The action of the planets on each other through aspects



The SUN through harmonious aspects strengthens, harmonizes, improves, heals, warms another planet, increases ambition.

Through bad aspects it strains, gives excess energy or weakens, disharmonizes, worsens, overheats, drains.

The MOON, through harmonious aspects, calms, animates, nourishes, satisfies, pleasantly moisturizes, brings maternal manifestations.

Through tense aspects, it introduces inconstancy, changeability, dissatisfaction, emotional instability, indecision, passivity.

MERCURY through harmonious aspects organizes, brings intelligence, interest, makes mobile, dexterous, contact.

Through tense aspects, it makes you restless, disorderly, chaotic, nervous, disorganized, makes you fickle, changeable, agitated.

VENUS, through good aspects, softens, calms, pacifies, improves, brings beauty and harmony, creativity, skill, romance, poetic.

Through tense aspects it brings in emotional instability, noise, loudness, passivity, emptiness, vanity, sensuality, bad taste.

MARS in harmonious aspects gives energy, enthusiasm, courage, enterprise, activity, activity, healthy ambition, straightforwardness.

In disharmonious aspects, it inclines to belligerence, aggressiveness, recklessness, carelessness, thoughtlessness, passion, fervor, irascibility, irritability, impatience, cruelty.

JUPITER, through harmonious aspects, enriches, compensates, heals, ennobles, gives strength, energy, aspiration, healthy ambition, expands opportunities, brings good luck.

Through tense aspects, it makes it excessive, redundant, explosive, wasteful.

SATURN through harmonious aspects concentrates, orders, directs, gives perseverance, hard work, forms a goal, plans, makes persistent, deep, punctual and accurate.

In bad aspects, it hinders, alienates, limits, deprives, slows down, delays, introduces indecision, makes it selfish, calculating, gloomy and dreary; symbolizes unfavorable chronic influence.

Uranus through harmonious aspects brings intuition, originality, ingenuity, progressiveness, foresight, friendliness, democracy, freedom, endows with magnetism.

Through tense aspects, it brings surprise, radicalism, intolerance, unpredictability, eccentricity, extraordinaryness, exacerbates, stimulates, destroys any boundaries and frameworks.

NEPTUNE through harmonious aspects gives inspiration, connection with a higher principle, spirituality, sensitivity, receptivity, depth, enriches.

Through the bad aspects, it deceives, confuses, condones, sharpens feelings, makes it ambiguous, indefinite, inadequate, introduces lies and delusions, makes it divorced from reality.

PLUTO through harmonious aspects gives popularity, success, abundance.

Through tense aspects it gives egocentrism, dictatorship, violence, haste, recklessness, fatal circumstances (death, destruction, destruction).

Qualities of damaged planets.

THE SUN. Predisposition to disease, selfishness, self-confidence, pride, tension, disharmony, stress, recklessness, haste, arrogance, contempt, arrogance, imperiousness, authoritarianism.

MOON. Anxiety, grief, disappointment, envy, whims, infantilism, vanity, hypersensitivity, tantrums, changeable mood, inconstancy, volatility, indecision, passivity, malaise, psychological stress, mental pain, pettiness.

MERCURY. Anxiety, bustle, fussiness, chaos, disorder, disorganization, talkativeness, verbosity, deceit, cunning, resourcefulness, absent-mindedness, incoherence, nervousness, forgetfulness.

VENUS. Noisy, scandalous, noisy, bad taste, extravagance, sensuality, idleness, laziness, jealousy, wastefulness, vanity, passivity, frivolity, shamelessness, slovenliness, sloppiness, extravagance.

MARS. Militancy, irascibility, aggressiveness, fury, destructiveness, haste, impatience, recklessness, accidents, injuries, recklessness, arrogance, rudeness, impudence, harshness, cruelty, unjustified use of force, pugnaciousness, rabies, sensuality, passion, acute infectious diseases with high temperature.

JUPITER. Excessiveness, wastefulness, hindsight, explosive nature, excessive independence and love of freedom, adventurism, contempt for social conventions, injustice, major miscalculations.

SATURN. Selfishness, callousness, prudence, rationality, insensitivity, coldness, indifference, skepticism, stinginess, greed, cruelty, cunning, suspiciousness, stubbornness, quarrelsomeness, hostility, alienation, hatred, envy, slowness, hesitation, obstacles, difficulties, grief, grief, melancholy, pessimism, melancholy, money-grubbing, chronic diseases.

