the number of children. If we consider the elements of the V house and their aspects, then we can draw a conclusion about what kind of children will grow up. Why? The V house is also the quality of upbringing. When we analyze the V house, we see whether a person knows how to raise children, how he brings them up, what he invests in them and, accordingly, how they will turn out. We will talk about this in more detail, considering the planets in the 5th house.

So the children have already been born. Obviously, they are all different in character (sometimes opposite) and have a different fate. The question is, do they all go through one fifth house like this? Not. Each child has, as it were, his own home in our natal chart. Our general attitude towards children is determined along the V house and one of the children walks. Which one?

Astrological literature says that the 11th house is also responsible for children. Why? Let’s get to know the relative house system , that is, when we are talking about circumstances not related to the subject, but we are talking about circumstances related to his environment: with parents, children, marriage partner, then we take the house responsible for this person and assign him number I. Well , for example, if we are talking about the father, and we organize the circumstances related to the father: the 4th house of the horoscope, we assign the first number to him and then we count all the houses – these will be the father’s houses. If we are talking about a marriage partner: we number the 7th house with the number I, and then we count and get that the 11th house is the 5th from the 7th, that is, the children of the marriage partner walk through the 11th house. Generally speaking, the spouses have common children and therefore it turns out that the 5th and 11th houses are responsible for the children. Although, of course, the XI house can indicate the children of the marriage partner in the event that this is not the first marriage for him and he already has children, and therefore the XI house may be responsible for the children of the marriage partner, but the V and XI houses are responsible for the children in general. At the same time, if there are several children, then they can separate, some can walk along the V house, and others mainly along the XI, but I want to tell you that it is so strict to divide that this child only walks along the V, and this only along the XI not turns out. Still, it turns out that one child, more instructions for him, in the V house, and for another in the XI. All the same, instructions somehow remain in both houses. Naturally, if the children are common to the spouses, then, of course, there will be instructions for one child, maybe there and there, but there may be more of them in some of these houses. that it is so strictly divided that this child walks only along V, and this one only along XI does not work. Still, it turns out that one child, more instructions for him, in the V house, and for another in the XI. All the same, instructions somehow remain in both houses. Naturally, if the children are common to the spouses, then, of course, there will be instructions for one child, maybe there and there, but there may be more of them in some of these houses. that it is so strictly divided that this child walks only along V, and this one only along XI does not work. Still, it turns out that one child, more instructions for him, in the V house, and for another in the XI. All the same, instructions somehow remain in both houses. Naturally, if the children are common to the spouses, then, of course, there will be instructions for one child, maybe there and there, but there may be more of them in some of these houses.

It is often said that the first child is the V house, the second child is the XI house, the third is again V and so on … This, as a rule, depends on the gender of the child, the 1st boy is in the V house, 2 the second son – according to the XI-th, and the daughters, on the contrary, the mother’s 1st daughter according to the XI-th, and the second – according to V. In this case, we are talking about children of the same sex, that is, we do not seem to count children of a different sex, well, for example, a woman has a boy and a girl – a son and a daughter, a son will be in V, a daughter – she will be the first with her, she is in XI, the other gender is ignored, we count children of the same sex. If twins were born, they, of course, can walk through the same house, because their horoscopes are similar and many circumstances will be similar, they will walk through the same house.

The father has the opposite, the 1st daughter according to V, the 2nd – according to the XI. The first son is according to XI, the second is according to V. As for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, the method has not yet been worked out, there are few families with three children of the same sex, empirical laws have not yet been developed in this matter. I hope that you, my listeners, will someday understand this problem.

By the way, the very existence of the principle of relative houses allows you to extract a lot of useful information without even looking at the horoscope. For example, remember the song “I asked the ash tree”? What did the friend say there? “You were loved, but now I became a wife.” Perfectly accurate astrological formulation; my beloved walks along the V-th house, and the friend walks along the XI-th, but if I renumber the houses from the XI-th, then my V-th house turns out to be the VII-th house of my friend. Like this! It turns out that the woman I love is destined for my friend’s wife. Here, I remembered another example, the film “Officers” – there is the same situation, similar things often happen in life.

And if we are talking about children, then even without a map you can learn a lot. Suppose you are a woman and you have a girl (first child), then she walks through the XIth house, your friend is walking along the same house – everything, the indicators are the same (ruler, co-ruler, planets in the house, their aspects), those. look at your girlfriend – your daughter will be the same when she grows up. A friend’s husband walks through your V-th house, this is the seventh from the eleventh (by the way, women often fall in love with the husbands of their girlfriends), and you have a son (first son), he will walk through your V-th house, again the same thing, look at your friend’s husband – this is how your son will grow up (character, level of education, career, income level – everything will be about the same, with an amendment, of course, for the general development of mankind in a few decades).

Well, and so on, you can find a lot of other parallels and coincidences, so that your horoscope is already half-interpreted by life itself, just look around you carefully.

Planets in the 5th house.

If we are talking about children, then similar judgments can be applied to the corresponding positions of the planets in the XI house.

Sun (Leo) in the 5th house.

Great artistic abilities, a desire to demonstrate oneself, a person is drawn to the stage, in the worst case – to the blackboard, to teach children. He is looking for a holiday, amorous, reckless.

There are few children (rather, one). He loves children, but more than strangers. Pampers and dominates them. If the Sun is in good aspects, the child is healthy, pleases a person with his successes, receiving a comprehensive and correct education (physical, intellectual, cultural). If the Sun is damaged – a sick child (if the damage is from Saturn – a very sick child, chronicles, or there are no children at all); damaged by Mars – there may be an accident with the child, the premature death of the child.

Sports attract sports that have elements of theatricality that put the athlete in the spotlight: figure skating, for example.

Moon (Cancer) in the 5th house.

Maternal attitude towards lovers. He loves quiet home entertainment, family holidays, and enjoys cooking.

Fertility, many children, love and affection for children, good relations with children, everything is fine, a person brings up his children well. The damaged Moon still gives birth to many children, but a person cannot raise children, he is weak in character, indulges children, follows their lead, as a result, the child grows up weak-willed, infantile, not adapted to life. Damage from the Sun, Mars or Saturn means serious illness in children.

In sports, activities such as swimming, diving, etc. can be attracted.

Lilith in the 5th house.

Exhibitionism, obscene entertainment, “dirty love”. The sexual sphere of a person is very strong and peculiar, often a tendency to perversion and bestiality.

He does not like children, sometimes he has a strong dislike for them or unmotivated anger. Lilith constantly “shakes” mothers with this position from side to side: from painful attachment to the child to his rejection. Such mothers often leave their children in the hospital or throw them to strangers (“cuckoos”).

In sports, a person can be attracted by such types as orienteering on the terrain, cockroach races, dog and cock fighting, etc.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 5th house.

Creativity associated with mental activity, writing, speech. A person, having fun, seeks to combine useful with pleasant (therefore he often plays intellectual games, chess, checkers), find a rational grain in entertainment, can combine leisure with intellectual work (a writer at a resort writes a book). Almost imperceptible to external information, does not listen to what is said to him. Caring for a loved one, he writes letters, notes, calls on the phone. Romantic acquaintances in transport, while traveling, at exhibitions and fairs. In love, he rather relies on reason.

Weak emotional contact with children. Not many children (if there are no aspects from Jupiter). If Mercury in good aspects is a good educator, attaches great importance to the mental development of the child, does a lot of it, takes it to exhibitions, libraries, etc. With a damaged Mercury, a person is not always honest with a child, uses lies for the purpose of education, and the child quickly adopts this manner of cunning and cunning, and he himself begins to lead the parent around his finger, causing a lot of trouble and trouble. The child grows up to be cunning, deceitful, thieving, sometimes a real swindler.

Team sports played with hands (Mercury is the hands): volleyball, basketball, handball, and athletics. If Virgo is on the cusp, then tourism. If Gemini is on the cusp, then paired sports – tennis, badminton, billiards, etc.

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 5th house.

He expresses himself in art: painting, dancing, theater, fashion show, design, decoration.

He loves children and wants to have several. Good relationship with children, mutual sympathy. She pays a lot of attention to the aesthetic development of a child (music school, drawing circle, etc.), who grows up beautiful, talented, sophisticated, tactful and well-mannered. If Venus is damaged, a person is too prone to luxury and entertainment, children are the same, they would only have fun and beat their thumbs, they grow up capricious, with great pretensions, a person follows the child’s lead and he quickly sits on his neck.

A person can be attracted by sports related to art or purely female: synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, women’s figure skating, ballroom dancing (in the form of a sports competition), acrobatic rock and roll. If Taurus is on the cusp – again tourism, weightlifting, kettlebell lifting.

Mars (Scorpio) in the 5th house.

Reckless, passionate, loves outdoor activities and adventures. Adventurer. Sports games, especially risky (fire all-around, for example), as well as all types of wrestling and team competitions (hockey, football), some types of athletics (javelin throw, for example). Loves hunting.

He fights in relationships with children. There is a struggle for primacy between him and the child, the child is naughty, rude and pugnacious. With good aspects of Mars, attention is paid to its physical development, the child is sent to the sports section, military-patriotic club, etc. The child grows up intelligent, active, strong, courageous. Damaged Mars means the danger of an accident and the death of a child. In the horoscope, women are premarital and illegitimate children.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 5th house.

A person of a large scale in terms of entertainment – extravaganzas, mysteries, grandiose performances, large art forms. In love, insatiable, a bunch of lovers. For men – Don Juanism (if the rest of the card does not give conflicting indications).

There are many children, including illegitimate children. With children, the relationship is strong and protective. In good aspects – a person has wonderful children who give him support in old age. The defeat of Jupiter is not very terrible, in the worst case, the child is wasteful or he has a sick liver (especially if there are bad aspects from Mars or Saturn).

In a dispute, he can be attracted by archery, equestrian sports (horse racing, polo, etc.). He may not get out of the hippodrome (at the same time play on the sweepstakes). Loves hunting large animals (deer, moose, etc.) Saturn (Capricorn) in the 5th house.

In entertainment, it satisfies personal ambitions, rests only on the prescribed calendar holidays, his motto is “business is time, fun is an hour”; love experiences are associated with a career, maybe an office romance. In creativity, he prefers traditional and classical directions and forms. Shows responsibility and thoroughness in performing creative work.

Doesn’t like children. Has one, if the second, then usually in another marriage and late. If Saturn is damaged, there are no children or the child is very seriously ill, disabled since childhood (cerebral palsy, for example).

Sports hobbies – weightlifting, triathlon, marathon, classical wrestling (in short, those types where you need to roll over weights or demonstrate great endurance at long intervals).

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 5th house.

Love at first sight, and repeatedly. And in general, his life is a series of vivid love experiences, unexpected and strange. Adheres to the philosophy of “free” love, no conventions can keep him from betrayal and change, many premarital and extramarital affairs.

Reckless and reckless. In games, a small win is not interesting to him – “all or nothing” (super game, super lottery, super jackpot, etc.) Children are also eccentric – a very early child or he leaves his child (often both together), the child is illegitimate, women with such a position of Uranus have practically no maternal instinct, she does not understand what it means to “love” a child, she can only be friends with him or leave him (they often refuse children, are deprived of parental rights). If Uranus is only in good aspects, then gifted children, wunderkinds, even geniuses, grow up early, accelerators.

In art and creativity, such a person prefers avant-garde and ultra-modern trends, often invents new genres, ways of expression, creative approaches (for example, a new drawing technique) himself.

If he is fond of sports, then this is parachuting, hang-gliding, technical sports (for example, racing on radio-controlled boats, sports aircraft modeling), extreme sports (large slalom, etc.) Neptune (Pisces) in the V field.

Fertility is high, a deep subconscious, almost mystical connection is established with children. A person can intuitively, without words, understand what is going on in the child’s soul. Education takes place on folk tales and examples from religious scriptures (various myths, folk epics, biblical subjects, etc.), much attention is paid to the musical and aesthetic development of the child (music school, art school, literary circle – poetry). With this position of Neptune (or Pisces on the cusp), children are often adopted, a person is inclined, in an outburst of compassion, to shelter other people’s homeless children and adopt them (take a child from the house, etc.). If Neptune is damaged – secret grief, secret problems in raising a child who may be mentally unhealthy or may fall into a bad company (and become a thief, drug addict, etc.).

In love, such a person behaves like a hedgehog in a fog, mistaking bizarre visions for reality, he is often deceived in love, or he himself deceives (sometimes unwittingly) others. In the romantic relationships of such a person there is always a mystery, understatement, uncertainty.

Likes to relax at sea resorts, on sea cruises and fishing. In sports, he gravitates towards marine species – scuba diving, underwater orienteering, sailing regattas, catching marine animals and fish for the sake of sports interest.

In art and creativity, he is fond of music, painting (especially marine painters), cinema, cooking (he especially loves to cook from seafood).

Pluto (Aries) in V field.

Similar to the manifestations of Mars (Scorpio) in the 5th house. But with children it is not just a struggle, but a struggle, as they say, for destruction, i.e. surrender is not accepted, both sides do not take prisoners. This situation leads to a final and irrevocable break with the child when he becomes an adult, or the child dies (especially if Pluto is damaged).

Power team sports (reminiscent of a war or a wall-to-wall fight) are attracted from sports – rugby, American football, paintball, (two teams shoot each other with real weapons, but with paint capsules).

VI house.

One of the most important issues of the 6th house is health, but we will consider these issues separately in the course of medical astrology. Therefore, now we will consider this house in the context of the concepts of “service”, “work”, and we will also mention pets. I will note that the 6th house is more related to work that does not require higher education or a special level of qualifications, as well as to work not by vocation, but for the sake of a piece of bread (a normal person does not stay long at such a job).

Planets in the 6th house.

Sun (Leo) in the 6th house.

Almost a workaholic. One of the main goals of his life is to become an exemplary campaigner. He wants to take a leading position, but this is not the Sun in the X house, he has to be content with the position of a middle manager (this is the maximum). A harmonious Sun gives success in the service, harmonious relationships with colleagues, subordinates (pampers and takes care of) and superiors. If the Sun is damaged and / or weak in sign – defiant behavior towards colleagues and bosses (I generally keep quiet about subordinates, for him they are cattle); it is clear that in such a situation, not everything is going smoothly in the service, conflicts and showdowns cannot be avoided.

Pets are bright (for example, a large and beautiful parrot, peacock).

Everyday problems hurt self-esteem (“this is not a king’s business”), but a person is able to actively overcome them.

Moon (Cancer) in the 6th house.

Work is most often in the service sector, where you can take care of people – a cook, pastry chef, nurse, orderly, paramedic, nanny, educator, household worker. At work, he tries to make something like a home corner and make himself more comfortable – a sofa, a cozy table with a teapot. Usually he does not climb into the chiefs (but here it is necessary to look at the X house before drawing final conclusions). The work collective is predominantly female.

