Tenth House in Astrology


Tenth House of Career and Social Status. The opposite house (fourth) governs your house; the tenth house protects everything connected with society – your professional activity, social status, reputation. It is also called the home of ambition, ambition and achievement. It shows how much others respect you. The tenth house reflects your image, power, position and the awards you can achieve. This is the outward expression of your talents, the ability to take responsibility, the result of your personal efforts. The tenth house significantly affects your material success.

The tenth house is the corner house of a collective group of houses and is the first region of the eastern hemisphere (hemisphere of self-realization). This house describes building a lasting relationship with the world at large. It contains information on how we create a social niche for ourselves, which is the answer to the question: “What will I do when I grow up?” This question is pertinent both at the age of nine and at the age of ninety, since the state of “adulthood” seems to us so far into the future that it takes oh so long to get to it.

In any chart, the Sun symbolizes personal power; it is a channel that connects us to the Cosmic Center. Through it, we are fed with energy, indicating the direction of development, the goal of supplying the personality with a sense of significance. The house where the Sun is located and the house it rules are the most powerful areas of the chart that determine the purpose of a person’s life.

The sector of the 10th house is the part of the space located directly below us. In this part of the sky at noon, the Sun is at its highest point. In the 10th house the influence of the Sun culminates, this is the pinnacle of the goal, but since the 10th house is the center of the upper hemisphere, such features are manifested through the collective, through the culture to which each of us belongs. So, in the 10th house the impersonal purpose of a person’s life is revealed.

The combination of angular position, the influence of the upper and eastern hemispheres, and connection with the planet Saturn create a powerful fusion of personal and collective responsibility. There is both egoism and the realization that you have to do something on your own. As a result, you assume the responsibilities of a leader, a steward of your own life and the lives of others. You climb a mountain, constantly feeling the height at which you are. Reach the top, and then you can share what you see with the whole world. Do the job you started, and you will gain authority.

The fourth house symbolizes personal safety in the home and family, and the 10th house symbolizes social safety: you know that you have a safe place in society. Traditional interpretations of the 10th house as spheres of ambition, career, social status and reputation do not lose their significance today. But in many books, the interpretation of the 10th house practically boils down to what is listed above. We must be aware that the experience of the 10th house goes beyond simply caring for success on a material or social level, as important as it may be. Glory is very exciting, but quite often it turns against us. Ambition is like a drug, and a drug does not contribute to the real execution of affairs.

In addition to power and ordinary success, the 10th house also has to do with achieving progress in spiritual life – a person taking full responsibility for his own development, real growth as a person, which ultimately leads to contact with the Divine flowing through us. The 10th house state indicates what tasks must be solved in order to grow up in order to achieve “true individuation”, to use the terminology of Jung’s followers.

Данный более глубокий уровень толкования показывает, каким образом Вы вносите максимальный вклад в развитие вселенной и, следовательно, обретаете признание; признание не как следствие почитания, славы и мощи, а как результат работы Ваших способностей в полную силу.

Achieving success in this house means that you have found a safe place on Earth – found through the conscious manifestation of your personal divinity, found, becoming a channel for a more majestic divinity, the universe itself. The Tenth House determines the zodiac sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn.