Tarot Card Meanings – Understanding the Vocabulary of the Tarot


If you are new to the world of tarot reading, there are many things that you should know and understand. You have a long road ahead of you. Tarot card reading is not something that comes quickly.

It takes time and patience in order to read and understand the tarot cards. One of the many things that a person should educate themselves on is the vocabulary of the tarot. The vocabulary that surrounds the tarot can be very confusing and difficult to understand. In this article, we will take a look at the many words and phrases that surround tarot cards so that you may better understand that in which you are dealing with.

One of the first terms that you will come in contact with when you start to deal in tarot cards is the term “Arcana”. This is a very basic term that is used in tarot, and used often. Arcana refers to the particular sets of cards that make up a tarot deck. In a basic tarot deck, and in most specialty decks, there is a major arcana and there is also a minor arcane. As you study the tarot more frequently, you will quickly come to understand what types of cards are in each set of the arcana’s.

The major arcane consists of numerous types of cards. The cards that are in the major arcane of the deck represent things that are stable. Things that are permanent are also represented by these cards. Usually, a person cannot change the things in their life that these cards represent. The minor arcane cards reflect things that challenge people; things that people have total control over and are able to change.

Within the arcana cards, there are other cards. These cards each have their own meanings and represent a variety of things. If you have a card that is cups, that usually represents the many relationships that are in a person’s life. Cards that are wands indicate challenges that are often mental. If you come across a sword card, you are usually looking at various conflicts that a person can face in their life. The pentacle cards show you things like a person’s finances.

If a person is on the receiving end of a tarot card reading, they are often referred to as a “Querent”. The person who receives a tarot card reading is always informed of the term free will and how it relates to the reading that they are about to receive. It is important for people who receive a tarot card reading to know and understand that the reading is simply intended to be used for a guide and nothing more.

Many people often come away from a reading only to find themselves disappointed later on when the future did not come out as predicted it would in the spread that they received during their reading. A spread is simply a pattern method that is used in order to read the cards.