Avoids responsibility, strives to be at the bottom of the career ladder. He tries to establish warm, informal, almost family relations with his boss and colleagues. If the Moon has good aspects, it succeeds, and if the Moon is struck and / or weak in sign, then the reaction of the bosses is tough – “there is work, sofas, kettles to remove, no familiarity, strict fulfillment of job descriptions.” At the same time, a person feels uncomfortable, often changes his place of service or work place (service, department) within one organization.

Pets are small, soft, fluffy, pets – hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, fluffy lap dogs.

Solves household problems easily, in a businesslike way.

Lilith in the 6th house.

A person is not disdainful, can be a good nurse for bedridden patients (and endure sewage after them). Such a standing of Lilith is often found in the charts of inborn veterinarians – they literally understand without words what and where in animals hurts. There are many among such people whisperers, healers, representatives of traditional medicine (slander, herbs, etc.). He can also work in the household service, but do the dirtiest work there. He has problems with the team, he either unconsciously fears the bosses and colleagues, or experiences a strange alienation towards them, intolerance. It is best for him to work independently in his area of ​​activity.

Pets are unusual and cause disgusting feelings in normal people – spiders in jars, reptiles that look or feel nasty, poisonous snakes, etc.

Domestic problems can lead a person to a state of stupor and depression.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 6th house.

He can’t take on a major business case – all the little things get in the way (“now I’ll finish all the little things and then I’ll do it properly”). Therefore, it is better for such people to work where there is a constant stream of small matters and tasks – a postman, a signalman, a courier, a nurse, a public transport worker (a conductor, for example), a salesman, a journalist, a secretary, an inspector (glass containers, for example).

If Mercury is damaged and / or weak in sign, then the consequence is not very terrible (since it stands strongly around the house, the VI house is an analogue of Virgo) – some chaos and confusion in papers, receipts and service records. Disinformation of the bosses and colleagues (as they say, they misunderstood each other).

Pets are not large, mobile, supporting communication – songbirds, talking parrots, etc.

Solves everyday problems with the help of other people (invites craftsmen, workers, negotiates with them) Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the VI house.

The service is related to beauty and art – flower cultivation, stage worker, theater lighting, art gallery watchman, perfume and cosmetics store salesman, designer, costume designer, decorator, make-up artist, director’s assistant at a film studio or theater, etc. Relations with colleagues and superiors are close, often turning into office romances, it happens that wives and husbands work together in such positions of Venus. The team at work is predominantly female.

Pets are decorative, beautiful (dogs with hairstyles and bows, cats in dresses, etc.).

Everyday problems are not perceived by him as problems, he is inclined to shift their solution onto others.

Mars (Scorpio) in the 6th house.

Active physical labor. Worker, trainer, contract soldier (not an officer), masseur, nurse in a psychiatric hospital (extraordinary strength is needed to calm some patients).

In the service, struggle, conflicts, relations with colleagues, subordinates and superiors in an army style. The labor collective is predominantly male. He rarely leads a large team, prefers to do everything himself, while he does not shy away from physical and laborious work. Likes to command. If Mars is damaged, the man himself or the boss rushes like a tank, and the tower says: “If you don’t want to, we’ll force it!”

Domestic animals are rather large and unfriendly: service or hunting dogs, as well as other predators.

He solves everyday problems himself, with his active work.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 6th house.

He manages large teams well, has many subordinates and servants, whom he completely trusts and they answer him in kind. He is not inclined to solve minor problems himself (therefore, he cannot do without assistants, secretaries, in everyday life – without a servant, a housekeeper). Ability to teach, so his subordinates and servants are well educated and well-trained. The work can be related to abroad, science or religious sphere – travel agency, hotel, charitable organization, religious mission, priest, laboratory assistant, researcher, etc.

Large, expensive and prestigious pets – horses, large pedigree (or even better – with medals) dogs, prestigious animals from distant countries (leopard, for example).

In the domestic sphere, he is generous, does not skimp on costs to solve domestic problems, but he does not directly deal with this.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 6th house.

In the service, mainly, organizational activities: bureaucrat, official, security guard, controller, accountant, economist, watchmaker. A person works with a great sense of duty (sometimes too much), performs tasks scrupulously, carefully, on time. He keeps his distance with colleagues, bosses and subordinates, communicates only on official matters and within the framework of official powers, likes to keep the workplace secluded (a separate office or at least a table behind a partition).

If Saturn is damaged and / or weak in sign – a person is too demanding of colleagues, is inclined to blame the responsibility on another, formalizes his official position, does only what is stipulated by the job description (this is called the “Japanese strike”), comes up with rituals that slow down the execution of his duties (because there is no desire to fulfill them), work is a burden to a person, it seems to him that he has overworked, even if he has done a little.

From domestic animals prefers nocturnal (owl, hedgehog) or slow and “hard” (turtle, armadillo). Of the dogs – guard and service.

Household problems are quite serious, long-standing. It takes a long time until a person takes up their solution, but he does everything thoroughly and for a long time.

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 6th house.

Not a serviceman – “I would be glad to serve, it is sickening to serve.” For him, service is something from the field of solving global problems of human civilization, but in reality everything starts with a hanger (options – from washing floors, collecting garbage, etc.). He hates work “from and to” and routine, chooses employment with a free schedule and so that he can act independently, without pressure from his superiors. Can be a programmer, an electronics engineer, a computer operator, a seller of electronic equipment, a radio relay operator, an astronomer, an operator of space tracking stations, a telemaster, an electronic equipment repairman, a radio or television technician; psychologist, mathematician, linguist.

Pets are rare and exotic.

He solves everyday problems using the latest technology and electronics (a food processor with touch control, a washing machine with an on-board computer, etc.), he invents devices and objects for solving everyday problems (for example, an automatic clothes hanger of an original design).

Neptune (Pisces) in the 6th house.

Neptune here is initially weak at home (analogue of the 6th house, Virgo, a sign of damage to Neptune). Therefore, there are no special advantages to be expected here. If a person manages to get a “normal” job, then neither he nor anyone else can ever say what exactly this person is doing, what his job responsibilities are. No one can clearly formulate his job assignment, and he himself does not seek to get it, living according to the principle: “away from the bosses, closer to the smoking room”, therefore, when staff reductions, such people are fired in the first place – all the same, there is no return.

Relationships in the work collective are tangled, shrouded in secrecy and replete with undercover intrigues. Often this is a collective of “illegal” workers – without registration and official work permits.

A person in the service is as if in a fog or in a drug intoxication (especially with damaged Neptune). Sometimes it comes to insanity: a person does not know who his boss is, where his subordinates are, what the organization is called, where he works, when the working day officially begins and when it ends, etc.

The work can be related to chemistry (in the broad sense of the word – it is customary to “chemize” on it), with the sphere of art, music, cinema, poetry, pharmacology, psychiatry, bacteriology or virology, ports, shipbuilding, navigation, fishing industry (say, Fisheries Committee). Often this is work at the intersection of specialties, for example, music psychiatry (when mental disorders are treated with music).

As pets, most often aquarium fish, as well as some kind of marine life (crabs, mollusks, etc.) In the domestic sphere, water problems prevail – plumbing, water supply, laundry, wet cleaning, etc. A person often ignores everyday problems and can soon become literally overgrown with dirt, mold, or something like that.

Pluto (Aries) in the 6th house.

It resembles the position of Mars in the 6th house. From professions, these can be military personnel, law enforcement officers, underground workers (metro, mines), geologists, archaeologists, radiologists, physicists (especially nuclear physics), clerks in large financial organizations, representatives of the most popular professions (for example, a simple Soviet engineer). Often changes in the service, staff turnover (it is difficult to sit in one place under the harsh influence of Pluto – sometimes it seems that you are sitting in a hot frying pan).

Pets are scary and black (black cat, bat, crocodile, large and angry black dog).

The emergence of everyday problems is perceived as a fatal coincidence, and often really is their consequence (fire, explosion, earthquake, robbery, etc.).

VII house. And in general, about marriage.

In fact, marriage is a broader issue than the 7th house of the natal chart.

We must emphasize with you the following circumstance. The first marriage in men is indicated by the Moon, for those born at night, and Venus, for those born in the daytime; in women, the first marriage and the circumstances associated with it show the Sun, for those born during the day, and Mars, for those born at night. These are the planets that are responsible only for the first marriage, they have nothing to do with the second, third (etc.) marriage.

What does “born in the daytime” mean? When it is already light or still light, i.e. The sun can be under the horizon, for example, a person is born early in the morning before sunrise, but it is already getting light, it is already light, this is called “being born in the afternoon.” How to understand from the natal chart? If the Sun is below the horizon, but no further than 15 ° from Asc or Dsc, then it is still (or already) not night – we consider such a birth to be daytime.

The elements of the VII house, the owner of the VII house, the planets located in the VII house are responsible for all marriages: for the first, and for the second, and so on. Therefore, the sex planets and elements of the 7th house are the significators of marriage. There is always a question before us. Will there be a marriage or not? is the first question we must answer.

To do this, we analyze first of all the indicator of the first marriage. How well is it located, damaged or not? Does it have harmonious aspects? And secondly, we analyze the elements of the 7th house, which are responsible for all marriages, including the first one.

The situation will be hopeless if the first marriage indicator does not have good aspects, is badly damaged and, in particular, if it is damaged by Saturn. Saturn creates very big obstacles for marriage, Saturn creates obstacles in general, and in this case – for marriage. And generally speaking, if the significators (i.e. indicators) of marriage are damaged by Saturn, all at once, then this means that with the marriage there will either be a very long delay, or it may not be at all. Likewise, the significators who are badly damaged, especially by conflicting planets, not necessarily Saturn, and who do not have good aspects, prevent marriage. This will all hinder marriage.

Damaged Mars in the role of the significator of marriage can also give celibacy – a person conflicts too much with the applicant for marriage, and manages to divorce, as it were, even before registration.

If the significator of marriage has no aspects at all – then it depends on its position, if it is in the VII house, then marriage is possible, if it is located in the XI house, it creates a divorce formula, if in the XII it is an unhappy marriage, in principle, it is not prevents marriage, it all depends on his position, where he is, how he is located, what houses he connects. If one of the significators of marriage has harmonious aspects, then we cannot say that marriage is impossible, although, on the other hand, with very severe damage to the significators of marriage, when there are a lot of tense aspects from evil and conflicting planets, one harmonious aspect for concluding an alliance can and not enough.

For marriage, generally speaking, there should be no special indications in the horoscope; almost everyone gets married. That is why the person did not marry – there must be special instructions, and so, if everything is fine, the marriage is concluded. So, when we consider whether there will be a marriage or not, we consider the position of the significators, how damaged they are, and are they damaged by Saturn? Is Saturn an indicator of marriage? For example, Capricorn in the VII house, Cancer ascending, Cancer ascending have problems with marriage, or at least there are delays, if Saturn is well aspected, then there may be either a delay in marriage or marriage with a person much older in age. In short, either the significators of marriage are corrupted by Saturn, or Saturn or Mars corrupted is the significator of marriage, this is a serious obstacle to the conclusion of an alliance. The presence of harmonious aspects suggests that there will still be a marriage, if there are three harmonious aspects, everything is fine, even if there is serious damage.

Now, if we have established that there will be a marriage. Another question arises – early or late marriage? Again, fire signs. The position of the significators of marriage in fire signs testifies to early marriages, Saturn and Capricorn testify to late marriages. True, Saturn in Aries as the significator of the VII house can give an early marriage, but with an older person or Saturnian problems in marriage. This means that fire signs give early marriages, and Saturn and Capricorn – late ones. In other cases, everything is within the limits of the norm, however, the norm is also a relative concept. For example, in the Caucasian region, girls at the age of 15-16 can be married off, for them 25 is already too late for marriage.

The third question arises. How many of these marriages will there be? Damage to the significators of marriage by Uranus or elements of the XI field, speaks of the possibility of divorce, and, therefore, of the possibility of a new marriage. In order for the second marriage to take place, the first one needs to break up, so they make a mistake. Sometimes representatives of other schools come to us to take exams: Moscow or Globovskaya. Begin to analyze: “The marriage rate has five aspects, maybe five marriages.” Wow, conclusion! And where are the indications of divorce? And if there is no indication of divorce, how can there be five marriages? Where do they come from? If the person is not divorced? And if he is not a Muslim? Therefore, in order for there to be several marriages, there must be divorces. By the way, for a divorce, unfortunately, one instruction is enough. Here we are talking! Three directions are needed, and for a divorce, one is enough. Uranus damages the Sun in a woman born during the day, her Sun is an indicator of her first marriage. A marriage can end in divorce – a very high probability.

As for the number of marriages, if there are divorces and if there are indications of marriage, then there will be several of them. And in this case, the more good aspects the significators of marriage have, the more opportunities for the conclusion of an alliance.

Question: “By the number of indications of divorce, can we talk about the number of divorces?” Three aspects – three divorces? No. It’s not so straightforward here. Three aspects, this means that all marriages end in divorce, at least ten. Three aspects are a solid guarantee, that no matter how many marriages there are, they will all end in divorces.Therefore, the number of aspects does not speak about the number of events, it simply says that it is a lot or a little.

What makes a marriage lasting? Harmonious aspects of Saturn to the indicator of marriage give long lasting, lasting alliances. If the indicator of the first marriage has a harmonious aspect with Saturn, this indicates that the first marriage will be long and lasting. Now imagine the situation. The indicator of marriage has a harmonious aspect with Saturn and tense with Uranus, but what in this case? The union will be long, but not lasting. You can wait twenty years, but not more, but still, in the end, a divorce. 21 years (84 years – the cycle of Uranus, 84/4 = 21 – every 21 years, the square or opposition of Uranus in transits) is the critical age for marriage. Consider. Those who stepped over the silver wedding can no longer worry, that’s all, and those who have not yet reached the silver one – there is a danger. I have already stepped over the silver one, everything is in order. I have a night birth The Moon is in trine with Saturn and there is no damage from the elements of the XI house, and the Moon is also in the VII house. Although she has three tense aspects from Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, but, nevertheless, this is not enough to destroy the union.

Tense aspects to the signifier of marriage. Generally speaking, if there are tense aspects to the indicator of the first marriage, then this applies to the first marriage, and if to the significator of marriage in general, then this applies to all marriages, but not always to the first marriage. Imagine, a woman was born during the day, the indicator of the 1st marriage is the Sun, damaged by Uranus, this suggests that the first marriage will end in divorce, and the owner of the 7th house has a good aspect with Saturn – this indicates the possibility of long, lasting alliances, but the first marriage after all, it will end in divorce, and if the Sun does not have good aspects with Saturn, then most likely the first marriage will be short-lived, and the aspect with Saturn is related to other marriages. When we talk about the first marriage, we should always look specifically at the indicators of the first marriage.