URANUS. Unpredictability, excessive independence and love of freedom, self-will, impetuosity, radicalism, harshness, eccentricity, recklessness, extraordinaryness, haste, intolerance, states of acute intolerance to something, heightened susceptibility, accidents, suicide.

NEPTUNE. Deception, duality, ambiguity, uncertainty, indecision, lies, delusions, idealism with isolation from reality, dreaminess, fantasizing, manilovism, absent-mindedness, ignorance of real circumstances, subjectivism, fanaticism, pedantry, pettiness, nightmares, hallucinations, indulgence of bad habits, bad habits , depravity, intrigue, masochism.

PLUTO. self-assertion at any cost, the desire to conquer, seize, plant by force, claims to “world domination”, dictatorship, violence, egocentrism, hot temper, recklessness, cruelty, sadism.


Any negative aspect lends itself to correction on the part of the person himself, thanks to his conscious work on himself. Overcoming: – this will be the name for those traits that are manifested in the worked out negative aspects.

Aspects of the Sun

The new moon is a good aspect, the birth of a new one. It’s bad when the moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn. Sometimes on a new moon there is an eclipse of the sun – this is bad. At this time, life freezes. A solar eclipse is significant only in the area where it is actually observed in the sky. A solar eclipse is a danger for the ruler and power, a crisis of power (remember the eclipse in “The Lay of Igor’s Host”?).

60 °, 120 ° c   Good health, quick recovery of strength, success in life, good financial situation.

90 °, 180 ° c   Weakened health, poor health. Either the heart or the stomach often hurts. The tendency to worry, torment, torment, suffer. Stress state: themselves in stress and create it for everyone around. Selfishness, indecision, passivity, weakness, recklessness, jealousy, envy, self-confidence, vanity, pride, resentment. Fear of being late, not being in time. Acts either ahead of time or later – recklessness or indecision. Overcoming: Will, courage, determination, strength, resilience, spiritual depth, understanding, compassion, striving for spiritual growth and improvement.

“Burning” of Mercury – absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, restlessness and nervousness. If Mercury is further 8 ° from the Sun – this is already better, the mind is more active, mobile, clear.

Peacefulness, amorousness, likability, good taste, kindness, tenderness, charm, penchant for art.

120 °, with 60 °   Energy, strength, immunity, physical performance.

90 °, 180 ° c   Decreased immunity, a tendency to inflammation, negligence, imprudence, as a result – the risk of accidents. Militancy and aggressiveness, conflict. (Mars retrograde is not so belligerent, mainly only discussing belligerent plans). Overcoming: ambition, energy, will, the ability to work hard and fruitfully, determination, quick reaction and quick action in dangerous situations, struggle, courage, honesty, frankness, frankness.

120 °, with 60 °  Health, the ability to heal others, a broad philosophical mind, generosity, nobility, justice. A woman born in the afternoon has a happy marriage.

90 °, 180 ° c   Explosive nature, adventures, excessive love of freedom, underestimation of danger, carelessness. Overcoming: fighting for justice, protecting the weak and the offended, honesty, courage, straightforwardness, frankness.

120 °, with 60 °   Clear thinking, ability to plan, prudence, prudence, purposefulness, discipline, responsibility, not inclined to take risks.

90 °, 180 ° c  Life is shortened, poor health, heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, bad character, a gloomy view of the world, distrust of people, a tendency to slander, deceiving on a large scale, callousness, rationality, selfishness, pride are possible. A person is a victim or an instrument of dark forces. Difficult life, many obstacles. Overcoming: a sense of duty and responsibility, take on the most thankless, but necessary work. Ability to suffer for the sake of duty, self-esteem, frugality, frugality.

120 °, with 60 °   Ingenuity, special magnetic energy, hypnotism, intuition, friendliness, selflessness, independence, democracy.

, 90 °, 180 ° c  . Impatience, intolerance, tendency to break up, suicide. Overcoming: sharp, strong intuition, determination, the ability to make great sacrifices, selflessness, the struggle for justice, freedom for others, the desire to awaken and awaken others, a passionate desire for something new.

120 °, with 60 °   Rich imagination, high states of consciousness, ecstasy, inspiration, influx from above.

