Taurus Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Taurus Horoscope
Date Range: April 20 – May 20
Day: Monday, Friday
Color: Green, Pink, Blue
Element: Earth
Most Compatible with: Capricorn, Virgo

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Taurus is popularly known for its reliability, Taurus will try to help anybody that he found needing help without any question, they are kind, reliable, and dependable. Taurus is also have soft spot for luxury and will work hard to be able to enjoy those luxurious pleasures. Determination and strong are what symbolized Taurus, but Taurus is also a romantic lover who will do anything to please the loved one.

Weaknesses – Taurus loves his romantic partner deeply that it might become too possessive, it’s not only with a romantic partner, but also with anything that a Taurus is fond of. Beside the possessive trait, Taurus also has a bad habit of being too materialistic and they will not be afraid to throw all their savings to get the material pleasure that they seek. Some other negative traits of Taurus are selfishness and stubbornness.

Taurus Relationship with People

As a friend, a Taurus is someone who you can trust and depend at anytime. A Taurus will not hesitate to help someone who he is consider as a friend. If a Taurus consider a person as a friend, he will do anything to help him and will try to keep their friendship as long lasting as possible. Taurus is a reliable friend that has the tendency to have good sense of humor and that is what makes Taurus popular. Unfortunately, Taurus is also materialistic meaning he might be asking for something in return when he helps you, but it won’t be something that his friend cannot do or gives.

As a father, in family a Taurus father can be too pragmatic and too conservative with his kids. Taurus as a father believes that his kids should follow his example and see the meaning of his rule. Taurus father usually wanted his kids to have the same profession as he is. Although, it might means that the kids has less freedom, the Taurus father means well and he loves his kids, his wanted his kids to be in the same profession as he is because he has proved that his profession is indeed worth it.

As a mother, a Taurus is very attached to her children; the attachment between her and her children is too tight that people sometimes perceive that as being too possessive. Similar to a Taurus father, a Taurus mother will teach her children the moral value and rule that she believes in. Taurus mother loves her children very much, she will always be ready to gives her help whenever her children is in trouble. There will be no single day that a Taurus mother will not worry about her children.

As children, in family a Taurus child is prone of being lazy, they do not want to clean the room and usually just prefer being in the bedroom in holiday. Raising a Taurus child can be a challenge because the Taurus child is also known for being stubborn, but that does not mean that the child is not obedient. Taurus children love their parents, family, and Taurus child always wants to make the parents proud.

Taurus Sex and Love

Taurus Career

Taurus is a reliable worker and a dependable person, Taurus prefer stability and prefer to do things properly and will not put his project on risk, that means that Taurus will not take a risk of trying something new and unproven even though it might sounds effective. These are some of the careers that are perfect for Taurus; banking, medicine, education, construction and agriculture. Rewards are a big motivator for Taurus, they loves career that has high reward value but it’s not the only thing that drive a Taurus forward in his career, Taurus is also a professional who appreciate his own self value, when he set his goal, he will do anything to achieve it even though it will takes a long time.

Positive Qualities

Down to Earth

Taurus does not want to boast his achievement of showing his power; they are gentle and generous towards people.


Taurus is will always do things properly, this makes them very reliable.


If Taurus acknowledges you as one of his close acquaintance, then Taurus will help you whenever you are in trouble, no question asked.


Taurus has strong character and prefers not to rely or trouble anybody.


Once a Taurus set on a goal, they are determined to see it to the end, they will do anything to make sure that their goals came true.


Taurus is also known for being patient, whatever they do, they prefer to do it steadily, they believe to rush something means to risk it failing.

Negative Qualities


Taurus loves money more than the other horoscopes; in this case, it is common to see a Taurus being too overly frugal with the savings.


Most Taurus is motivated by money and other materialistic luxury.


Taurus is known for being dependable and reliable, but if a Taurus is asked to do things that e hates or has no motivation too, he will do the task without any determination, it can takes a long time to finish a simple task but it won’t affect the Taurus because he is also very patient.


Taurus is very possessive of something they love, often resulted in jealousy and resentment towards other.

Self indulgent

Taurus thinks that everything centers on him.


When a Taurus has determined on something, he will not change his mind no matter what.

How to Make Taurus Women Attracted to You

To attract Taurus woman, you need to be patient, Taurus prefer to do romance steadily and will not rush things. A Taurus woman wants to feel that you will be able to give her a stable relationship, if you have the patience and is able to make her attracted to you, a Taurus woman will never leave you and will love you all her life. Other thing to note is that Taurus woman also loves luxurious things, so buy her gifts to get her attention.

How to Make Taurus Men Attracted to You

If you are interested in Taurus man, just get to the point, Taurus man is known for being unable to take a hint and prefer being direct, he will not know that you are interested to him unless you say so. It is difficult to win over Taurus man and Taurus man does not really prefer compliment, so patience is the key in this relationship. One important thing about a Taurus man is that loyalty and honesty is super important, Taurus man won’t forgive disloyalty.