What else strengthens the relationship? The position of the significators of marriage in fixed signs creates problems with divorce, with the destruction of relations. Fixed signs stabilize the situation and therefore the destruction of the union is difficult or painful. Divorce can be excruciating. So the position in a fixed sign makes the union more solid. Well, I have a Moon in Taurus, so one more indication, so you don’t have to worry. This is about marriage itself. The seventh house is marriage and love relationships are the fifth house. These are different houses. There are tons of stories on this topic. I remember that there was just such a horoscope, there were many indications of widowhood and her two husbands died, and the woman decided not to marry for the third time, they had a relationship, did not want to get married, and her husband had to go abroad, and in those days, unmarried people were not allowed. He persuaded her, persuaded her, they got married and he died the next year. You see, according to the V house there are no indications of the death of a partner, but according to the VII there is. So there is a big difference here. If there is widowhood in the 7th house, then let it be V. Better let it be V. Relationship is not marriage. Marriage is registration, it is the conclusion of a union in official bodies, documents, in addition, marriage is not only for love, there is no relationship – a fictitious marriage or a marriage of convenience.

A marriage of convenience can create aspects of Saturn. The tense aspects of Saturn to the indicator of marriage (or Saturn itself is the indicator of marriage) can create a marriage of convenience.

Fictitious marriage: the connection of the VII house with the XII, or aspects of Neptune to the indicator, the significator of marriage. I remember one horoscope. There was no one in the 7th house, a fictitious marriage was concluded, for the sake of registration, then it became effective, then they got married in a church, and then they also divorced.

A fictitious marriage is associated with Neptune, either aspects of Neptune, or Neptune is the significator of marriage. The situation is similar to foster children, there is also Neptune.

What will a marriage partner be like? – Aspects of the significator of marriage give the character of the marriage partner. For the first marriage, it is enough to take the indicator of the first marriage and look at its aspects.

Naturally, for the 1st marriage, first of all, we analyze the sexual planets, when it comes to the second, the third marriage, elements of the VII house enter there, and the indicator of the first marriage is not involved here, and, most importantly, to determine aspects to the significator of marriage. By the way, this method was described 2000 years ago by Ptolemy, as you can see, it is quite long, nevertheless, it shows its efficiency. The main thing is to determine correctly the significators of marriage.

So, if the significator of marriage has a good aspect from the Sun, this means that the marriage partner is a warm-hearted, sincere, noble person, he can be of good origin and can be well provided for, in short, the person is extremely attractive. If the significator of marriage is damaged by the Sun, then the marriage partner will have flaws that are associated with the damaged Sun, that is, he can be proud, arrogant, proud, egocentric, self-confident, etc.

If the significator of marriage has good aspects with the Moon, then the marriage partner will be a caring, sincere, sensitive, domestic person, a family man, he thinks about the family, about the house, a good family man, a good owner, a good parent and educator of children, and if the significator of marriage damaged by the Moon, then the partner will be infantile, capricious, weak, inconsistent, a bad family man or a bad master, a bad teacher, a bad parent.

A good aspect from Mercury is that the marriage partner is smart, businesslike, sociable, and the damage from Mercury suggests that he is cunning, cunning, talkative, restless, fussy, disorganized, with serious damage, he can be rude, he is disliked.

If the planet is retrograde? Retrograde is not a damage to the planet, retrograde enriches the planet with properties, the planet becomes richer, it receives two signs at once under control, there are more houses connected to it, retrograde, I would say, is a positive quality.

A good aspect of Venus to the significator of marriage, a marriage partner is endowed with good taste, he is a handsome, attractive, handsome person, or maybe he is interested in art, or he is a talented, gifted, financially secure person, if the damage is from Venus, then almost the same, but with some drawbacks, if Venus damages the marriage indicator, then the marriage partner can be both talented and gifted, and can be interested in art, maybe beautiful, attractive, handsome, that is, all these qualities are preserved, why? Because Venus, through tense aspects, in general, almost does not lose its good properties, it is a good planet, therefore it does not damage much, but the only thing is that it can be wasteful, capricious, spoiled, loud, noisy and scandalous.

We choose a spouse in accordance with the stereotype that is embedded in our horoscope, with advantages and disadvantages, and the most striking thing is that an angel, perfection, may not interest us at all, because he does not have a set of those qualities that are in our horoscope. We choose a person with both merits and demerits, unfortunately. Our soul, astral body is so arranged that it acts unconsciously, subconsciously and in those likes and dislikes that we experience, our consciousness and reason practically do not participate, this is a process regulated by our soul, an unconscious part of our psyche.

It is not for nothing that the people say: “love is evil – you will fall in love with a goat.” Women often come to me and cry: “I’m like this, such a thing, probably no one will love me”. Nothing of the kind! You will come across a person who has all your shortcomings spelled out in the horoscope through aspects to the marriage indicator – and that’s it! Even if you are harmful Baba Yaga, fall head over heels in love, and run after you, like a sweetheart, do not even worry. Each person has his own half, just do not hide from people, get acquainted, and she, this half, will collide with you, and stick – then you will not tear it off!

A good aspect of Mars is a courageous, courageous, energetic, active, enterprising, honest person who knows how to earn money, a good worker who knows how to provide for a family, the family will never be in poverty, a marriage partner will always be able to find a way to make money, maybe he has to do with the Martian professions, although this is completely optional, but it is possible. If a woman has Mars as an indicator of marriage, she is born at night, then it turns out that half of the women love the military (Mars itself is the significator of the 1st marriage). Perhaps this explains why the military is so successful. Half of women have Mars as an indicator of their 1st marriage.

Tense aspects of Mars, damage, the significator of marriage is damaged by Mars, paradoxically, but the fact is, we choose a partner that is rude, vulgar, pugnacious, aggressive, unbridled, he can be very tough, overly bold, risky, or maybe he is not rude, but busy dangerous profession. Well, for example, an auto racer or a firefighter.

A good aspect of Jupiter for a marriage indicator. This is a wealthy person, educated, as a rule, with a higher education, maybe he is a representative of creative professions: a scientist, researcher, writer, traveler, sportsman, foreigner, a person with a high social status or by the nature of his activity is associated with long journeys, a train driver or long-distance auto flights. Damaging aspects from Jupiter to the significator of marriage can talk about similar things, maybe a person is wealthy, rich, he can be a foreigner, well, in fact, the same thing, Jupiter is a good planet and many qualities are not lost, but some negative qualities appear, it can turn out to be an adventurous person , inclined to adventure, risky and gambling, although at the same time he may be noble in origin and education, nevertheless.

A good aspect with Saturn: the marriage partner is hardworking, responsible, serious, judicious, prudent, constant, enjoying authority, and if the significator of marriage is damaged by Saturn, on the one hand there may be obstacles in marriage, we know this, but on the other hand, if everything – such a marriage occurs, there can be several options: either the marriage partner can be cold, stingy, rational, too old, much older in age, or he is seriously ill, disabled, or maybe there were career considerations, the desire to belong to the chosen circle, a special circle, in particular, the owner of the horoscope may have too high claims, and therefore the marriage may not take place.

A good aspect from Uranus to the significator of marriage. A marriage partner is original, independent, inventive, with a well-developed intuition, he may be engaged in some unusual business, an extraordinary personality, for example, he is an astrologer, or he may be associated with aviation, astronautics, computers, telecommunications (cellular communications, the Internet etc.). In terms of character traits, he is a loyal, sincere person. Damage to the significator of marriage by Uranus leads to the fact that a marriage partner may turn out to be not just an extraordinary person, but may even be in conflict with generally accepted norms, a person is too radical, an extremist, unrecognized by society and behaving accordingly, some kind of revolutionary say the person is abnormal, but not in terms of mental health, he is mentally healthy, it’s just that his behavior may be abnormal, the person is abnormal. Well, in general, of course, it becomes clear why damage from Uranus often leads to divorce, because the partner turns out to be not at all what was expected of him. He is unpredictable, eccentric, in a way, unreliable, too independent.

Nice aspect from Neptune. A marriage partner can be a creative, spiritual, religious person, it can be a musician, composer, poet, it can be connected with the sea, with marine professions, or it is a very romantic nature. And damage from Neptune: the marriage is fictitious, or the marriage partner turns out to be the cause of all misfortunes, in any case, the owner of the horoscope was greatly deceived in his expectations and the marriage partner may turn out to be worthless, unreliable, a dreamer, an empty dreamer or a deceiver, a swindler, an alcoholic, a drug addict , a beggar or a religious fanatic.

Nice aspect from Pluto. A marriage partner is a very popular person, maybe a well-known personality, he can be associated with television, with the media, well, if the Pluto aspect is tense with the significator of marriage, then the marriage partner can also be a popular person, famous, but with a different On the other hand, he may be too inclined to command, dictate: a dictator, a despot, is inclined to impose his decisions on the owner of the horoscope, in extreme cases, he may turn out to be very rude and pugnacious.

In general, of course, when the significator of a marriage is damaged by Mars or Pluto, then such marriages must be approached with the use of preventive solutions to family problems, otherwise it may come to a frying pan, so in general … It is worth thinking about …

And generally speaking, if the significator of marriage is damaged by conflicting planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, then a conflicted person, a marriage partner can be a conflicted person.

You can also see in which sign and house the significator of marriage is. If, for example, he is in the signs of fire, then a person is attracted by partners of a fiery nature – active, courageous, direct, honest, assertive, dominant, etc. The same goes for other elements.

The position of the significator of marriage in homes will show the specific place and specific circumstances of acquaintance with the future partner.

Signifiers of (1st and subsequent) marriages in: I house. You are looking for a partner who is very similar to you, who shares your views, feelings, states and personal aspirations. Depending on the aspects, this is a happy marriage or, conversely, a lot of conflicts.

II house. A marriage partner is a profitable person, you can get money and things from him, a good dowry, for example. This is not exactly a marriage of convenience, but the material side of the issue is of great importance.

III house. Marriage with a cousin (cousin). Acquaintance with a future partner takes place by correspondence, through an advertisement in a newspaper, through a matchmaker, through the Internet, in transport, on a trip, on a business trip; or a future partner from among the inner circle – lives in a neighboring house, in the same yard, a neighbor, went to school together, etc.

4th house. The future spouse is associated with parents, father. For example, a family friend, or his parents invited him home, or he owns a lot of real estate and therefore “liked”; or a marriage for patriotic reasons (two of a rare nationality are married, surrounded by a “titular nation”) in the 5th house. With good aspects – a love marriage. In case of bad ones – marriage by “flying” (had fun, conceived a child, had to marry, a milder option – just slept, must marry). Acquaintance with a partner takes place in places of leisure (theater, disco, sports, joint hobbies, etc.) VI house. There may be a misalliance, i.e. marriage with a person who is lower on the social ladder, marriage with a servant (with a servant, gardener, driver, security guard, etc.). Acquaintance with the future spouse (wife) can take place in the clinic,

VII house. Marriage for the sake of marriage, i.e. if the person is ready to marry you, that’s enough. Before marriage, a partner can be your co-author, companion, even an enemy (including an opponent in court – say, a lawyer married a prosecutor). Or a future spouse (spouse) appeared in your life during an individual consultation (for example, a woman came for a consultation with an astrologer, and he later married her).

VIII house. Marriage for the sake of sex (because of all-consuming passion) or out of jealousy (“I will marry, I will be a legal husband, I will have legal rights to her,” remember the movie “Cruel Romance”?). Or a marriage as a result of magical manipulations (bewitched, sentenced), maybe a marriage for debts (“you owe me, marry my daughter and write a will on all your property in her name”) or a marriage in the hope of a large inheritance (for example, daughter of a millionaire); marriage with a military man, a policeman, a criminal authority (for example, they met while sitting in the same “monkey house” during the drive to the department).

IX house. A future partner can be met at the university (classmate, teacher, etc.), or you get to know him during a trip, a trip abroad, through connections with abroad (i.e., a spouse can be from afar, a foreigner), or during a religious meeting (in a church, for example), at a scientific symposium, etc.

X house. The partner attracts a high rank, fame, power, social prestige. It can be a marriage with a boss (remember “Office Romance”?), With a famous politician, just with a person known in society (writer, artist, artist, etc.). Marriage helps or destroys a career depends on aspects of the significator of marriage. With bad aspects, there is also a public scandal in connection with this marriage.

XI house: your future partner is one of your friends, or you will meet him in the company of your friends, at a friendly party, or a friend (girlfriend) will introduce you. Or you and your future spouse visit the same club, participate in the same social movement, entered the same mutual fund or garage cooperative and met at a general meeting (as in Ryazanov’s film “Garage”) in the 12th house. Unpleasant position for the significator of marriage. The future partner is a mentally ill (or you yourself are mentally ill and met him during treatment in a psychiatric hospital), a criminal (he writes to you from places of detention), a swindler (specifically, a marriage swindler), a disabled person, etc. Fictitious marriage. Only with good aspects, this acquaintance can take place in a sanatorium, a dispensary, a rest home, just in a hospital (in a hospital).

Planets in the 7th house.

The planets in the VII house show the results of marriage, the behavior of a person in marriage and provide additional information about the qualities of a partner (not only in marriage – companion, co-author, opponent) Sun (Leo) in the VII house.

A person is ready to lose his individuality and rebuild himself under a partner. It is important for him what other people think of him, what is their opinion. To express your individuality you need a partner, acts in conjunction, says “we”, not “I”. Marriage is very important for such a person (if not married, then the meaning of life is lost). If the rest of the card is not very strong (say, there is no Mars in the 1st house), then this is an aspect of Chekhov’s “darling” – it can completely dissolve in a spouse (both a man and a woman). A partner is a prominent, noticeable person striving for leadership, behaves with dignity, almost like a king. If the Sun is damaged and / or weak in sign, the partner is selfish, hears only himself, is authoritarian or has poor health. If the Sun has good aspects (even along with bad ones), the marriage is happy.

Enemies are worthy, prominent, influential, surrounded by retinue and guards, as a rule, they have more resources to fight, it is difficult to defeat them.

Moon (Cancer) in VII field.

A person is strongly and emotionally attached to a partner and even becomes emotionally dependent on him. Has a partner relationship with the mother and is maternal to the partner. In men, the wife is very similar (in every sense) to the mother. If the Moon is only in good aspects, then the marriage is happy and often early. If the Moon has damage from other planets, then the person in marriage does not feel stability, much depends on the emotional state of the partner (sometimes on what his left leg wants), i.e. the attitude towards marriage is unstable – from complete acceptance and complacency to rejection of a partner. In a woman’s horoscope, this means an alliance with an unfaithful partner (especially if the moon is damaged by Uranus), with serious damage (from Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) – the spouse is seriously ill.

This situation is good in male horoscopes, since the Moon draws the “correct” image of a partner (the image of a woman – a mother and a housewife). In the cards of women, this is an unnatural position – the partner has pronounced feminine features, he, figuratively speaking, is not a man (at least in relations with his wife), henpecked, capricious, touchy, whiner, does not keep his promises, he is almost impossible to rely on.