90 °, 180 ° c   Subjectivism, fanaticism, obsession, inappropriate behavior, false self-esteem, indulgence in one’s vices and bad habits, gypsy (Neptune rules the gypsies) or bohemian lifestyle. Overcoming: spiritual goals, religiosity, willingness to sacrifice one’s own interests for spiritual goals, helping the poor, sick and unfortunate.

120 °, with 60 °   Popularity, success, winning the attention of other people, enthusiasm, ability to ignite and ignite the crowd.

90 °, 180 ° c   Self-affirmation at any cost, diktat, imposition of one’s opinion by force, self-confidence, authoritarianism, acute infections and dangerous incidents. Overcoming: will, strength, desire to win, the ability to achieve one’s own and set goals, the ability to win (many generals have such an aspect).

Aspects of the Moon.

120 °, with 60 °  (If both planets are damaged, then the conjunction is a bad aspect.) A lively, mobile, lively, bright, receptive mind, psychology, wisdom, accumulation of life experience, sound judgment.

90 °, 180 ° c   Deep inner anxiety, inconstancy, impatience, incoherence, chaotic mind, poor memory, slyness. Overcoming: dexterous and inventive mind, resourcefulness, the ability to find workarounds, the ability to unravel someone else’s deception and cunning.

120 °, with 60 °  Harmony in feelings, kindness, tenderness, sympathy, gentleness, attractiveness, charm, attentiveness, tact, a penchant for art.

180 °, with 90 °   Still a gifted person. Feelings in discord, a tendency to disappointment, emotional excitement, weakness, passivity, indecision, capriciousness, inconstancy in feelings, inattention, envy, vanity, idleness, sensuality (especially in men), laziness. (The conjunction of the Moon with Venus in Scorpio is also referred to as bad aspects). Overcoming: A rich nature, fruitfulness in art, sympathy, compassion, psychological understanding of others, striving for beauty and perfection.

120 °, with 60 °   Harmony in feelings, energy, courage, enterprise, inspiration, popularity, many friends, the ability to find practical benefits.

180 °, with 90 °   Disharmony in feelings, discord, torment, “African” passion, transitions from love to hate and vice versa (often and repeatedly), resentment, capriciousness, hysteria, arrogance, arrogance, shamelessness, imprudence, imprudence. Men have quarrels with loved ones. For women – debauchery, abortion, dangerous and difficult childbirth. Overcoming: self-confidence, will, energy, courage, active nature, helping others in practice. Inclination to self-sacrifice (A. Matrosov).

120 °, 60 ° N Spiritual generosity, mercy, generosity, philanthropist, rich imagination (like a writer). Mutual love for the mother, wealth, love of travel. Men born at night have a happy marriage.

180 °, 90 ° N Excessive generosity, wastefulness, overestimation of one’s strength, trying to do more than he can, fighting for popularity and success at any cost, self-will and self-confidence. Self-love, hidden grievances, hidden envy of others’ success. Overcoming: fighting on the side of the weak, offended and oppressed, sympathy, sacrifice of personal interests for the sake of the humiliated and offended, forgiveness of betrayal, nobility, understanding of life, generosity, tolerance for other people’s shortcomings.

120 °, 60 ° N Prudence, prudence, thoroughness, attentiveness, seriousness and responsibility, consistency, constancy in feelings and affections (especially in men).

180 °, 90 ° N Severe depression, sadness, melancholy, mental heaviness, pessimism, disappointment in life, tearfulness, despondency, callousness, coldness, heartlessness, envy, weakness, indecision, powerlessness, fears (especially in children). Overcoming: firmness, resilience, thoroughness, great diligence, ability to endure pain, methodicalness, attentiveness to the little things, spiritual depth.

120 °, 60 ° N Subconscious intuition, premonitions, foresight of the future, disinterestedness, humanity, friendliness, originality, resourcefulness, ingenuity.

180 °, 90 ° N Heightened feelings, suicidal tendencies, unbearable mental pain, deeply vulnerable person, acute feelings, incontinence, irritability, hysteria, imbalance. In men (especially those born at night) – an indication for divorce. Excessive striving for freedom, in relation to such a person should not be any violence against the person (otherwise he will commit suicide). Overcoming: striving for spiritual freedom and independence, giftedness, originality, ingenuity.

120 °, 60 ° N Mental subtlety, inspired feelings, religious ecstasy, deep psychological awareness, providing psychological assistance to others, good material well-being.

180 °, 90 ° N Very great indecision, inability to choose, indulgence in one’s bad habits and whims, emotional vampirism (according to the passive version – I am, they say, poor, unhappy, have mercy on me), illusions, hypersensitivity, mediumship, sleepwalking, extrasensory perception, susceptibility to bad influences. Such people should not be hypnotized, psychologically influenced, engaged in spiritualism – dark forces easily capture such a person and he becomes obsessed.  Overcoming: imagination, spiritual depth, rich inner world, psychology, compassion and understanding, religiosity.

120 °, 60 ° N Popularity, impact on large masses of people on a subconscious level, the ability to captivate the crowd.

180 °, 90 ° N Overconfidence, the struggle for popularity, arrogance, psychological pressure, intemperance, stubbornness, psychological sadism and vampirism (according to the active type – to make a person angry, angry). Overcoming: healthy ambition, self-education, the ability to fight and win, psychological resilience (“Nordic character”), the ability to use power for good.

Aspects of Mercury

60 ° N The beauty of speech and writing, graphics, painting, an actor-phrasebook, a photographer-artist, delicate handwork, good imagination, a sense of beauty, taste, friendly, peaceful, sympathetic.

There are no tense aspects between Mercury and Venus – both of these planets are close to the Sun and  do not move away from each other at a distance of more than 72 ° degrees.

120 °, 60 ° N Eloquence, oratory, strong, energetic mind, manual physical work – “skillful hands” (blacksmith, locksmith, turner …)  , 180 °, 90 ° N. Sharp, caustic, perceptive mind, sharp, angry speech, foul language. The mind is angry, grumpy, irritable. Overcoming: strong, energetic mind; bright, convincing speech; directness, honesty, frankness.

120 °, 60 ° N Broad, philosophical, scientific, theoretical mind; vision of perspective, deep generalizations; easy-going, long-distance business trips.

180 °, 90 ° N Inconsistency in thoughts and words, illogical, speaks too much and energetically (just tired of others), chatty. Cunning, deceit.

120 °, 60 ° N Accurate, logical, mathematical, organized mind. Methodical, punctual, good memory. Ability to plan and organize, tact and diplomacy; laconic (always speaks to the point), accuracy of wording.

180 °, 90 ° N Poor memory (up to failures); poor memorization (you have to repeat it a hundred times); delays, difficulties and obstacles in business and contacts; disorganization, cowardice, cunning, deceit; speech defects are possible. Overcoming: punctuality, traits of an accountant (he will count everything, estimate, recheck many times); hard work, perseverance (it does not work, but does not quit – it does it until it works out); putting things in order (documents, business problems) in difficult cases.

120 °, 60 ° N Intuitive, original, inventive mind (this is the case with designers, inventors); mental freedom and independence; the gift of persuasion (judgments have a magnetically attractive force).

180 °, 90 ° N Chaos in the head. Thought and speech unpredictably jumps from one to the other. The mind is very sharp, critical. Radical ideas and judgments. Overcoming: great insight, intuition, independent mind (it is impossible for such a person to “powder his brains” and impose other people’s ideas).

120 °, 60 ° N Imagination, psychology, inspiration in speech and writing (this happens with poets, writers, psychologists). The mind is commercial or the person has spiritual interests. Propensity for secret knowledge (esotericism, occultism).

180 °, 90 ° N The mind is absorbed in itself; absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, subjectivism, partiality, obsessive thoughts and melodies, anxiety, an argument with someone within oneself, conversations “with oneself”; self-deception, a victim of illusions and delusions, slander and betrayal. He himself is also a deceiver and a fraudster (and communicates with the same). Overcoming: Interest in psychology, psychoanalysis. Love for psychological subtleties and complexities (can help others to understand these complexities).

120 °, 60 ° N Broad, strong mind. Powerful intellect. Entrepreneurship, interest in new things, convincing speech (there is practically nothing to object), eloquence.

180 °, 90 ° N Excitability, irritability, foul language, mental and verbal aggressiveness, reckless actions, arguments, is incorrect in discussions – he immediately turns to threats. Overcoming: strong-willed, persuasive speech; powerful mind; political ability (word leads the crowd).

Aspects of Venus

120 °, 60 ° N Harmony between feelings and actions. Lucky in money and in love. Popularity, artistry.

180 °, 90 ° N Disharmony between feelings and actions. Noisiness, loudness, excessive passion, sensuality, extravagance. Women have shamelessness and debauchery. Overcoming: popularity and artistry.

