Taurus Woman


April 20 TO May 21

Symbol: The Bull

Slogan: I Have, Therefore I am.


Outwardly, the Taurus woman may appear relaxed and inactive, then all of a sudden she can shudder and a great eruption takes place.

The normal somewhat placid and caring nature of the Taurus girl should never be taken for granted. While she is in every way, a very loyal and resolute individual, she should never be deceived or betrayed.

This Taurus the Bull girl might be slow to erupt, but when she does, one does not want to be in the path of a powerful charging Bull..

Taurus is the personification of Mother Earth and a Taurus woman’s feelings are, like the richness of the earth’s bounty, buried deep within her philosophical sensitivity.

By nature, these Taurus girls may suffer somewhat from inertia; they are not to susceptible to change, and very much so where such changes are initiated by others and, outside of her complete control.

The Bull is generally extremely cautious, and this is a characteristic that can lead to either an excellent sense of timing or, alternatively, a total paralysis of action.

The Taurus woman is not generally the best person to initiate something that is new and original. She is however, considerably gifted when it comes to supporting and enriching the earlier efforts and developments of others.

Where the Taurus girl does start up her own project or concept then she will persevere and never divert from the path that will ultimately, lead to a successful conclusion.

By nature, the Taurus woman must hold a sound belief in the value and real worth of something or someone before she will agree to give her support.


The Taurus woman is a great one to hold on to, and to save her resources.

She often takes the viewpoint that money is an end in itself and, as result, she may often place far too much importance on economic security.

She can relate so intensely to having, that the very thought of not having, can become a very real cause for fear in her life.

She likes to enjoy the luxuries of life and loves to possess luxury items and, very much so where someone else is paying the bill for them!

She is very connected to her senses and holds a full appreciation for all of the finer things in life that a plentiful financial resource can provide.

By nature the Taurus woman leans toward being a very conservative person when it comes to money and, unlike some other signs, Aries for example, the Taurus girl will tend toward investing for the long term rather than to take any gambles or chances.

Real estate and/or fine art could be two investment areas that would appeal to the Taurus woman.


Taurus is a child of Venus, the goddess of love. Therefore the Taurus woman is very romantic and, once she has given her heart she does so with the thought of  “forever” in mind.

Since the Bull is earthy by temperament the sign of Taurus is one of the most sexual of all the signs.

Gaining the love of a Taurus woman might take quite a time, however, once accomplished, the Taurus woman will return your efforts with both loyalty and devotion and, she will remain a steadfast partner through out the most difficult of life circumstances you may encounter.

The Taurus woman does need constant proof of love and affection and, she expects evidence of such through flowers, special gifts and a profusion of physical attention and affection.

Those of signs Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer relate well with Taurus. Scorpios can prove attractive to the Taurus but could prove to present some difficulties.

Aries and Libra often result in very good friendships but relationships with those of the Leo and Aquarius signs could prove more than difficult.