Enemies are most often women, they act accordingly – tantrums, emotional blackmail, etc.

Lilith in the 7th house.

In a partner, a person can be attracted by various abnormalities, physical deformities (for example, there are no fingers on the hand, etc.).

In marriage, serious emotional problems (jealousy, fear of abandonment, suspicion and distrust of the partner). In general, these are well-founded fears, since Lilith describes the qualities of a partner – he neglects conventions, does not follow positive social stereotypes that exist in the sphere of marriage (shamelessly cheats, does not care about the partner, does not value the well-being of the family hearth). The question is, why did a person marry such a partner? In this situation, the main motive is to give the partner a chance to improve, to “save” the partner. But practice shows that this situation almost never ends well.

Enemies inspire animal fear, since their techniques are not even visible (slander, magic rituals, evil eye, damage, etc.) and are not considered seriously in secular courts (i.e. enemies are practically unpunished).

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 7th house.

This aspect is less indicative of marriage itself. To a greater extent, this raises the issues of business partnerships (contracts, agreements), co-authorship (we wrote a book or a course of lectures together). If it is a marriage, then it is often by calculation (to combine a business, for example); in marriage, reason prevails over feelings and a person prefers a partner who is sociable, businesslike, intellectual, with a well-developed mind, possessing useful information. The marriage is often early, the spouses are of about the same age. If Mercury is damaged, then quarrels, disputes with a partner, the marriage quickly falls apart (if there are indications of divorce, of course) or the marriage continues as unhappy.

Otherwise, a person has a lot of contacts, a lot of co-authors and companions, reveals his intellectual abilities in dialogue, through communication with a specific person; prone to lengthy and abstruse discussions.

Enemies are energetic, quick, dexterous, cunning, in the fight they use speech, writing, the media, they swear, spread bad rumors.

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 7th house.

Initially, the strong standing of Venus (VII house is an analogue of Libra, the sign of control for Venus). Happy marriage, especially in the horoscopes of men, tk. Venus here describes the image of a real secular lady, refined, charming, with excellent manners, peaceful, feminine, loyal and loving. In the horoscopes of women, it is somewhat worse (because the husband acquires feminine features), but this is not bad either – he is charming, subtle, has excellent taste, loves art, is intelligent, tactful, delicate, never allows himself to be rude and rude.

Greater affection and empathy for a partner. Relationships in marriage are harmonious, a balance is maintained between the interests of the spouses, and compromises are sought and found.

If Venus is damaged and weak in sign, at first everything is fine, but gradually a person becomes disappointed in a partner who turns out to be windy (cheating) and too wasteful.

Enemies are frivolous, soft, accommodating, you can always negotiate with them, bribe, finally …

Mars (Scorpio) in the 7th house.

There are many enemies, a person is at enmity, does not compromise, makes enemies for himself.

In marriage, a similar situation, struggling with a partner, whom he perceives more as an enemy, is conflicted, quarrelsome, family life is unhappy, the marriage partner may die, become a victim of an attack or an accident.

A partner (including a marriage partner) of a Martian nature, a military man, an athlete, a firefighter, or just a very active, tough, warlike person.

Only in good aspects can Mars in the 7th house give a happy marriage with an active partner who protects, behaves like a man (even a woman), is ready to give a lot of strength and energy to marriage.

If Mars is also amazed, then there is a general problem with marriage – a person manages to quarrel with a partner to smithereens before he reaches the registry office. There may be no marriage at all.

Enemies are serious, they do not like to joke, they will not stop at the means – “in war as in war.”

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 7th house.

A happy marriage, a rich, solid marriage partner. They are attracted by partners of high social status and position, famous people in their field (scientists, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc.). Jupiter always expands and gives abundance, a person will have many contenders for his hand and heart, there is plenty to choose from. If Jupiter is damaged, it turns out that the partner is not as rich and famous as we would like; some of its negative Jupiterian features are also revealed – adventurism, extravagance on a large scale, extravagance. Or there are so many applicants (applicants) for marriage (Jupiter in bad aspects gives too much, an abnormal excess) that a person cannot solve the problem of choosing whom to marry with (or the applicants interfere with each other, compete,

Enemies are too rich and influential to compete with them on equal terms, you have to rely on their generosity.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 7th house.

The partner is much older in age (even in the horoscopes of men) or demanding, strict, cold, seeks to organize life according to his vision of the world. Late marriage, of convenience. High claims to a marriage partner – that’s why they don’t get married for a long time, then time goes by, it gets late (like Krylov’s? “And I was glad that I married a cripple”). With damaged Saturn – celibacy or unhappy marriage with a partner, which is a burden; partner is seriously ill, disabled – marriage is based on a sense of duty and guilt. The person (i.e. the one whose horoscope we are considering) is incorrect to his partner.

If Saturn is only in good aspects – a successful marriage of convenience (a person got what he wanted), a lasting marriage based on mutual respect (there is no love in any case) and compliance with pre-agreed conditions.

Dangerous and cruel enemies, from which a person experiences great damage.

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 7th house.

The earliest (revolutionary by local standards) and extravagant marriages. The decision to marry “rolls over” unexpectedly, is often not approved by relatives (parents, etc.). The image of a partner is extravagant, rare (for example, of a rare nationality), exotic (for example, an old believer from Siberia), a rare profession (astronaut, astrologer, etc.). A marriage is successful if Uranus has only good aspects, with the slightest damage from conflicting planets (Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, the indicator of the 1st marriage) – sooner or later a divorce, the partner is too independent and freedom-loving, cheating, prone to shocking and abnormal antics.

And in general, in terms of contracts and alliances, such a person is unlucky – breaks in relations with partners, co-authors. All agreements and contracts are completely unexpectedly violated, often due to force majeure (fire, explosion, earthquake, etc.). Very inventive and original enemies, you never know what they will throw out the next minute. (Bismarck once said: “Do not fight with Russia, she will answer any of your military cunning with her unpredictable stupidity.” – This is about Uranus in the 7th house).

Neptune (Pisces) in the 7th house.

A spiritual union (such as a church wedding) or a fictitious marriage. Strong subconscious attachment to a partner, idealization of a partner, a person is deceived, making up his opinion about a partner. A partner is some kind of “slippery”, elusive, indefinite, hiding something (willingly or unwillingly). Relationships are somehow incomprehensible (for example, spouses live in different cities, they meet irregularly), but viscous, sucking, it is difficult to get rid of them. If Neptune is in good aspects, the person will be fascinated by the partner until the very end. If Neptune is in bad aspects, then the unseemly secrets of the partner come to the surface, it turns out that the partner is not so white and fluffy, but quite the opposite – a swindler, drug addict, alcoholic, crazy, subject to temptations and vices.

Enemies are slippery and cunning, they cannot be grasped, they darken, camouflage themselves, fill in fog, act on the sly. Fighting with them is practically useless – it’s like carrying water with a sieve.

Pluto (Aries) in the 7th house.

A fateful relationship can be said to be a fatal marriage partner. Relationships are exciting, like a stormy stream, from which you cannot get out. Marriage is determined by social conditions, it is impossible to “get away” from it, it is inevitable, like death. The partner is predetermined by Fate.

A partner can be a famous person, a star of his circle, unusual, extraordinary, a very strong personality, a representative of a dangerous or rare profession.

If Pluto is damaged – a very bad relationship with a partner (up to a real threat to life), violent conflicts, divorce.

Enemies are very dangerous – they are waging a war of destruction, they do not take prisoners, they do not accept surrender.

VIII house.

In this house, we are mainly interested in dangerous events and death, and this house is considered as financial (money of a marriage partner, inheritance, the state of bank accounts).

I often had to work with horoscopes of suicides and even was lucky enough to save some of them. How to see a suicide? If Uranus is an element of the VIII house (stands in the house or ruler), then this indicates sudden death or suicide. How to distinguish the first from the second? In the horoscopes of suicides, there are two signs at the same time: 1) Uranus as an element of the VIII house and 2) there is a connection in control between the I and VIII houses, i.e. either the ruler (co-ruler) of the 1st house stands in the VIII (it turns out “I express myself through death”) or the ruler (co-ruler) of the VIII house stands in the 1st (it turns out “death from myself”). At the same time, it does not matter which planet, even Venus, the planet will affect only the specific way of committing suicide, but not the very presence / absence of the event.

So, if these two signs coincide in one card, do not pass by, this is a potential suicide.

It happens that the ruler of the 1st or 8th house in case 2) is actually Uranus (say, Aquarius in the ascendant, Uranus in the VIII house), then both signs converge in one indicator – also a potential suicide.

How to work with him? What should I tell him? Suicide is associated with a feeling of acute mental pain, intolerance to oneself or one’s condition. It seems to the suicide that this state, once it has come, will never end, and he seeks to stop all this at once and in a revolutionary way (in the spirit of Uranus). But this is the mistake of suicides – nothing lasts forever under the Moon, sooner or later everything passes. Invite this person to you (if you have a trusting relationship with him, or entrust this conversation to another person), tell him about his feelings (acute mental pain, hopelessness, intolerance of yourself and your life, lack of visible positive changes in the future). After he hears your correct interpretation of his inner state, he will believe what you tell him after that. And you tell him the truth: this condition is temporary, it is due to the unsuccessful arrangement of the planets at a given time period, at such and such a time (try to clearly and concretely set the date, for example, “July next year”) all this will end and it will become much easier. Thus, you will give the person hope that can save him from such a fatal decision.

Planets in the VIII house.

Sun (Leo) in the 8th house. (If this is a woman’s horoscope, then the description below mostly concerns the father, and if the Sun is also an indicator of marriage, then it is also the image of a husband, a partner) The pressing problems of a person are loans, finances (especially others), inheritance, money of a marriage partner, ” is there life after death? “,” what is there, beyond the visible world? “,” is there reincarnation? ” etc. A person can energetically influence the consciousness of other people, has magical abilities, sees hidden processes and deep causes of everything. Its main task is to follow the path of transformation, to rid oneself of attachment to obsolete forms, to part with the old without regret, to withstand the period of trials and, like the Phoenix bird, to be reborn from the ashes to a new life.

If the Sun is in good aspects, he succeeds relatively easily, along the way he receives lucrative loans, an inheritance, a dowry; his life is long, and death is easy.

If the Sun is damaged, then everything becomes less pleasant, debts and large financial losses, loss of inheritance and credit are possible; death is premature or violent, at best – a heroic death as a result of self-sacrifice (A. Matrosov). In the horoscope of a woman – widowhood in the 1st marriage (if the Sun is an indicator of the 1st marriage). If the damage from Mars is an accident; if the damage from Saturn is death as a result of an illness, most often of the heart (and in general, if the Sun, wherever it stands, is damaged by Saturn, in any case, short life, poor health); if the damage from Uranus is sudden death, accident.

Moon (Cancer) in the 8th house. (If this is a man’s horoscope, then the description below largely concerns his mother, and if the Moon is also an indicator of marriage, then this is also the image of his wife, partner).

I note that this is a weak position of the Moon (VIII house is an analogue of Scorpio).

A passionate nature, keenly feeling, sensitive, striving for unusual experiences, unconsciously looking for danger and thrill in everyday life. Feels the impact of the subtle world (evil eye, slander, vampirism). Difficult relationship with the mother, the mother is a domineering woman, dominates.

With a damaged Moon, relations with the mother are aggravated to a complete rupture (or the loss of the mother for various reasons); the situation in the house is abnormal; a person is haunted by fears, nightmares, he is afraid to be alone in his own house, he is “driven” from the house (to visit, to visit relatives, just to “walk”); for men – widowhood (if the Moon is an indicator of the 1st marriage), life after marriage is generally unhappy. Moon damaged by Neptune – death from drowning, poisoning; damaged by Uranus – accident or suicide; damaged by Mars – death by violence or as a result of an accident; damaged by Saturn – a dangerous and painful disease, a slow painful death; damaged by the Sun – a dangerous disease from which death; damaged by Venus – death from kidney disease.

Lilith in the 8th house.

Lilith is in a very strong position, this is her “home” home. Abnormal sexual requests, craving for sexual perversion, a person may have uncontrollable states in which he falls under the rule of the most coarse instincts. The task of man is to gain the upper hand over his animal nature. Property relations with a partner are confusing, there is a fear that the partner will take everything for himself on occasion. With a damaged Black Moon, a person is prone to theft, cannot pass by what is bad, even kleptomania. With a harmonious Black Moon – great magical abilities.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 8th house.

Mental interest in everything mysterious, like detectives and mysticism. Discernment, good research ability (often found in investigator charts). Thinking is very intense, a person deeply concentrates on the issue under study. The speech and opinions of such a person smack of extremism, he formulates his thoughts in a harsh form (“to drive all criminals into the ghetto and force them to eat their own shit!”). Has the ability to enter into communication with entities from other, subtle dimensions (for example, to converse with the souls of the dead), as well as extract information from hidden sources (a good aspect for decoders and scouts). In good aspects, it affects financial issues – obtaining a loan for a business; transfer and transfer of funds; inheritance from relatives, brother, sister; found in the cards of accountants, financiers, notaries, biologists, physiologists, psychologists, occultists. Damaged Mercury gives deadly diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, fatal diseases of the brain and nervous system.

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 8th house. (If this is a man’s horoscope and Venus is an indicator of marriage, then the description below is mostly related to his wife, partner) Weak position of Venus (VIII house is an analogue of Scorpio, a sign of damage to Venus).

There are significant emotional problems in the field of romantic relationships, cannot find a “golden mean”, rushes to extremes (from passionate affection to coldness and alienation). In love, he is very serious, jealous, falling in love with a tragic shade, he expresses feelings very intensely, even too much. Extreme situations in life are associated with love interests, partnerships. There may be a danger to life from a loved one (for example, a jealous lover can kill …). With good aspects, Venus can accumulate significant funds and become rich; it is profitable to get a loan; high interest on money lent; inheritance or donation from a loved one (say, a lover presented a luxurious foreign car); income from cases won in court (for example, the court awarded large compensation for non-pecuniary damage). Struck Venus means debts, financial losses; death from kidney disease; for a man – early widowhood (if Venus is an indicator of marriage) or the loss of a loved one (death of a mistress, break with her).

Mars (Scorpio) in the 8th house. (If this is a woman’s horoscope and Mars is an indicator of marriage, then the description below also applies to her husband, partner).

Strong position of Mars (VIII house – analogue of Scorpio).