120 °, 60 ° N Kindness, generosity, mercy, forgiveness. Rich imagination, giftedness in some business, in art. Creativity, good material wealth.

180 °, 90 ° N Extravagance, vanity, frivolity, carelessness, insatiability, gluttony (eat a lot and often obese), sensuality, craving for excessive luxury. Overcoming: mercy, creativity.

120 °, 60 ° N Prudence, chastity, moderation, strict classical taste, discipline in feelings (duty always dominates over passion), loyalty, constancy (typical monogamous people). Reasonable moderation in spending.

180 °, 90 ° N Weakness, passivity, stinginess, money-grubbing, jealousy, prudence, suspicion, disappointment in love (especially in the horoscopes of men). Men also have love for an inaccessible woman. Overcoming: a strong sense of duty; responsibility to those whom he has tamed. Poetic gift (but still gloomy and tragic).

120 °, 60 ° N Magnetically attractive. Friendliness, likability; original in love and in art. Creativity, popularity. In art, they can become innovators (for example, invent a new way of drawing pictures, etc.) 

180 °, 90 ° C. Eccentric, emotionally unrestrained, extravagant. Strange (to say the least) tastes and preferences. Men have infidelity and free love. Overcoming: giftedness, talent, creativity.

120 °, 60 ° N A very strong imagination, musical or poetic gift, “rose-colored glasses”, amorousness, enjoys the beautiful (do not feed bread, it is better to listen to your favorite music), knows how to admire.

180 °, 90 ° N Unhealthy fantasies, detachment from reality, empty daydreaming, impracticality, indulgence, sloppiness, untidiness, goes with the flow (especially in a relationship with a loved one). Overcoming: rich imagination, subtle feelings, understanding of beauty, striving for perfection (“beauty will save the world!”).

120 °, 60 ° N Harmony in feelings. Feelings are strong and rich. The star of his circle (“queen of the gas station”). The gift to enchant.

180 °, 90 ° N Emotional instability, discord in feelings, incontinence, scandalousness, tragedies in love, sexual abuse. Dissatisfaction, shamelessness, inclination to “the sphere of sexual services” (striptease, prostitution, pornography, etc.). Overcoming: the struggle for love (true love, not sex), the pursuit of perfection, creativity (but again, with a bias towards tragedy).

Aspects of Mars

120 °, 60 ° N Love for freedom, nobility, courage, justice, honesty. Able to lead a large business, become the commander of a large military formation. The breadth, scope of action.

180 °, 90 ° N Conflict, explosive character, intemperance, big adventurer, despises social conventions. Obstinate, completely uncontrollable, rushing ahead. Overcoming: courage, struggle for justice with anyone (regardless of ranks and titles).

120 °, 60 ° N Physical hard work, physical endurance (good aspect for marathon runners or triathletes). Calm in acute situations, cold determination. Capable of solving complex problems (in sports, in production, in the army), self-control and discipline.

180 °, 90 ° N Risky, often puts himself in danger by his own actions. Pugnacious, rude, stuntman by nature. Very strong ambition, cruelty, violence, hatred, anger. Wolf’s appetite (tears off pieces with his teeth and swallows almost without chewing, as if throwing coal into the furnace), but does not get fat – an intensive metabolism. Overcoming: Ability to act boldly and decisively in any dangerous situations, courage, resilience.

120 °, 60 ° N Energy, the ability to convince, a special gift of suggestion , enterprise, talent, they know how to make friends.

180 °, 90 ° N Very radical, extremist, terrorist. Very headstrong and obstinate, harsh; his favorite way to solve the problem is to cut this knot. Arguing with such a person is not only useless, but also dangerous to health and even life. Overcoming: very bright, talented, fighter for a new and bright future, revolutionary.

120 °, 60 ° N Inspires and inspires others to take action. Acts on inspiration, can provide effective psychological assistance. It is often found in the horoscopes of sculptors, craftsmen in the production of musical instruments. Effective religiosity.

180 °, 90 ° N Psychologically blind: either they do not notice, or they ignore the state of others and continue to do their own. Fanaticism, obsession, neuroses on the verge of pathology, manic states, paranoid tendencies. Deception and self-deception. It is often found in the horoscopes of thieves, constantly wanting to “snatch” something alien, up to kleptomania. Fainting. In a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, they are rowdy. Overcoming: striving for high spiritual goals (and not in words, but in deeds); a deeply religious person living under the motto: “faith without works is dead!”

