Tarot Spread and Meanings


Tarot Spread and Meanings

Tarot cards are used to give person guidance. The tarot cards need to be shuffled by the person that is having the reading before a reading can be made. When the person shuffles the deck they should also concentrate on the question or the area in their lives that they need guidance with.

Once the cards are shuffled the then deck is cut and the reader will lay the cards out in a pattern which is called the tarot spread. The positions of the spread each have a meaning. There are various types of spreads that range from just a single card to ones that include all of the 78 cards. The type of spread that is used will be up to the reader and the specific question or reading. The most common spread is the Celtic Cross.

Card Meanings

Once the cards have been laid out the meanings of them are interpreted which is determined by their positions and the neighbouring cards.

The tarot cards have various meanings which will depend where they fall in the spread. Here are the cards and their meanings. These cards appear in a tarot deck that forms the Major Arcana.

  1. The Fool – This card can refer to innocence and enthusiasm or it can refer to new beginnings. It is often views as a warning against behaving irresponsibly in a new venture. When the fool card is reversed it shows insecurity and indecision.
  2. The Magician – This tarot card can refer to changes to come or a warning that someone is trying to fool you. When this card is reversed it can show being to manipulative or using your skills for dark purposes.
  3. The High Priestess – This card shows the feminine psyche and wisdom as well as call to use your powers of intuition. When this card is reserved is can show talents or skills that are going to waste.
  4. The Empress – This card shows the entire life cycle and is mostly recognised as the wise woman. When this card is reversed it can represent infertility or a lack of looking after you.
  5. The Emperor – This card often signifies takings into your own hands. When it is reversed it can show an abuse of authority or a weak character.
  6. The Pope – This tarot card expresses virtues of goodness and forgiveness. When this card is reversed it may signal that you have fallen into a rut.
  7. The Lovers – This card can show a romantic alignment or a change in your romantic situation. When this card is reversed it can indicate the end of a relationship or a failure to adjust to challenges.
  8. The Chariot – This card often shows a struggle that lies ahead or an upcoming journey. When reversed it can show a failure to conquer fears.
  9. Strength – This means that you need to draw your own inner strength and compassion. When this card is in reverse it can mean that you are not being true to your values or you are abusing authority.
  10. The Hermit – This expresses the need for solitude and reflection. In reverse it may show feelings of alienation and suspicion.
  11. The Wheel of Fortune – This is a symbol of changing fate and a need to take action. In reverse it can show unexpected events.
  12. Justice – This tarot card shows balance. In reverse it can represent legal problems or general unfairness.
  13. The Hanged Man – This card shows a need to sacrifice in order to achieve or the need to re-evaluate your situation. In reverse it can show a refusal to accept reality.
  14. Death – The death card actually shows a life altering change that you may not have any control over. The reverse signals fighting inevitable changes.
  15. Temperance – This tarot card shows self-control, moderation and living in balance. When this card is reversed it shows that you are unbalanced and also that you are living in the past.
  16. The Devil – There are several meanings for the devil card. It can represent addiction but it can also represent bad influences in your life. When this cards is reversed it can indicate repressed feelings.
  17. The Tower – The Tower card shows two people being thrown out of a tower and represents massive changes. This has the same meaning no matter how the card is positioned.
  18. The Star – This card represents rejuvenation and opportunity. In reverse it can show unfulfilled dreams or disappointment.
  19. The Moon – This tarot warns you not to fall prey to deceptions. In reverse it shows that you are using bad judgment.
  20. The Sun – The card shows general satisfaction in all aspects of life and can also hint an upcoming trip. In reverse it can show unhappiness in a certain area of life.
  21. Judgement – This card tells you to take stock of your life and reassess your future. In reverse it can be a sign of unwillingness to accept facts.
  22. The World – This card shows the fruits of your efforts. When reversed it can show an inability to follow through.

There are other tarot cards that fall into the minor Arcana. These are:

  • Swords: These denote action and agitation
  • Cups: These predict emotional changes
  • Wands: Creative thought and development.
  • Coins/Pentacles: Physical comforts, money issues and career.