Taurus and Leo Compatibility


Taurus — the ward of Venus, the planet of love, belongs to the elements of the earth. The Leo is led by the Sun, which gives him love for a beautiful and rich life, and the element of fire makes him bright and stable. Between these zodiac signs a lot in common: the passion for beautiful things, comfortable life and delicious food. Leo attracts a partner with his bright personality, stateness and inner confidence. Taurus attracts the fire sign with its seriousness, poise and warm attitude. Both love the process of courtship, filled with romance and gifts.

The planets, which control them, are located close to each other, which affects the similarity of their characters. In addition to positive common features, they have common negative aspects. For example, both have a stubbornness. But if they take into account this feature, they will be able to form a successful couple with a good prospect for the development of their relationship. The rest of the partners are attractive to each other. They both satisfy in their pair one important need for them — to be a source of admiration for others. The Leo and Taurus gladly praise each other, and for the first praise and admiration are vitally important.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Leo

The compatibility of Taurus with Leo has a good level. Both have ambitions that are different, but when combined, the signs will successfully enrich each other. Leo throughout his life seeks a status position, luxury and wealth. He behaves like a king and organizes his space, according to these preferences. For Taurus, stability and safety are a priority. Strong love, reliable rear and family — the qualities that unite them. Both tend to take the position of the championship in the relationship, so on this ground they can often quarrel. But if both understand the value of their couple, experience sincere feelings for each other, they can learn to smooth out the sharp angles in communication.

The desire for stability and reluctance to change is characteristic of both. This is because the signs are fixed, that is, any innovations will cause them unpleasant feelings and discomfort. If they create a pair, then, most likely, it will be a long time. Therefore, the horoscope of compatibility between Taurus and Leo is favorable. They value and respect each other, they are able to distribute their roles in a pair, which makes their union successful and promising. Leo is a generous and caring partner, and Taurus only needs it. Although he, in turn, gives no less heat and care.

Taurus and Leo Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Leo in work can be successful, especially in the pair where Leo is the boss, and Taurus is subordinate. The Trust of the Sun successfully copes with the role of the leader: he has a vision with which he can effectively plan the work. Taurus is a born workaholic who is not afraid of monotonous work. And the more difficult the task, the greater the tenacity of the sign of the earth. Between peers in the face of Taurus and Leo, there may be friction based on the topic of leadership, important for both, as well as their stubbornness.

The compatibility of Taurus and Leo in friendship is unlikely. Different ambitions give few points of contact, on which they could build friendly relations. Taurus more sluggish, more inward looking. Leos, on the contrary, want to be the center of attention. Taurus loves a beautiful life, but luxury is not worth it for him at the head of the corner, unlike Leo. Both want to be leaders, which will be the cause for conflict. Lack of common life goals complicates the matter: it is not profitable for friends to yield to each other.

Taurus and Leo Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus with Leo in love is beneficial: they quickly fall in love with each other and begin a long game of courtship. As a rule, representatives of these signs have an attractive and memorable appearance, so it is difficult for them not to notice each other. Their first dates are filled with mutual interest and rapid communion. A little while later it can go into the monologue form, as Leo will constantly show off his chic mane and tail, and Taurus will be happy to watch it. He used to do a lot and talk a little, so boasting will quickly start to tire him.

And here the compatibility of Taurus and Leo in the relationship will depend on their mutual attraction and prudence: Taurus needs to show more of itself, and Leo to moderate his self-praise and more interested in the partner. If both signs try to understand each other, find out better and take into account the partner’s characteristics, then the union will have chances of continuation. But it may also happen that Leo in this communication his own person will be more interesting, and then Taurus will be offended, close and break off relations. Over time, quarrels can arise on the basis of jealousy, which comes from the side of Taurus. Leo loves attention and therefore always responds with pleasure to compliments of others, which irritates his partner insanely, although the sign of fire differs with unshakable fidelity.

Taurus and Leo Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Leo in bed is at a high level. Under the blanket leader is Leo: he often takes the initiative and seeks to satisfy the partner, and then collects praise and applause. Taurus is a more sensual nature, he likes that much attention is paid to him in the bed and try to please him. Both signs are indefatigable in sexual pleasures and can have sex a lot and often. Leo offers tempting experiments, which Taurus enjoys responding with pleasure.

The Leo directs, Taurus obeys: such a scheme, as a rule, suits both. And even if there are conflicting times in the relations of partners, and with them sex disappears, none of them will side with. For Taurus loyalty is the principal moment in the relationship. And Leo considers such a betrayal to be beneath his dignity. If one of the signs is carried away by someone else, then before he breaks the love relationship with a permanent partner, and only then will he build a new union.

Taurus and Leo Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Leo in marriage is good, and its level increases with time. Partners must learn to bypass sharp angles and put up with the shortcomings of each other. Leo must at least occasionally give Taurus the reins of government in their hands, and then the amount of friction between them will decrease. And the sign of the earth must accept that in addition to his opinion, there is still the opinion of a partner, as well as to turn a blind eye to his insane, unreasonable expenditure of the general budget. Partners need to show mutual patience, wisdom and learn to seek compromises. Basically, their relationship is filled with pleasant surprises and romance, as both signs feel well each other, like to give care and warmth.

A Leo rushing to riches will never leave his family hungry, regardless of who he is — a man or a woman. Taurus can make him a good company with his prudent and active actions. The compatibility of Taurus and Leo in family life increases with the appearance of children in the marriage. Both signs consider their offspring a special gift and value, in connection with which both Taurus and Leo become attentive and caring parents. If one day these two will dislike each other, they will not part because of the children, since none of them will want to deprive themselves of their society.