Pushes a person to violence against others or against himself (self-destruction). Military resolution of disputes (especially property disputes – if the division of property by divorce, then oh-oh-oh!). Injuries, cuts, burns, injuries. As a rule, a person undergoes several abdominal operations in his life (one of my clients had eight of them – there was no living space left, they cut everything up). It reveals its hidden potential in critical situations, in extreme cases, it acts quickly and decisively, takes risks. The transformation of consciousness takes place in war, with physical super-efforts, during fights and conflicts, after being injured. May have great magical abilities. This position of Mars is often found in the maps of the military (especially special forces, airborne forces, marines), riot police, tax police, surgeons, stuntmen, terrorists, bandits and killers. In good aspects, Mars gives active earnings of significant money, profit from the division of property, the division or bankruptcy of a company, a bank (some earn a lot of money on this), a gift, an inheritance from relatives in the male line. Damaged Mars is very dangerous here: premature violent death, death as a result of an accident (accident, explosion, fire, etc.), during the operation can be “stabbed” (you must very carefully choose the time of the operation in terms of astrological indicators). In a woman’s horoscope – widowhood (if Mars is an indicator of marriage). Damaged Mars is very dangerous here: premature violent death, death as a result of an accident (accident, explosion, fire, etc.), during the operation can be “stabbed” (you must very carefully choose the time of the operation in terms of astrological indicators). In the horoscope of a woman – widowhood (if Mars is an indicator of marriage). Damaged Mars is very dangerous here: premature violent death, death as a result of an accident (accident, explosion, fire, etc.), during the operation can be “stabbed” (you must very carefully choose the time of the operation in terms of astrological indicators). In a woman’s horoscope – widowhood (if Mars is an indicator of marriage).

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 8th house.

A penchant for mysticism, esotericism, occultism, philosophical comprehension of the eternal questions of life, draws information from “otherworldly” sources, seeks sacred knowledge. The transformation of consciousness is associated with the sphere of science, politics, occurs in situations of philosophical disputes, foreign trips, travels, clashes with alien spiritual civilizations. Danger from foreigners, large animals (bulls, horses, elephants, tigers, etc.), representatives of religious confessions (for example, fanatical Mohammedans were beaten for refusing to convert to Islam). Wide occult and magical abilities. Jupiter is in good aspects – he receives large sums of money by will, from a marriage partner (husband or wife is rich), as grants for scientific research, large sponsorship from patrons, manages a lot of money from religious and charitable foundations. Damaged Jupiter – a danger for the patron, loss of trust among sponsors (say, due to improper spending of funds from a charitable foundation), financial losses; death from liver disease, blood poisoning, stroke, tumor (damaged Jupiter gives rise to tumors).

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 8th house.

Weakness of the protective mechanisms of the subtle body, susceptibility to the evil eye, damage, etc. A person is very alert and careful, constantly controlling himself in financial and sexual relations (this is not so bad – discipline in these areas). Danger from falling (the person himself falls or something falls on him), hypothermia, boss, law enforcement agencies, father. Fear of loneliness (leaving alone in a confined space is the worst punishment). The transformation of consciousness occurs in isolation and loneliness (especially violent ones), during the performance of the duties assigned to the person (for example, the sentry is on duty), in the service (work). Saturn in good aspects gives a long life, in advance “warns” about the dangers and delays the development of dangerous situations (a person has time to prepare, spread the “straw”), ensures stability and gradual accumulation in the financial sector. Damaged Saturn is bad here: a slow painful death (for example, under the rubble of buildings) or death from a long painful illness. If Saturn is in a fixed sign – death by suffocation; in the cardinal – death from a fall or blow; in Cancer – drowning; in Capricorn – not only a fall or blow, but also a fatal bite; in movable signs – death from a cold or hypothermia (most often from pneumonia); in fish also drowning. Fear of death (people are generally afraid of death, but these are afraid of panic). in the cardinal – death from a fall or blow; in Cancer – drowning; in Capricorn – not only a fall or blow, but also a fatal bite; in movable signs – death from a cold or hypothermia (most often from pneumonia); in fish also drowning. Fear of death (people are generally afraid of death, but these are afraid of panic). in the cardinal – death from a fall or blow; in Cancer – drowning; in Capricorn – not only a fall or blow, but also a fatal bite; in movable signs – death from a cold or hypothermia (most often from pneumonia); in fish also drowning. Fear of death (people are generally afraid of death, but these are afraid of panic).

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 8th house.

A risky person, he himself climbs into extreme situations, therefore, with this position of Uranus, sudden death is a very common ending. A person completely unexpectedly and inexplicably finds himself on the verge of destruction (mental or physical), but he is also able to show great ingenuity in order to survive in a critical situation (have you watched the movie “Outcast”?) Or can “envision” an impending danger in advance. And the danger in this case is from electricity (electrical appliances, high-voltage lines, etc.), modern modes of transport (especially air and space), radioactive and other radiation. The transformation of consciousness occurs when going into outer space, when flying at high altitudes, when in contact with the latest scientific discoveries and technologies, when practicing astrology. If Uranus is in good aspects – a sudden wealth, an inheritance, but he also spends a lot, impulsively. Damaged Uranus – sudden ruin, financial collapse (it can lose everything in one day), unexpected loss of inheritance, sudden death, suicide (here’s an example from practice – a person put all his money, and rather big ones, in the bank. In August 1998, the bank for one day “flew into the tube”, the man lost everything and committed suicide in despair).

Neptune (Pisces) in the 8th house.

Man is drawn to mysticism and he seeks to dissolve in the subtle worlds. Religious fanatics and eccentric (holy fools) believers often come across. Transformation of consciousness through religion, music, poetry, sea, meditation. Danger of drowning, poisoning (drugs, alcohol, drugs, poisons, food) and suffocation (most often with gas). Such people tolerate anesthesia very badly (many do not return “back”). They are easily exposed to infections and suffer severely from concomitant intoxications. In good aspects, Neptune provides significant enrichment (both material and spiritual). Damaged Neptune is very dangerous here, such a person should not be subjected to hypnosis, psychic influence (death or complete loss of personality), anesthesia; even one “normal” the dose of the drug can be fatal (symptoms like an overdose), alcohol is no less dangerous (even high-quality vodka can be poisoned with a relatively small amount of alcohol consumed). If Neptune is damaged by Mars or Saturn – evil eye, corruption, from which death. In the horoscopes of suicides, Neptune is often the lord of the VIII house (Pisces on the cusp) and stands in the I house – suicide through poison, gas poisoning or drug “overdose”.

Pluto (Aries) in the 8th house.

Pluto’s strong position. It all depends on the evolutionary level of a person. In good variants, it is the leader of a mass movement (party), capable of taking the reins of government into their own hands during social upheavals and crises; crisis manager of large companies and banks, saving them from bankruptcy; consistent and successful fighter against the mafia (he is not afraid of the mafia, the mafia is afraid of him); genetic engineer, major financier, resuscitator, researcher of death and other borderline conditions. In the worst cases – a brutal mafia leader, organizer and leader of gangs and criminal communities; serial killer (Jack the Ripper); a killer with a long track record, a terrorist (and, again, not an ordinary, but an organizer and leader), a killer doctor (mass killings of patients, or, say, multiple illegal organ transplants, in which donors simply die on the operating table). The highest opportunities for enrichment (especially with good aspects) – is directly connected with the global financial processes and even manages them (more often unofficially, through dummies). Situations of transformation of consciousness – a collision with the death of other people, falling into mass epidemics, participation in large-scale hostilities and social cataclysms. Often dies along with other people (mass deaths in disasters and hostilities, during earthquakes, floods, fires, explosions, or, say, crushed to death in a huge crowd during a crush). The danger is also from the dungeon (for example, a miner – piled in a mine), poisonous insects (scorpions, for example), predators, poisonous snakes. Damaged Pluto – premature violent death or death by accident,

The position of the ruler of the VIII house in other houses also indicates the circumstances of death.

So, the ruler (co-ruler) of the 8th house in the 1st house. One of the indications of suicide (but this indication alone is not enough). Or death “from oneself” (for example, through negligence).

II house. More indicates financial losses. Death due to money (for example, he rushed into a burning apartment to save his “money box”).

III house. Death on the street (at the entrance, in the yard), in transport (from transport), during a trip.

4th house. Death at home, in his bed, surrounded by household members. They are often buried with their parents (in the same area in the cemetery).

V house. Death from entertainment – during sports, a dangerous hobby, death “on a mistress”, death by gambling (for example, a cheating man was caught in deception and stabbed to death by his partners in the game with cards in his hands).

VI house. Most often, death from disease; less often – death at work (during the performance of official duties); very rarely – death when visiting massage parlors, consumer services enterprises (personally, in my practice, such cases have not been met, but, they say, anything can happen …).

VII house. Death from enemies; death due to a partner, spouse (for example, he defended his wife from drunken hooligans, received a knife in his heart, died on the spot in his wife’s arms).

VIII house. An indication of natural death.

IX house. Death during a long trip, travel, abroad, during a religious ritual or for faith. For example, he fought in Chechnya, was captured, after refusing to accept Islam he was executed – as you can see, there may be a combination of options. Here, and “death on a long trip” (it was a business trip for several thousand km., Almost “abroad”) and is associated with religious motives.

X house. Death at work (if the work is by vocation), at the post, when visiting the authorities, authorities (for example, a veteran grandfather was sitting at a reception with the regional governor, but did not have time to wait for his turn …).

XI house. Death in the circle of friends or because of friends (he saved a friend, for example, and died himself). Rarely – death during a meeting of shareholders or at a meeting of a cooperative (garage, garden, etc.).

XII house. Death in a situation of isolation (i.e. in a prison, hospital, nursing home, sanatorium, etc.) A lot of information is also given by the steward (co-steward) of a house, being in VIII. Acts in almost the same way as the ruler of the 8th house in another house. For example, such a case: ruler VIII in I, co-ruler VIII in V, and ruler III in VIII. The man loved to ride a bicycle (his hobby was the V house), once he took a bicycle and rode, drove to a traffic light and decided to take a chance (the ruler of the VIII in I was to blame, he was not careful) and slip through the red light. As a result, he was hit to death by a car (death in the street, from transport – communication between the III and VIII houses through the position of the ruler of the III house); at the same time, the co-manager of the VIII house in the V clarified the situation – the person did not just run across the street at a red light, and at that time he spent his leisure time by means of a hobby (situation of the 5th house). In general, having carefully looked at the connections of houses through the rulers, you can describe the situation in some detail.

IX house.

Planets in the 9th house.

Sun (Leo) in the 9th house.

A person is constantly looking for a “philosopher’s stone”, reflects on the meaning of life and broadens his horizons. Good opportunities in higher education, science, world culture. He travels, maintains contacts with foreign countries, is keenly interested in various cultures and philosophies. A damaged Sun gives a loss of reputation, public accusations, legal proceedings, long trips are of an imperative (urgently-forced) nature, requiring a lot of energy and health.

Moon (Cancer) in the 9th house.

The highest destiny of man on Earth is to collect and systematize information about his native land, parental home, and the history of his country. This is what it does – local history, genealogy, history. He also often travels, but more by water, is interested in the cultures of the island and coastal peoples, is very fond of exotic dishes, studies the culinary arts of different times and peoples. Reads a lot (especially fiction). Mother, wife (if the Moon is an indicator of marriage) help to expand horizons, get a higher education and establish connections with foreigners. For men, the wife is often a foreigner or is a representative of a different national culture (if the Moon is an indicator of marriage). Once abroad, a person feels at home there, easily acquires a refuge, hearth, family, settles in and takes root (such people often travel on family exchange programs). The damaged Moon introduces a kind of capricious instability in the affairs of the 9th house – a person does not in any way determine his ideals and religious beliefs (maybe, for example, several times in his life pass from one confession to another), is capricious in the field of higher education (entered one university – threw , entered another university – dropped it again); on long trips and travels, some everyday troubles constantly occur, unusual food delivers negative emotions (indigestion, diarrhea, etc.); foreigners evoke delight, then disgust, etc. several times in a lifetime to move from one confession to another), capricious in the field of higher education (entered one university – dropped out, entered another university – dropped again); on long trips and travels, some everyday troubles constantly occur, unusual food delivers negative emotions (indigestion, diarrhea, etc.); foreigners evoke delight, then disgust, etc. several times in a lifetime to move from one confession to another), capricious in the field of higher education (entered one university – dropped out, entered another university – dropped again); on long trips and travels, some everyday troubles constantly occur, unusual food delivers negative emotions (indigestion, diarrhea, etc.); foreigners evoke delight, then disgust, etc.

Lilith in the 9th house.

A person has problems with ethics, he is on trifles, but constantly violates it – depending on the aspects of Lilith, he gets away with it (good aspects) or leads to scandals and the loss of an honest name (damaged Lilith). At the same time, a person suspects others of the same behavior (that is, he understands everything to the extent of his depravity). Consciousness expands through occult and hidden sources, magic techniques and rituals. Some of the distant maternal relatives were engaged in magic, witchcraft. On foreign and long trips, a person can fall into uncontrollably destructive states of the psyche (psychosis, unmotivated horror, etc.) Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the 9th house.

In general, the weak position of Mercury (IX house is an analogue of Sagittarius, a sign of damage to Mercury). Therefore, Mercury here manifests itself somewhat distorted. For example, a person does not see (or completely ignores) important details, ignores obvious facts, as a result, his view of things suffers from bias and one-sidedness. A lot of time (sometimes too much) is spent in abstract (often too abstract) philosophical reasoning. Ideologist, pragmatist, theoretician. Thinks about big and big, knows how to weed out the main (defining) in the flow of information – the analytical mind interacts well with abstract thinking. Any communication and communication leads to broadening the horizons and horizons of perception; at the same time, communication is mainly long-distance (long-distance telephone communication, e-mail, postal items abroad, many long-distance and foreign trips). Religious ideology. It is often found in the maps of clergy who travel around the world for missionary or educational purposes. Damaged Mercury gives religious and philosophical delusions, conscious or involuntary (often in the horoscopes of atheists), dogmatism, fundamentalism (a person simply rejects all the facts that do not fit into his previously existing picture of the world), unsuccessful efforts on long trips, problems of communication with foreigners (not can find a translator, for example), disputes and quarrels with teachers and teachers, authority figures, litigation (mainly over trifles and trifles).

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the 9th house.

Ethics interferes with aesthetics all the time, his motto is “Beauty (in the sense of aesthetics) will save (in the religious-philosophical sense) the world”. In religion, he pays more attention to the external beauty of the ritual than to its essential content. In the horoscope of a man – marriage with a foreign woman or a representative of another national culture (if Venus is an indicator of marriage). Overseas travel and travel for cultural purposes (for example, to see the Japanese National Theater or visit the Temple of Apollo in Greece).

Mars (Scorpio) in the 9th house.

