Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Taurus and Libra are protected by Venus, the goddess of love and fertility, giving both special sensitivity. Despite this, such a combination of signs can not be called successful: for them the proverb says that from love to hatred one step. Often they meet, quickly fall in love and soon part, coolly muttering each other at last. Nevertheless, they have many common qualities, present in both to a greater or lesser extent. This can serve as an excellent foundation on which Taurus and Libra can build a satisfying relationship.

Both signs are balanced, strive for beauty and harmony in everything. Both Taurus and Libra are devoted partners and friends, appreciate loyalty to others and care for loved ones. But their temperaments are at different poles. Taurus prefer a settled way of life, they are gentle and peaceful. Despite the high sensitivity, they show little emotion for show. But Libra is easy to climb, like travel and extreme kinds of entertainment, they are attracted by adventure and friendly communication.

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Libra

Compatibility of Taurus and Libra is unstable, it is difficult to predict for sure. Everything will depend on the characters of specific people. Taurus — a fixed sign, refers to the earthly elements, it is difficult to change and adapt to the needs of others. Also, his formidable stubbornness contributes to this. The Libra, on the contrary, are mobile and can vary depending on the circumstances. Their native element is air, which explains their frivolity and instability. In this regard, the success of the relationship in this pair will depend more on the behavior of Libra. If they see a defender and patron in the sign of fire, they will try to do everything possible to strengthen their union.

The compatibility horoscope for Taurus with Libra does not promise them a heavenly relationship also because Taurus are realists from the crown to the tips of toes, prefer to live in reality, believing only their eyes and ears. Libra, on the contrary, put spiritual development at the forefront and sometimes hang in dreams and illusions invented by them. The sky will never meet the earth: the same is extremely difficult to make Venus’s wards. At first, they may like each other greatly, but the closer they get to know, the more distant they are. However, there are always exceptions: partners will be able to get along if they express a mutual desire to get to know each other better, and will also have common interests.

Taurus and Libra Business Compatibility

Industriousness is a key word in their business alliance, so the compatibility of Taurus and Libra in work is considered high. The sign of the earth will persistently pore over any given task. He will work out all the details, provide for any risks of the project and will make a competent action plan. The Libra can easily adapt to any work and circumstances, therefore they are considered to be persistent and durable. Their working tandem will bring good results, beneficial to both of them. And also Taurus gives Libra support where they lose confidence and determination. Their union is able to survive for a long time.

The compatibility of Taurus with Libra in friendship is also beneficial. Similar features allow them to have common goals and interests, due to what they are not bored together. And the differences they successfully complement each other. Taurus teaches the air sign of practicality, gives confidence and often lowers them from heaven to earth. Libra with its restlessness and curiosity, on the contrary, brings in the stable life of Taurus variety.

Taurus and Libra Love Compatibility

The signs have one patronizing planet for two, but the elements are different. Therefore, the compatibility of Taurus and Libra in love is below average due to the existing cardinal differences. To create a strong couple, they will need a lot of time and effort to learn to accept the shortcomings of the other. For example, Libra is very fond of communicating with people, they always aspire to where life is boiling, have many friends and admirers. Taurus is by nature a uniform owner with a penchant for excessive jealousy: the free behavior of the air sign will irritate Taurus and provoke the emergence of conflict situations. In this case, either the sign of the land needs to accept the partner’s sociability, which is unlikely to happen because of his stubbornness. Or Libra should behave more modestly, suppressing its true interior, which is also unlikely, since free air can not be kept.

As a rule, the initiator of the beginning of relations in their pair are Libra, as they are more sociable and are attracted to people. Taurus is closed in nature, although benevolent, but reluctant to contact first. The compatibility of Taurus with Libra in a relationship can be beneficial if they focus on similarities with each other: both have a craving for everything related to aesthetics, cultural and beautiful life. In courtships, signs love romance and abundantly subordinate it to their relationship. Libra can often show indecision and irritate a partner. Taurus, in turn, with its stubbornness often displays an air sign for negative emotions. If each of them takes into account the peculiarities of the partner and tries to accept them, something can happen between them.

Taurus and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Despite the significant differences, the compatibility of Taurus and Libra in bed is good: they have practically no sexual problems. Libra fill intimate relationships with novelty, tenderness, affection and care. For Taurus, these qualities are very important in the partner, and therefore from the bed he gets fully satisfied. Taurus also loves corporal caresses and gladly thanks the diligent Libra. Both are distinguished by high sensuality, are skillful lovers and therefore know how to make each other nice.

Taurus in bed with Libra often occupy if not a leadership, then a very active position. This is also due to his propensity for jealousy: having a partner during sex, the land sign in some way relieves his tension associated with this feeling. Libra are pliable and easily agree to any experiments.

Taurus and Libra Family Compatibility

Both signs tend to create a family and the birth of children. Taurus’s compatibility with Libra in marriage may be their different views on what a joint life should be like. Taurus like a quiet holiday in the bosom of nature or at home in a quiet family circle. Libra rest and restore their strength where there is an exchange of energy, which is possible only in communicating with people and gaining new emotions and impressions. The financial side can also give many reasons for quarrels. Libra are more concerned with the spiritual component of life and like spending money on going to the movies, concerts and exhibitions. Taurus, being a materialist, invests money in his comfort and convenience, for example, in the acquisition of objects for everyday life or repair.

Grounded Taurus and lofty Libra, marrying, with great desire can bring to life each other a lot of new and interesting. A practical Taurus can teach Libra a lot, and if they show seriousness and listen, they will gain a lot of useful experience. The air sign will teach Taurus at least sometimes to relax and remove the hand from the control button. Thus, the compatibility of Taurus and Libra in family life can be quite successful, provided that there are mutual deep feelings and a mutual desire to find a compromise among the spouses.