Tarot Symbols – Temperance

Tarot Symbols – Temperance

One of the tarot symbols has the image of an angel and this is the Temperance card. This tarot symbol is all to do with balance. However, in interpreting this card, it is important to do so carefully because, compared to other tarot symbols, Temperance is subtler. Temperance is to do with our spiritual being. You will often hear whispers in your ears, like a peaceful body of water attracting you towards its beauty and this same form of water seems to run through your physical being and spirit.

Temperance is one of the tarot symbols that have the power to cleanse your soul and give tranquillity to the mind. When the Temperance tarot symbol appears, it gives you a limitless imagination. It gives you the ability to imagine yourself in a nice, serene place, beautiful seas where you can dive into its deep waters. Diving, as far as the interpretation of the Temperance tarot card is concerned, is said to be a great way to connect with the rhythmic flow of healing waters. The flow of this healing power can greatly affect you and even rejuvenate your emotional being.

The presence of this most tranquil of tarot symbols warns you of the power that could get into your core, because the Temperance card is a great source of power. When this card appears, a careful re-examination of your life should be made and respected. This tarot card is an indicator that a healing is needed or is already taking place. In this situation, you should make changes, in order to achieve a peaceful balance in your life. A keyword used to describe Temperance is “moderation”, because being moderate can bring you superb healing and a connection to the flow of the earth can start.

Of all the tarot symbols, Temperance involves chemistry and the elements that are present in our lives. These elements have to be carefully mixed so that there is a flow in everything that comes to our lives. The Temperance tarot symbol reminds us to practice sobriety, to embrace the need for emotional strength, to welcome the healing of our spiritual being and the need for us to realize that, as humans, we need to love ourselves. When you do this, the different aspects of your life never have to be empty again.

When Temperance appears in a reading of tarot symbols, it shows the chance to embrace and accept those people who are long gone and who are already living in the world of unknown.