“Warrior of Faith”. Ideological and philosophical disputes reach the point of assault. An active promoter of his ideas and worldview. The horizons of consciousness expand in situations of sports and military battles, open rivalry and hostility. Long trips and travels are associated with the same (to sports competitions, to the war) and with specific physical labor (went abroad to a construction site as a worker, for example). Conflicts in foreign trips, with teachers, religious leaders, ministers of Themis. Damaged Mars – ideological and religious fanaticism; war on religious grounds (“beat the infidels!”); injuries and fights on long trips, travel; litigation in cases of assault and bodily harm (up to murder – but this requires additional weighty indications in the map); sports injuries.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the 9th house.

Strong position of Jupiter (IX house – analogue of Sagittarius, control sign for Jupiter). Strong abstract thinking, very wide opportunities for expanding the horizons of consciousness. He is able to cover many problems at once, draw general conclusions, establish connections, generalize large layers of experience, see the structure as a whole, in which each thing has its place and purpose. As a rule, he has great authority and in the second half of his life gathers students and followers around him (this is a leader in some scientific, cultural, philosophical direction). Has the gift of persuasion (you can’t argue with his generalizations). Intensive trips abroad (symposia, conventions, mission tours, etc.). Shows a great penchant for literature and the study of other cultures, well-read, erudite. He is very religious and often becomes a missionary.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the 9th house.

Major ethical and moral issues. Often atheism. A person is too demanding of others, imposes his own moral principles. He himself constantly finds himself in situations where life tests him for honesty, the slightest deviation from moral norms and, as Zhvanetsky says, “court, exile, Siberia” (namely, a link, as a variant of a forced long trip or emigration, and not prison – the latter goes along XII house). Obstacles to higher education and foreign travel. Strict teachers. In culture, science and philosophy, it accepts what has long been tested by time. In religion, he gravitates towards traditional cults, and perceives newfangled confessions with hostility. Careers and personal ambitions are often associated with foreign countries, science, law. This position of Saturn can often be seen in the charts of judges (and sports too).

Uranus (Aquarius) in the 9th house.

As befits Uranus, a person takes extreme positions in matters of the IX house. Either in a revolutionary way it goes beyond the boundaries of “its” culture to the level of superculture or it also rapidly falls into the chaos of lack of culture – especially if Uranus is damaged (although he himself calls it such a “revolutionary culture” – punks, hippies, nudists, etc.). Or exaltedly religious, or a theomachist (a kind of modern Prometheus). His ideal is man himself, human consciousness, the ability of this consciousness to attain truth. He has several higher educations, most of which (if not all) are incomplete. The horizons of consciousness expand upon contact with astrology, space, the latest technologies and telecommunications (including the Internet). The worldview can be associated with astrology. Confesses new, non-traditional religions, pretentious philosophy, trying to combine science (Uranus – exact sciences and modern technologies) and religion (IX house – religion) and register God with instruments (for example, measure the intensity of the Holy Spirit with the latest quasi-asynchronous voltmeter). Human connections are so distant and the network of these connections is so extensive that it does not fit into the concept of “correspondence with foreigners” (unless, of course, by “foreigners” we do not understand a couple of alien civilizations). But seriously, Uranus in the 9th house is the worldview of the Age of Aquarius (Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius), i.e. these people were already born with the Age of Aquarius within themselves, the transition to the Golden Age for them is an easy and organic thing, since Uranus in the 9th house inclines towards the brotherhood of all religions and cultures, the establishment of a single planetary culture and religion.

Neptune (Pisces) in the 9th house.

Deep religiosity and developed imagination. From the outside it may seem that a person has been sitting in one place for years and does not travel anywhere, but this is an illusion, he travels in imagination, in dreams, in meditation, and these journeys are no less vivid and rich in impressions than real ones. If his body nevertheless moves somewhere far in space, then usually by sea or on foot (vagrancy is a typical situation of Neptune). Higher education is possible, but it is difficult to get it – the mind of such a person seems to be “smeared”, it is difficult for him to clearly formulate at least the answer to the question of the exam ticket, therefore it is better to receive a humanitarian education (or even better – a music education) – approximate formulations are music does not need them at all), but abstractions that are difficult to express in words reach him best of all. The ethical picture of the world is vague and seems to be based on traditional religious commandments, but … a person very soon realizes that exceptions happen too often, therefore he is guided in moral attitudes by signals of intuition and at different times can behave completely differently under similar circumstances. Expansion of horizons and horizons of consciousness comes from music, poetry, painting (he looks, for example, at the painting “The Last Day of Pompeii” and suddenly a religious and philosophical guess dawns on him), sea travel, mystical experiences. Damaged Neptune adds fog and uncertainty to everything – ethical attitudes are completely blurred (and disappear without a trace), the worldview can be described in one word – no, there is no higher education, one can get lost in a foreign city,

Pluto (Aries) in the 9th house.

Much like Mars in the 9th house. He clearly divides all people into “white” and “black” on moral and ethical grounds (by the way, he does not always refer to himself as “white”). He persistently imposes his religious views and ideological attitudes, which can be very unusual (and unacceptable to normal people) or, conversely, completely banal and widespread. Obtaining a higher education is due to insurmountable circumstances, there is no choice (for example, there is only one university in the city, or, say, admission on a free basis to only one university, but a person cannot study for a fee, etc.), often in choosing a university goes the way parents (enters the same university or the same specialty). Conflicts with teachers and the administration of the university reach the level of organization (incitement) by a person of mass student unrest (or at least participation in such unrest). Foreign trips in extreme conditions (often with danger to life), for example, went on vacation to Cyprus, and there the war began. Aspect of a forced migrant, refugee. Very serious problems with justice (they can also be sentenced to death). Damaged Pluto aggravates all of the above situations. In general, it is dangerous for a person to travel far, especially abroad. Expansion of the horizons of consciousness occurs in situations of military operations, natural disasters, catastrophes with a large number of victims. Emigration literally puts pressure on a person (both psychologically and physically), it is very difficult to survive far from home.

X house.

When considering this house, great importance is attached to issues of profession, vocation and career, but we will talk in detail on this topic in a separate course.

Planets in the X house.

Sun (Leo) in the X house.

A person has a noticeable social mission and is able to objectively realize it. Looks like a leader, realizes and takes responsibility (in practice, this often results in administrators of different levels). It is important for him that what he does in life is perceived by others as honorable, prestigious and giving respect. A person has the opportunity to get up from the “gray” mass, has good relations with the mighty of this world, or is himself such. Natural social growth, success in society. In the horoscopes of women, the Sun in the X house indicates to a greater extent the success of the father or husband (if the Sun is an indicator of marriage). If the Sun is damaged – ambitions are too big, a careerist (but lucky), fights for high places, pushes others with his elbows.

Moon (Cancer) in the X house.

The choice of profession is strongly influenced by the mother or wife (in the cards of men, where the Moon is an indicator of marriage). A person does not show independence in choosing a life path and profession, he is inclined to follow other people’s advice (especially parents and relatives). In the service, he is burdened by a tough work schedule, avoids responsibility, at any opportunity he steps aside, freeing up the path for others to move up the career ladder. His vocation is to take care of people and create comfortable living conditions for them.

Lilith in the X house.

Has popularity with a scandalous connotation. Often rock (or “dark forces”) prevent a person from realizing his social vocation – he cannot enter or graduate from the desired university, after starting work in his specialty, strange diseases “attack” him, he cannot get along with his superiors and is forced to leave work (although and beloved), etc.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the X house.

Human mission is to give people information, to ensure awareness of the broad masses in some issues. To fulfill his vocation, from childhood, a person masters various methods and forms of communication, masters means of communication, learns oratory. Can process large amounts of information (for example, statistical summaries) and then make a capacious and informative report.

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the X house.

Mission – to bring beauty and harmony to the world. Achieves social success through art, marriage, romantic relationships with superiors. He is always loyal to the existing state system and specific leaders (states, cities, enterprises, etc.). If Venus is not damaged – smooth and steady career growth, although the person does not show much effort in the struggle for high positions. In the maps of men (if Venus is an indicator of marriage), such a position indicates to a greater extent the social status of the wife, who can be a major leader, a representative of state authorities, just a popular and respected person in society (a famous actress, for example).

Mars (Scorpio) in the X house.

The mission is to actively open new paths, to be a pioneer in our field of activity. Active (even too much) social position. A careerist – he climbs into the boss’s place, fights, fights with competitors, is very ambitious. Strives to take the place of a leader, boldly takes responsibility for himself. Relations with superiors are uneven – sometimes love and devotion, then conflict and war. But in any case, you can rely on him and entrust him with the implementation of a difficult task – he will energetically get down to business. In the horoscopes of women (if Mars is an indicator of marriage), it characterizes not the born herself, but the social status of her husband. With damaged Mars, all of the above becomes too energetic and warlike. With competitors, a real war of destruction, with the bosses – too, takes on too many (tasks,

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the X house.

The vocation is to set a general direction for social development, to determine the main social goal. They are very popular, well-known (in their own circle or even wider). They are successfully engaged in politics, ideology, and administrative work. Jupiter here no longer points to the official hierarchy of power (Saturn is more suitable for this), but something near power, but not power. This is a leader on a more spiritual plane than an administrative one. Scientists, cultural figures, philosophers, famous clergymen often meet with this position of Jupiter. In general, Jupiter in the X house gives rapid and significant social growth, a constant increase in authority and honor. He is usually loyal to the existing system and bosses, if they do not openly run counter to his ideological convictions. If Jupiter is damaged, then he is in excess – honor and glory, falling on a person, they literally strangle him, a person does not want and cannot live like that. Or another situation – a person’s self-conceit about his social success is greatly inflated, a Napoleonic complex is formed, a person believes that he is not sinful, almost God in the flesh, and everyone should follow his instructions. In fact, his social successes are not so great or not so useful to society (but they still exist, even a damaged Jupiter is Jupiter!).

Saturn (Capricorn) in the X house.

Mission – to build a “vertical of power” as the backbone of a social organism. Here we come across purely the motives of the official power hierarchy – an official, an administrative functionary, an official representative, etc. Organizational talent, reliable, pragmatic, conservative. His whole aura just says: “You can entrust me with powers of authority.” This is a classic policy of seizing and holding state power. With good aspects of Saturn, a leisurely but steady career growth can reach the very heights of power. If Saturn is damaged, a person is too ambitious, makes a career at any cost, by hook or by crook, but in the end his take-off ends with a crushing fall (such a situation in NS Khrushchev’s map) and dishonor, scandal, and prosecution.

Uranus (Aquarius) in X field.

Mission – professional revolutionary. The vocation is to bring something new to any business, the sphere of public life. It is difficult to fit into the generally accepted social framework. The place of work and profession changes often and unexpectedly. Closely associated with the media, the latest telecommunication technologies (satellite communications, the Internet, etc.). In politics, he takes extreme positions (either strongly on the left, or strongly on the right), balanced centrism is dull and boring for him, but recognizes as a value the worldwide brotherhood of people and the equality of all before the law (although he interprets the term “law” in a very original way). If Uranus is near MC (i.e. less than 3 degrees), a person can receive insights directly from space, but it is very difficult for him to translate them into normal human language and realize in the material world, therefore, more often than not, his actions in responsible positions are destructive (they will appoint such a boss, he will turn everything upside down in the territory under his jurisdiction that no one can work normally). Therefore, an unexpected rise to power and popularity can very quickly be replaced by an equally rapid fall and oblivion. If Uranus is also damaged, then such a person will not be able to work for a day under a boss, is extremely dissatisfied with the existing system and those in power, in politics – an extremist (like Eduard Limonov), for political convictions – a radical and anarchist, too freedom-loving, inclined to demand more powers , but is not going to be held responsible. Therefore, an unexpected rise to power and popularity can very quickly be replaced by an equally rapid fall and oblivion. If Uranus is also damaged, then such a person will not be able to work for a day under a boss, is extremely dissatisfied with the existing system and those in power, in politics – an extremist (like Eduard Limonov), for political convictions – a radical and anarchist, too freedom-loving, inclined to demand more powers , but is not going to be held responsible. Therefore, an unexpected rise to power and popularity can very quickly be replaced by an equally rapid fall and oblivion. If Uranus is also damaged, then such a person will not be able to work for a day under a boss, is extremely dissatisfied with the existing system and those in power, in politics – an extremist (like Eduard Limonov), for political convictions – a radical and anarchist, too freedom-loving, inclined to demand more powers , but is not going to be held responsible.

Neptune (Pisces) in the X house.

The mission is to erode the ossified social structures and bring into society an unspeakable revelation from above. In the field of ideology – a politician with a new religious and philosophical concept, but classical politics, in general, is not his field of activity (this is too dirty a thing for such people), therefore a person prefers to influence society by latent devious (i.e. the spirit of Neptune) in ways – as an adviser, psychoanalyst or confessor of a public politician, a major official; through music, poetry, painting (for example, he can paint such a picture, after seeing which, many people will change their political beliefs). With a damaged Neptune, a person cannot fit into the traditional social framework at all, avoiding responsibility into his own world, the world of dreams and fantasies. From the outside it looks like complete asociality,

Pluto (Aries) in the X house.

Mission – cardinal transformation of social life, ruthless destruction of obsolete social forms. Relations with superiors and those in power are complex, turning into a war of destruction. The star of his circle (or even larger). Having become a boss, he tends to dictate and suppress the individual characteristics of his subordinates (uniform dress code, uniform rules for everyone without exception, “if you don’t want to work, we will force you”, etc. – almost an army in the workplace). In politics, he either stands on a banally generally accepted position or occupies a bright individual platform (for example, an active member of a small party with a very peculiar program). He can also become a professional revolutionary, but in a more severe form (general armed uprising, total war to destroy the ruling class, etc.). In the political struggle, he fights either for his own dictatorial powers or is an active and implacable human rights activist who overthrows other dictators. With good aspects of Pluto, it can enjoy immense popularity of the widest masses, reach the heights of power and put things in order there with a tough hand, often acting in a dictatorial style; easy crowd control. When Pluto is damaged, it is completely asocial, aggressive towards society (say, a political suicide bomber), which responds in kind, i.e. pushes him away from himself and seeks to suppress him totally; a crowd for such a person is a terrible monster, a person can become a victim of mob lynching (by the way, this often happens to terrorists – they can be torn apart even before the official representatives of the authorities arrive at the place).

XI house.

Planets in the 11th house.

Sun (Leo) in the XI house.

