Since the birth of the world, animals have always been present in human history; from mythology to science; reason why not unusual to find them in the spiritual world is. In the tarot, the animals are represented as spiritual guides and counselors; opening the spiritual awareness and connecting with them and the universe, can be discovered the mission in life.

In some tarot cards appear some animals, such as The Fool, The Moon, and The World. These cards could indicate that you should hear more your own instincts before acting. Apparently, the person is carried away by the rules, rationality or influence of others, and with all that noise you can’t listen to what you instincts are telling you. Is this what the dogs indicate that appear in both cards, The Fool and The Moon.

Is interesting how his message is repeated in The World card, but pointing the man as the center of all things, and accompanied by the nobility of beef, the strength of the lion, and the freedom of birds. It is a symbol that evokes the nature that influences man’s life, and produces inner contact with his own essence; away from bad vibes, social standards, education, and starting from a unit, lonely and unique to start again, as born again.

The carriage tarot card, carries two powerful horses, one luminous and the other dark, which have come to agree to enter to the wild and untamed part of himself and embark on the adventure.
The Moon tarot card, explores the attraction of the moon to the most basic animal instincts. The dog barks at the moon, and the wolf howls. Both are also expressions of insanity. A lobster. The sign of Cancer, raises its claws towards the moon from its hiding place.

The World, another tarot card, is represented by a crown supported by an angel and a bird. In the center, a naked woman. Outside the crown, at her feet, there are a bull and a lion. The animals are arranged each one on the four corners of the card. Representing the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. The female figure represents the world. The lion and the bull that are at her feet represent power, strength, and virility.

Each animal has its own language, color, shape, and energy flow. You only have to look at them carefully with acuity and admiration to understand what they can teach you about the process of adaptation to the fascinating natural world. Unleash the powers of animals as divine guidance, so you will be directed by the mysterious path of the universe.