120 °, 60 ° N A very strong combination. They control, command a large number of people. Enthusiasm, enterprise. People’s leader, major commander or leader.

180 °, 90 ° N He is inclined to solve all problems by force. Dictator. Extremely conflicting. The bandit aspect is often found in the horoscopes of reketers, robbers, murderers, crime bosses.

Aspects of Jupiter

120 °, 60 ° N Foresight and calculation, choosing the right path, is never wrong when investing his capital (for example, he always puts money in a reliable bank). Honest, fair, conscientious, hardworking.

180 °, 90 ° N Conflict, unrestrained, unfair, makes major mistakes (including financial), miscalculations with large financial losses. Madcap. Overcoming: hard work, conscientiousness, a sense of duty, caution.

120 °, 60 ° N Free and independent, foresight, prophetic gift. Perspectives, open borders.

180 °, 90 ° N An inclination to take risks and adventures. Excessive love of freedom and independence. Social problems, unfavorable social circumstances. Radicalism, breaks of various kinds (leaving home, quitting school, quitting work, etc.). Overcoming: fighting for justice, freedom and independence.

120 °, 60 ° N High moral ideals, great wisdom, deep understanding of people, justice, mercy, forgiveness, philosophical mind, religiosity, spirituality, strong imagination.

180 °, 90 ° N Detachment from the realities of social life (it is as if a person does not live in our society). Transcendental idealism, social utopianism, major delusions. Such people are most often cheated and betrayed. Overcoming: high moral ideals, compassion, mercy. Give the needy last shirt.

120 °, 60 ° N Extremely famous and popular. They are able to lead a large business, a vision of prospects, wealth, great luck in games (lottery, roulette, etc.) 

180 °, 90 ° N. Power, authoritarianism, dictator (but popular). Overcoming: the ability to fight and win, strength, energy.

Aspects of Saturn

120 °, 60 ° N Concentrated mind, ability to foresee and plan the future, prudence, foresight, engaging in astrology (gives the accuracy of predictions).

180 °, 90 ° N Irritability, stubbornness, obstinacy, great conceit. Overcoming: tremendous penetrating power, patience, hard work, intransigence, endurance.

120 °, 60 ° N Spiritual concentration, interest in spiritual issues, great spiritual strength, patience, endurance (primarily psychological), self-control, discernment.

180 °, 90 ° N Disappointment, collapse of ideals, emotional distress, secret grief, misfortune, calamity, poverty, lies, slander (usually becomes a victim). Overcoming: spiritual strength, striving for spiritual heights, high morality.

120 °, 60 ° N Great diligence, ambition, perseverance, endurance, dedication, practicality, a great boss.

180 °, 90 ° N Conflict, egocentrism, forcibly implants his own opinion, authoritarianism, dictate. She commits stupid and ridiculous acts, as a result of which she can get dangerous injuries and injuries. Overcoming: will, endurance, determination.

Aspects of Uranus

120 °, 60 ° N Prophetic ability, insight, deep psychology. If he is engaged in astrology, then he gives correct predictions for inspiration, for inspiration from above.

180 °, 90 ° N Very heightened sensitivity – “exposed nerves”. Unreal idealism, neuroses. Utopian ideas of the future world order. Overcoming: spiritual concentration, strong intuition.

120 °, 60 ° N Frankness, honesty, sincerity, friendliness to everyone without exception, originality, courage, independence. Great popularity, success. The aspect of universal freedom, equality and fraternity.

180 °, 90 ° N Self-will, obstinacy, uncontrollability, eccentricity, extremism, fanaticism. Overcoming: the struggle for everything new, revolutionary. The leader of the revolution.

Aspects of Neptune

120 °, 60 ° N Spiritual growth, striving for spiritual perfection, the emergence of spiritual teachings and directions. The 60 °  aspect between these planets has been held from the late 30s (XX century) until the early 90s. Therefore, we observe during this period such a massive appearance of various spiritual teachings and trends, the advancement of eastern spiritual wisdom to the West.

180 °, 90 ° N Since the discovery of Pluto, these aspects have never developed (and they will not develop soon, the quadrature is only in the 2nd half of the 21st century, we will not live to see), so they can be characterized purely theoretically …