Friends are the main meaning of a person’s life, who manifests himself as the center of a friendly company. Among friends, men predominate. The father can also be perceived as a friend. The person is the initiator of various friendly meetings and joint events. An active participant in social movements, associations, parties, clubs and associations; immersed in group activity, manifests itself in a team, can be the leader of his group, movement. He treats the future with trepidation, we can say that he just lives for the triumph of a bright future, plans his life path far ahead, the present moment is subordinated to the construction of the future. The patrons are prominent, bright and popular in a certain environment, patronize generously, not trifling. As an astrologer, such a person is somewhat theatrical (for example, his astrological salon is decorated with appropriate attributes, he himself wears something like a medieval robe, i.e. specially wears an “astrologer costume”, draws a little, likes to speak publicly at astrological meetings, conferences, etc.). His predictions are generally optimistic (i.e. he pays more attention to the good in horoscopes). If the Sun is damaged, then we have a conceit: “I have such cool friends and patrons! And what a powerful and strong association of grasshopper lovers we have – you never dreamed of such a thing! And in astrology I am the king!” However, in practice, all these boastful statements can be safely divided into two, or even three. ). His predictions are generally optimistic (i.e. he pays more attention to the good in horoscopes). If the Sun is damaged, then we have a conceit: “I have such cool friends and patrons! And what a powerful and strong association of grasshopper lovers we have – you never dreamed of such a thing! And in astrology I am the king!” However, in practice, all these boastful statements can be safely divided into two, or even three. ). His predictions are generally optimistic (i.e. he pays more attention to the good in horoscopes). If the Sun is damaged, then we have an arrogance: “I have such cool friends and patrons! And what a powerful and strong association of grasshopper lovers we have – you never dreamed of such a thing! And in astrology I am the king!” However, in practice, all these boastful statements can be safely divided into two, or even three.

Moon (Cancer) in the XI house.

Having friends is one of the main conditions for a comfortable psychological state. In friendship, a person is emotional and sensitive, and in general, all his group connections are strongly emotionally colored. A person is looking for empathetic, understanding, caring friends. Likes to be friends with families (along with wives and children) or take friends on “his” territory. Friendly companies are small and close, he likes to sit with friends in the kitchen, in a restaurant (i.e. everywhere where you can eat and drink). Many female friends (the mother can also be perceived as a friend). People with this position of the moon can most often be found in clubs for cooking or fishing, family associations, associations of psychologists, women’s social organizations, historical clubs and community organizations of local lore. Patrons are also more often from among women and their help is usually expressed like this: “feed, dress, wash, warm”. A bright future for them is a society in which it is safe and comfortable to live (both physically and psychologically). If a person is engaged in astrology, then this is astropsychology (or, for example, he studies what food is best suited to one or another sign of the zodiac, how you can connect a person’s horoscope and the interpretation of his dreams, etc.) Lilith is in the XI house.

Friends and patrons from among asocial elements – homeless people, drug addicts, criminals, degraded drunks, etc. In a friendly company, such a person behaves inappropriately, makes a scandal, “climbs on the rampage.” But thanks to this behavior, some abscesses that torment a group or a friendly company can be opened and exposed (for example, the fact of homosexual contacts between members of a charitable organization can be exposed). Often deliberately distorts public opinion (for example, misinforms the board of a garden cooperative about the general opinion of gardeners). Often he is free (for example, in exchange for patronage) as an informant for criminal structures or a public correspondent for tabloid publications (reports who slept with whom, where and what he stole, how much and what he drank, how he injected, etc.). At a higher evolutionary level, he participates in public associations for helping the homeless, hungry, drug addicts; participates in the rehabilitation of criminals, conducts community work in disadvantaged residential areas (urban slums, etc.). He does not believe in a bright future, in his opinion, sooner or later we will all end badly (as a rule, this happens to him – it is not for nothing that they say: “tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you will be”).

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the XI house.

There are a lot of friends and acquaintances, i.e. acquaintances almost immediately become friends (although these are different things). In a friendly company he values ​​intellectual communication, exchange of information. Attends discussion and intellectual clubs, takes part in teams participating in intellectual games and quizzes (for example, “What? Where? When?”). Moreover, he is a member of several clubs at the same time. Charitable activities and social work are also related to the dissemination of information (for example, once a week he is on duty on the phone in the public reception of a local deputy). There are patrons, there are quite a few of them, and they provide informational support (they can donate a very necessary and rare book, throw up a very necessary link on the Internet, take on the information promotion of a project, etc.). A bright future for him is an information society, in which knowledge and intellectual abilities play a decisive role. And in general, the mind of such a person is very strongly directed towards the future, therefore, among such people there are many who are interested in astrology – they have read almost all the books published on this topic, subscribe and read almost all astrological periodicals, actively attend (as listeners) various astrological conferences and seminars, etc. With good aspects of Mercury, horoscopes are not badly interpreted. If Mercury is damaged, then friends are deceitful and cunning, patrons promise a lot, but often fail, and when interpreting horoscopes, important details elude the mind’s eye and a person often gives out misinformation. the mind of such a person is very strongly focused on the future, therefore, among such people there are many who are interested in astrology – they have read almost all the books published on this topic, subscribe and read almost all astrological periodicals, actively attend (as listeners) various astrological conferences and seminars, and etc. With good aspects of Mercury, horoscopes are not badly interpreted. If Mercury is damaged, then friends are deceitful and cunning, patrons promise a lot, but often fail, and when interpreting horoscopes, important details elude the mind’s eye and a person often gives out misinformation. the mind of such a person is very strongly directed towards the future, therefore, among such people there are many who are interested in astrology – they have read almost all the books published on this topic, subscribe and read almost all astrological periodicals, actively attend (as listeners) various astrological conferences and seminars, and etc. With good aspects of Mercury, horoscopes are not badly interpreted. If Mercury is damaged, then friends are deceitful and cunning, patrons promise a lot, but often fail, and when interpreting horoscopes, important details elude the mind’s eye and a person often gives out misinformation. actively attend (as listeners) various astrological conferences and seminars, etc. With good aspects of Mercury, horoscopes are not badly interpreted. If Mercury is damaged, then friends are deceitful and cunning, patrons promise a lot, but often fail, and when interpreting horoscopes, important details elude the mind’s eye and a person often gives out misinformation. actively attend (as listeners) various astrological conferences and seminars, etc. With good aspects of Mercury, horoscopes are not badly interpreted. If Mercury is damaged, then friends are deceitful and cunning, patrons promise a lot, but often fail, and when interpreting horoscopes, important details elude the mind’s eye and a person often gives out misinformation.

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the XI house.

Beautiful, charming, sophisticated and tactful friends and patrons. There are many women among friends, but not housewives, but rather society ladies. Friendly companies are small, stable and with a touch of bohemianism or exclusivity. Periodically confuses love and friendship (often a romantic relationship with a girlfriend / boyfriend). Communication with friends takes place against the backdrop of rich interiors, works of art, and good music; appearance, clothing and accessories are important. The choice of friends is largely due to socially induced attitudes (for example, in society there is an opinion that it is much better to be friends with a scientist, writer or businessman than with a janitor, milkmaid or retired) – this is what he does when choosing friends. In a friendly company, in a group, within a social association, such a person performs a positive function – smooths out conflicts and contradictions, seeks a compromise, takes care of harmonious relationships within the group, therefore problematic groups of such a person are quickly pushed out (or cease to be problematic). People with Venus in the 11th house can be found in the boards of trustees of museums and theaters, in drama circles, clubs of fashion and painting lovers, etc. Patrons – typical patrons, will always support human projects in the field of art, fashion, shows. A bright future for him is a society of beautiful, delicate, culturally developed people, well adapted in society, a world where there are no wars and conflicts, therefore he looks to the future with optimism. A person with Venus in the XI house rarely takes astrology seriously, usually these are some narrow astrological directions – cosmetics according to the signs of the zodiac, under which planet were these or those artists born, etc. This is due to the fact that astrology is still an exact science (like physics or astronomy), requires mathematical, physical and astronomical knowledge, and Venus is far from these spheres. Therefore, predictions of the future in this case are made not by the stars, but on the basis of everyday intuition. The accuracy of predicting the future depends on the aspect of Venus.

Mars (Scorpio) in the XI house.

Proactive, strong-willed friends and patrons. A person in friendship is so active that he can almost force his friendship on others. Among friends – almost entirely men. In this case, friendly companies resemble a platoon of fellow soldiers or a favorite team (there is such a song “Our Youth Team”), therefore they often make friends with the military and athletes, participate in appropriate groups – a military patriotic club, a sports team, a stuntmen association, sports public associations. Patrons tend to provide immediate physical protection and support (for example, they can borrow their mordovorotov-guards for a “serious conversation” with competitors). A bright future for him is a society in which the stake is placed on freedom of initiative and entrepreneurship, strength and firm character are recognized as virtues, and the leading roles are played by men. Such a person sees well the future of conflict situations, for example, he can predict well the results of a war, a fight, a sports match (but he does it when he is disinterested, Mars in the XI house is not suitable for playing sports betting). Conflicts force such a person to make plans for the future and start new projects. Astrologers with such a position of Mars are rare and are usually engaged in horary astrology (ie “energetic” astrology, question – answer), try to predict the results of sports competitions by astrological methods, polish their skills in problematic synastric situations (when a person comes to an astrologer from for a serious conflict with another person). If Mars is damaged – constant conflicts with friends (before the fight), the struggle within the group for their individuality (this can also be a boycott in the group), active participation in all conflicts within the team. Such a person is attracted by problem collectives (where he can realize his itch to conflict) or after his appearance in the team some squabbles begin.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the XI house.

Very influential, famous and generous patron friends (that’s exactly how – every friend is a patron at the same time), will always “cover” at the highest level. The person himself is inclined to be a patron for many, a philanthropist, philanthropist, leads associations, clubs, social movements, charitable and cultural organizations. Through public organizations, it is capable of exerting a great influence on many social institutions and even the state (for example, in Europe, the “green” movement, de jure public, has a great influence on those in power), is a translator and exponent of public opinion, is able to change the cultural perceptions of society. He looks with great optimism and confidence to the future, which seems to him to be a society of complete abundance: material wealth, cultural prosperity, triumph of goodness and justice. For practicing astrology, Jupiter in the XI house provides ample opportunities that a person, as a rule, successfully uses. If Jupiter is intact, the interpretations and predictions of such an astrologer are reliable. But even without astrology (if Jupiter has good aspects), a person is able to very accurately predict the development of various situations, especially large ones, that affect society as a whole.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the XI house.

A friend, as a rule, is one, but old and loyal. Friendships are often built on mutual obligations. He prefers to meet with a friend in secluded places, face to face. Most often he does not have patrons, on the strength of one – the patron assists in career growth or acts using official powers (for example, he works in the housing department of the city administration and helps to get an apartment). We are not talking about participation in social movements and associations (since there are too many people in such groups – it does not fit the style of Saturn), in exotic cases a person can register a public organization, of which he and one or two other people will be a member, not more. It cannot be said that the bright future is perceived by him in pessimistic tones, but he also does not see much joy in it – it is static, a highly organized world (more like a mechanism), stable, stable, everyone knows his place in it and accurately performs his functions. For astrology, this is a good aspect – a person is fluent in the mathematical apparatus of an astrologer (he does not need a computer, he can do all the calculations himself), he approaches his predictions very responsibly, prepares for real work for a long time, predicts carefully and accurately both in terms of time and relative details. He prefers to predict the relatively near future, uses only methods that have been proven many times over for a long time. If Saturn is damaged, everything is sad in the XI house – there are no friends (or a friend is a big burden, you have to “plow” on him all the time), there are no patrons, nothing good is expected from the future (and quite rightly), there are no opportunities for studying astrology ( eg,

Uranus (Aquarius) in the XI house.

The strong position of Uranus (XI house is an analogue of Aquarius, the sign of control for Uranus). Has many like-minded people, organizes groups and associations. Friends are original, independent and internally free people. Patrons help with modern means of communication (donated, for example, a cell phone), take on a part of a person’s social work, assist in the organization of collectives and associations. Great intellectual and creative inclinations. A bright future for him is a free brotherhood of all people, there is no state, there are no mechanisms of coercion, there is no discrimination on any grounds, each person leads an active collective life, all spheres of social life are in a global relationship, science and technology are reaching unprecedented prosperity – and on this basis, man conquers the Universe, far beyond the bounds of our planet Earth. A person builds large-scale projects (by their design far ahead of the present), all his consciousness is directed to the distant future. For astrology, this is an ideal aspect that combines a scientific and statistical approach and insight, intuitive vision, insight into the future. With damaged Uranus, periodic and abrupt breaks with friends (patrons), too revolutionary and extremist social activities (for example, a member of the Association “Free Anarchists-Revolutionaries”), in astrology – problems with the technical and calculation side (the computer breaks down all the time, for example), and the insights of the future are so bizarre that they look like the delirium of a madman. which combines a scientific and statistical approach and insight, intuitive vision, enlightenment of the future. With damaged Uranus, periodic and abrupt breaks with friends (patrons), too revolutionary and extremist social activities (for example, a member of the Association “Free Anarchists-Revolutionaries”), in astrology – problems with the technical and calculation side (the computer breaks down all the time, for example), and the insights of the future are so bizarre that they look like the delirium of a madman. which combines a scientific and statistical approach and insight, intuitive vision, enlightenment of the future. With damaged Uranus, periodic and abrupt breaks with friends (patrons), too revolutionary and extremist social activities (for example, a member of the Association “Free Anarchists-Revolutionaries”), in astrology – problems with the technical and calculation side (the computer breaks down all the time, for example), and the insights of the future are so bizarre that they look like the delirium of a madman.

Neptune (Pisces) in the XI house.

A person is attracted to collectives that have an indefinite, vague goal (they themselves do not understand why they get together – at a low level, these can be drug addicts, etc.) or these are associations related to religion (for example, the “Association of Orthodox Youth”), ecology (for example, the “Pure Spring” movement), meditation (some Eastern yogic organizations), psychoanalysis (especially according to Jung), music (for example, KSP), poetry (various literary associations, poetry clubs, etc.), painting (for example, the club of Aivazovsky’s art lovers – marine painters are more than appropriate here). Such people often come across among the followers of the utopian idea of ​​”ecological settlements”. Friends of the same plan. At the same time, it is difficult for a person to figure out who is his friend and who is not – Neptune blurs clear boundaries here too. There seem to be patrons, but it is not clear who they are and where; if, nevertheless, it is possible to find them, then their help is of a spiritual, psychological or creative nature. The bright future for him is painted in passive-utopian tones: everyone is equal (in any sense of the word), everyone sympathizes with each other, loves nature, makes music (and, in general, the arts), rejection of technocratic civilization – nothing needs to be done, everything is accepted as it is, to use only what Mother Nature gives (to live on land, eat from fishing and a vegetable garden, etc.). The future does not plan, acting according to the “wait and see” principle (Neptune blurs any plan), but is able to see the future through “prophetic” mechanisms, i.e. through an influx from above. He has a rich intuition, therefore, when practicing astrology, he uses more intuitive mechanisms, for him, a horoscope is not a source of information in itself, but only a pretext for intuitive fortune-telling (with good aspects, this fortune-telling is quite reliable). But he makes predictions carefully, using words like “probably”, “most likely”, “not excluded”, etc. If Neptune is damaged, friends (patrons) are very unreliable (they will “sell” literally for a bottle of vodka or a dose of drugs) or mentally unhealthy people, astrological “fortune-telling” are mostly confused, uncertain and unreliable, and collectives are a bunch of people who themselves are mistaken, and others are deceived (for example, some destructive sect). using words like “likely”, “most likely”, “not excluded”, etc. If Neptune is damaged, friends (patrons) are very unreliable (they will “sell” literally for a bottle of vodka or a dose of drugs) or mentally unhealthy people, astrological “fortune-telling” are mostly confused, uncertain and unreliable, and collectives are a bunch of people who themselves are mistaken, and others are deceived (for example, some destructive sect). using words like “likely”, “most likely”, “not excluded”, etc. If Neptune is damaged, friends (patrons) are very unreliable (they will “sell” literally for a bottle of vodka or a dose of drugs) or mentally unhealthy people, astrological “fortune-telling” are mostly confused, uncertain and unreliable, and collectives are a bunch of people who themselves are mistaken, and others are deceived (for example, some destructive sect).

