Tarot Symbols – Meanings of the Symbol “The Lovers”

Tarot Symbols - Meanings of the Symbol “The Lovers”

One of the tarot symbols representing mystical messages is the angels, or ‘Lovers’ card. Depicting a sense of inspiration and higher level of reflection and moral matters, angels were also known to be the givers of messages.

There are several tarot cards with the angel in it, but one is the ‘lovers’ tarot card. In interpreting the tarot symbols of this card, it is important to understand the keywords linked to it. This tarot symbol represents love in all its manifestations. The “Lovers” Card is one of the tarot symbols that represent passion, but it also encompasses sexual intimacy, infatuation and even temptation. Usually this card emerges when you are thinking of embarking on a new loving relationship, when you are in multiple romantic relationships or when you are madly in love with another person. The appearance of this tarot symbol is not limited to romantic relationships; it will also appear when there is a possible development in business matters, friendship and even family affairs.

Tarot symbols for patience, honesty, communication and giving would hopefully appear alongside the Lovers card, as this would give an optimum profile for relationships and show a solid foundation for the future of the relationship.

This tarot symbol is a clear reminder to anyone who is contemplating entering into a new romance that a balance in the relationship is very vital. Remember that, although the feeling of intense love can be extremely intoxicating, this does not make a concrete basis for a romantic relationship. When a relationship has a weak foundation, temptation will surely come your way. You will soon find out that the feel of sex, the promise of money and the prestige are on their way to tempt and break you. Tarot symbols of lovers, characterize the whole package included in a relationship and can be very complex.

One version of the meaning of this tarot symbol is the portrayal of the archangel Raphael, seen standing behind two lovers with his both arms fully stretched outward. This depiction is said to be an utterance of pure blessing and emotional therapy.

Tarot symbols representing love and relationships should always be read with a balance of emotion and intuition. Being powerful cards they are often looked upon as good and hopeful cards, but this is not always the case. There are always two sides to each of the tarot symbols.