Pluto (Aries) in the XI house.

A person’s friends are very strong, decisive and discerning personalities. They suppress the will of a person or a person himself is the same as they are (strong, strong-willed, decisive, ready for anything). The groups in which a person falls are very active socially, focused on a decisive transformation of the existing system (military squads, terrorist organizations, etc.) and constantly violate public peace and order. The patrons are very strong, they are very popular in their circle (for example, the leader of a criminal group), their help is invaluable in situations where life is under threat (war, resuscitation, catastrophes and natural disasters). A bright future is a society united under the rule of one person, who is a very strong personality, has a rare gift of leadership, and is merciless to enemies and “whiners”. A person rigidly programs himself according to his ideas about the future (for example, he is actively preparing to live in a neo-fascist society). Of all that is in our future, a person with this Pluto position best sees catastrophes, natural disasters, world wars, etc. If you want to know when and how the end of the world will come, ask him – no one would better tell about it. In astrology, it is also either the astrology of large objects (horoscopes of peoples, states, etc.), or the astrology of natural disasters and catastrophes (attempts to predict them using astrological methods), astrological studies in the field of death are also possible (for example, the definition of death formulas). Damaged Pluto gives life-threatening contacts, participation in extreme terrorist or fascist organizations, a dark vision of the future.

XII house.

Planets in the XII house.

Sun (Leo) in the XII house.

Let’s face it, not a very good position. Poor health or deprivation of the father (bad relationship with the father) – especially if the Sun is damaged. This configuration often comes across in the cards of people who were born without a father or the father left the family (or, for example, went to prison). This is the aspect of the “scapegoat”, he has to take the rap for all his sins, and for the many sins of those around him. A person has a sense of the loss of his individual “I”, therefore, such qualities as ambition, self-esteem, the desire to dominate, he displaces into the subconscious, and from there they gradually erode his psyche. On the other hand, these are great abilities for introspection and reflection, therefore, a person with such a position of the Sun seeks solitude (while looking at the world as if from the outside, he goes out of the world into his space), feeling the constant need to understand yourself; for the same purpose, he uses various secret and esoteric sources of information. As an esotericist and occultist, he can achieve great recognition. Self-reflection is also promoted by praise, success, and being in the spotlight. Great creativity in solitude, isolation. Since childhood, he loves to play alone, he invents and acts out scenes for himself when no one sees it.

Moon (Cancer) in the XII house.

Also a bad situation – poor health, problems with the mother (for example, the mother died or ended up in prison, mental hospital, when the person was still a child). He hides his emotions and his mood from those around him, he may suddenly emotionally withdraw into himself. In a dream, he sees the circumstances of his past life. In general, he does not feel at home anywhere in life, this is the aspect of a wanderer, a dervish roaming the earth in search of Paradise. The presence of a family, close people from among women (mother, wife), and a safe environment contribute to immersion in oneself and introspection. Loves loneliness, in solitude restores and accumulates vitality, rests psychologically. Such a person is shown relaxation, meditation, sleep and eating alone. Karmically, this is a difficult aspect – a person is afraid of both his own and collective karma, tries to avoid working it out, leaving debts “

Lilith in the XII house.

Family problems, someone close to them is mentally ill. A person periodically has a passionate desire to confess (or at least cry), then he closes in again, accumulates his sins, and again longs for confession. The society perceives it as a factor of pressing and fatal influence, therefore it wants to break with humanity, go to live in nature, become a hermit; at the same time experiences unaccountable fear in loneliness, in situations of isolation. The problem is that all the dirty karma of others is absorbed by him like a sponge, and the person is forced to somehow “process” it, the psyche cannot stand it. In solitude, he may be visited by inspiration, but this is a “damn” inspiration (say, he can write a script for a horror movie). Introspection is triggered in situations of sinning, in nature, during black magic rituals.

Mercury (Gemini, Virgo) in the XII house.

The weak position of Mercury (the XII house is an analogue of Pisces, a sign of damage to Mercury). A weak position here is manifested in the fact that Mercury in the XII house is often found in the cards of psychologists and psychoanalysts who conduct group trainings, the purpose of which is the verbal formulation of unconscious states of the psyche, in any case it turns out badly, the unconscious is therefore called that because its words are adequate cannot be described. At the everyday level, a person hides his thoughts (and in general, his intellectual activity – for example, this is a writer who writes “on the table”, no one even suspects that he already has a whole collection of works “in his desk”), and a person also keeps diaries ( which he never shows to anyone), tries to decipher various ciphers, restore lost knowledge in fragments, revive the sound of dead languages. Absorbs occult and esoteric literature in large quantities, often indiscriminately (as a result, occult “mess” in the head – this is another manifestation of the weakness of Mercury in the XII house). Often this is a hypnotist (that is, a person who is able to change the state of consciousness of another person by word). Introspection begins in situations of communication, information exchange, and the acquisition of knowledge. The intellectual pursuits of such a person are successful alone, in isolation, in order to think about something, he needs to retire. He perceives inspiration from above as specific information, a kind of verbal or written appeal. He treats karma rationally, tries to explain all the events of life from a karmic point of view (or from the point of view of “original sin” – depending on which religious concept he shares), He is trying to comprehend with his mind the variety of karmic effects, systematize them, sort them out on shelves, formulate ready-made recipes (something like this can be seen in Lazarev’s book “Diagnostics of Karma”). Damaged Mercury leads to mental and nervous diseases, occult superficiality. Introspection is very difficult (thought works chaotically, but otherwise a person cannot reflect).

Venus (Taurus, Libra) in the XII house.

A person feels great discomfort when entering the phase of a romantic relationship. This stems from his rejection of gender inequality (such people often become wife or husband haters) and the idea of ​​marriage existing in society. A person hides his feelings and romantic relationships, may be an adherent of platonic love. Happiness should be sought in a foreign land, in emigration, it is better if the partner is a representative of another culture, a foreigner. Introspection is triggered when a romantic relationship arises, when a feeling of falling in love appears, when in contact with works of art. A person tolerates isolation well, loneliness brings good spiritual and material results. Inspiration from above comes to a person through works of art and sublime love; in solitude, a person himself is inclined to create (sculpture, architecture, painting, etc.). If Venus is damaged, then a person, often subconsciously, invents a beloved (beloved) for himself, which in fact does not exist (and cannot exist) in reality; the collision of this image with real contenders “for the hand and heart” leads to frustration and mental problems. This position of Venus often indicates the loss of love (loss of a loved one, disappointment in him, etc.).

Mars (Scorpio) in the XII house.

The difficult position of Mars. At the slightest damage – injuries, especially from equipment and edged weapons. In my practice, there was one such horoscope: a racer crashed almost every year, there was no place for a living on it, all broken. Can end his life as an invalid (for the death of one Mars in an accident in the XII house is not enough, additional instructions are needed) A person hides his activities, leads a behind-the-scenes struggle, experiences the resistance of secret enemies who hide all the time and do not go over to open confrontation. He actively treats all his limitations and frustrations, struggling with them, trying to overcome even insurmountable circumstances by force and physical activity (I recall the film “Outcast” again, how he tried to sail away from the island – here is an example). Introspection occurs in combat situations, significant physical effort (physical labor or sports, for example). In solitude, isolation can withstand great physical exertion, and vice versa, physical activity helps to cope with isolation, especially when it is forced. In relation to karma, a person is also active, he may even rebel against the cosmic law – this is expressed in the fact that he challenges society, expresses active dissatisfaction with his position, and may even incite others to revolt.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the XII house.

Moralist. Very conscientious. Good ability to put a meaningful point, to complete any business on a positive note. Honorable social obligations associated with philanthropy and charity. He is preoccupied with the inadequate assessment of the achievements around him, he cannot objectively evaluate them himself, it seems to him that he is either overestimated or underestimated. A person unconsciously begs for praise, a compliment, even flattery, hides his ambition from those around him. Introspection occurs in situations of collision with religion, foreign cultures, foreigners, scientists and literary figures. Finding himself in isolation, such a person expands his consciousness and his horizons. Can get higher education while in prison. A person perceives karma as a general and universal law of justice, at the same time, personally, his heavy karma usually bypasses. Can summarize information from various occult and esoteric sources, creating his own occult system; he is lucky in secret knowledge, teachers and books are always available. If Jupiter is damaged, a person suffers from megalomania, his social obligations are too great and he cannot fulfill them, legal persecution, forced emigration is possible.

Saturn (Capricorn) in the XII house.

Difficult situation. At the slightest damage to Saturn – severe injuries of the musculoskeletal system, there may be a fracture of the spine and severe disability. Problems with the law, imprisonment, isolation from society (including involuntary psychiatric treatment). A painful sense of duty. A person may not know his father or is in conflict with him, in any case – alienation. The paternal figure plays a negative role in a person’s life; a person feels that he has lost support, support, his place in life, is afraid of loneliness and uselessness. He hides his fears and insecurities from everyone. Alone, in isolation, he is tormented by an inferiority complex and a sense of guilt. Introspection begins when a person experiences a lack of freedom, a burden of obligations, a sense of guilt, or is faced with official structures of power. The karma of such a person is heavy karmic tasks are great and difficult to accomplish. Inspiration visits a person very rarely, only when he, at the cost of incredible efforts, paid back all his debts to society, got through all his injuries and served everything in prison that he was supposed to; inspiration from above arises as a feeling of fulfilled life duty, a blessing from God for work and patience.

Uranus (Aquarius) in the XII house.

Emigration, isolation, loneliness come suddenly, do not last long, and just as suddenly end. Man hides his progressive ideas, his insights and dedication. Occult and esoteric knowledge is associated with the cosmos (for example, contactees) and astrology. Can apply advanced scientific technologies in esotericism (for example, record revelations of entities from the other world on a special audio tape). Is engaged in introspection in connection with studies of astrology, astronomy, telecommunications. Going deeper into himself during any sudden changes in life. Once in loneliness, in isolation, he receives information from higher mental areas in the form of insights and revolutionary ideas – a good aspect for computer scientists (retiring, for example, he can come up with a fundamentally new data processing algorithm or write an outstanding computer program), scientists (an absolutely stunning hypothesis may come to mind) and astrologers (alone, “from above” may receive knowledge about fundamentally new astrological methods). Having learned about karma, such a person immediately realizes that this is something more than the ideas of the average person on this matter, especially since his personal karma is certainly higher than ordinary understanding, it cannot even be formulated in human language. Inspiration from above in the form of revolutionary scientific ideas and completely non-standard ideas. If Uranus is damaged, the “revelations” from space are so incredible and non-trivial that people begin to heal from them in a mental hospital. such a person immediately understands that this is something more than the ideas of the average person on this matter, especially since his personal karma is certainly higher than ordinary understanding, it cannot even be formulated in human language. Inspiration from above in the form of revolutionary scientific ideas and completely non-standard ideas. If Uranus is damaged, the “revelations” from space are so incredible and non-trivial that people begin to heal from them in a mental hospital. such a person immediately understands that this is something more than the ideas of the average person on this matter, especially since his personal karma is certainly higher than ordinary understanding, it cannot even be formulated in human language. Inspiration from above in the form of revolutionary scientific ideas and completely non-standard ideas. If Uranus is damaged, the “revelations” from space are so incredible and non-trivial that people begin to heal from them in a mental hospital.

Neptune (Pisces) in the XII house

Strong position of Neptune (XII house – analogue of Pisces, the sign of control for Neptune). A person has lost his unity with the Universal Whole and is passionately striving to return it – therefore such people often practice all kinds of meditation (as a form of merging with the Whole), this is a kind of religiosity (from traditional religions, Zen Buddhism is closest to such a state). This is perhaps the only aspect when a person finds deep satisfaction (one might even say “high”) alone (especially with good aspects of Neptune) and strives for isolation himself. A person hides his religiosity, emotional attachments and creative abilities from others (for example, he writes music, but almost no one knows about it, the person himself does not want to advertise it). Introspection occurs in situations of religious rituals (prayer, communion, etc.), when in contact with works of art (especially music and painting), during contact with the sea (sea travel, for example), and even while taking drugs or alcohol. Any strong emotion, ecstatic experience contributes to immersion in oneself and inner alienation from the world. Alone, he constantly meditates (even if he does not know what “meditation” is), looking at the world as if from another space. Inspiration from above pushes a person to fiery prayer, religious ecstasy, the creation of works of art (especially musical ones). He does not share “his” and “someone else’s” karma, carries on himself the karma of his nation and even race (in fact, this is difficult, and a person unconsciously tries to somehow get away from it). If Neptune is damaged, the feeling of detachment from the Whole is experienced acutely, like a lack of air,

Pluto (Aries) in the XII house.

The most severe restrictions and trials, which have deep karmic roots (moreover, this karma is connected with the karma of all mankind). Once a man lost a lot of power and is now trying to regain it, having risen above the gray mass. Life requires great sacrifices from a person associated with global social upheavals (war, revolution, etc.) and deep restructuring of society (for example, all privatization was canceled, and a person has to give everything back to the state). When transformations take place in society, this is a fatal situation for a person, he finds himself in a desperate situation. Introspection occurs in situations of irrecoverable losses (for example, the whole family died in a car accident), destruction and disasters (for example, an earthquake), in borderline situations between life and death (for example, a person is standing on a scaffold, his head is already in a noose … frankly, it’s late to reflect, but better late than never). Once isolated, a person falls into the grip of remorse and fear of being destroyed (a person suddenly realizes that he is an insignificant insect and someone Mighty can simply step on him at any moment). Inspiration from above in such a position of Pluto is almost inaccessible to the understanding of man (it is definitely not available to the average man in the street, and therefore does not visit), ideally it is the Prophet, who, as it is said in “Revelation”, “feeds the nations with a rod of iron.” With a damaged Pluto, a person is panicky afraid of loneliness and not unreasonably – the fear is so strong that the psyche cannot stand it and explodes like an overheated steam boiler (again, the person ends up in a psychiatric hospital); karma is merciless and threatens to destroy a person at any moment.