Tablecloth magic: money rituals and conspiracies for good luck


“The tablecloth will decorate the house and save you from trouble” – this is what our ancestors thought. This household item has long been used by many peoples in wedding and funeral rites. And, of course, the table was covered with a tablecloth.

Tablecloth and superstition

Remember the expressions “Bread and salt”, “Tea and sugar”? But there was one more, symbolizing hospitality and hospitality – “Table and tablecloth.” And this is no coincidence. The table and the tablecloth are one whole. The table in the house is God’s palm, so in Russia they never knocked on the table with their fist, for this is a great sin.

Neither on weekdays nor on holidays, our ancestors could not even imagine sitting at a table not covered with a tablecloth, because food is a gift from God, it needs special respect. The tablecloth was compulsorily laid for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and was removed in between meals. After finishing the meal, the tablecloth was shaken over the table, the crumbs were carefully collected and given to the birds. And if suddenly some crumb accidentally fell to the floor, it was immediately lifted, because they sincerely believed that God’s gift should not be trampled.

Signs and beliefs about tablecloths

Signs on the tablecloth will convince you that the tablecloth will not only decorate your home, it will help preserve your well-being and protect you from troubles. Our ancestors knew this and bequeathed to us a lot of rituals and will take on the tablecloth.

● Signs on the tablecloth of our ancestors say that the table and the tablecloth are one. The ancestors considered it a great sin to bang on the table with their fist, because the table was considered God’s palm.

● In the old days, the tablecloth was necessarily the main item of the bride’s dowry. To ensure the well-being of the family being created, the girl’s mother wrapped bread, salt and an icon in a tablecloth.

● Our ancestors necessarily covered the dining table with a tablecloth. Moreover, the tablecloth was laid on the table, serving breakfast, lunch or dinner. In between meals, the tablecloth was removed from the table. Each time, removing the tablecloth from the table after a meal, it was shaken off onto the table. After that, the crumbs were carefully collected and fed to the birds. It was forbidden to trample the crumbs, the crumbs that fell on the floor were also collected and given to the birds.

● The tablecloth cannot be repaired. It must be used as much as possible and then burned. The tablecloth cannot be used on rags.

● To make your home prosperous, put some money on the table under the tablecloth.

● Every home must have a white linen tablecloth. Tablecloth signs are noted, a linen-covered table unites the family and neutralizes all odds.

● To attract money to the house, put a large bill under the tablecloth for 3 days before the full moon.

● To attract money into your home, you need to shake out the tablecloth that was used to cover the table every time after a feast immediately after the guests leave.

● There are very unusual signs on the tablecloth. So, if there are unmarried girls (women) in the house, then in no case should the tablecloth be boiled. Otherwise, all potential suitors will be lost.

● Under no circumstances should you wipe yourself off with a tablecloth after washing or bathing. Otherwise, you can attract damage or evil eye.

● In order to successfully marry your daughter, you must have time to remove the tablecloth from the table after the festive feast before all the guests leave your house.

● In order to maintain friendly relations with any family and be a welcome guest in their house, you need to give this family a tablecloth.

● Do not wipe your hands on the tablecloth, otherwise burrs will appear on all fingers.

● If welcome guests are late for your feast, you need to shake the tablecloth over the table. The guests will hurry up and will definitely come.

● Signs on the tablecloth say that if you put a knife under the tablecloth on the festive table, then during the feast, the guests will eat some food and quickly get enough.

● After the wedding, the young wife must, in her husband’s house, lay the tablecloth brought with her on the table and not remove it from the table for several days. This unpretentious ceremony will help a young woman to painlessly integrate into the family of her husband.

  • After the wedding feast, the tablecloth was carefully removed from the table, the crumbs were shaken out into the chest with grain – they believed that this would bring wealth to the young and the bread in their house would never run out.
  • It is also interesting that the tablecloth was certainly given to daughters as a dowry, and the bride’s mother wrapped the icon, bread and salt in the tablecloth, which was considered a guarantee of the well-being of future family life.
  • As soon as the young wife crossed the threshold of her husband’s house, she immediately laid the tablecloth she brought on the table and did not clean it for several days: it was believed that the tablecloth has magical properties and introduces it to a foreign family.
  • Most often, a “naked” table predicts conflicts and discord between household members.
  • For the female half, an empty table predicts a long lull in the sexual sphere. Moreover, the unwitting culprit will be the owner of the furniture herself, who has lost interest in this side of life due to household chores or high workload.
  • Another prediction concerns the material sphere. The eternally “naked” table promises a poverty-stricken existence. And this is not surprising! After all, there is no tablecloth under which it is customary to hide bills to attract money to the family. So where does the wealth come from?
  • If you are working hard to solve a problem, then an empty tabletop warns that all your plans and projects need serious revision. Take your time with the implementation, think over and over again to be sure to succeed.
  • The only positive interpretation of the omen is possible if you saw a table without a tablecloth only in a dream. In this case, in reality you will have a dizzying career takeoff and a solid increase in income.

Tablecloth for money

To always have money in the house, you can, following the example of our ancestors, make a “money tablecloth”. Take a piece of canvas slightly larger than the table, hem the edges, and sew a coin in the four corners. At night, when everyone in the house goes to bed, let the oldest woman in the family sweep the edges of the tablecloth with red woolen threads, saying:

“The sun is sleeping, but I am not sleeping, I speak a conspiracy, I create witchcraft. I sweep, I sew, I sew not threads to the tablecloth, but wealth to the house. As the thread is long, so I would have a debt of money. The tablecloth is on the table, and the money is in the house. Whoever eats bread and salt at that tablecloth will have money in his purse. A tablecloth to lie down, a house to stand, and wealth to come. I didn’t sew, I didn’t say, Saint Martha sewed, said her sister, Mary. All saints, help and forgive. Amen. Amen. Amen”.

Then you need to cut off three slices from a loaf of black bread, put them on a beautiful plate, on one side put a jug of milk, on the other – a white candle and read another conspiracy:

“With bread, milk, fire, I protect, conjure, I drive away witchcraft from home.

Next, this tablecloth must be laid on the table, covered with a regular tablecloth on top and never washed.

You can do even easier: put money under the tablecloth on the table, and there will always be plenty of money in the house!

Ritual and conspiracy for money

They read a conspiracy on the growing moon. The tablecloth is taken almost new, that is, you bought it and the whole family had time to dine on it three times. And, accordingly, on the fourth day at night, when no one sees you, a conspiracy for money is read.

While the sun is not in the sky, I whisper-set, I want to call Happiness into the house, Not for a day or two, And as long as I’m alive. Help me, moon, Always be rich. I sew the denyuzhku with a red thread to the tablecloth. Tablecloth, lie down on the table, There’s some denyuzhka in the house! A tablecloth on the table to lie, And the money to run to the house! Jesus Christ, do not leave, Ever-dear Mary, direct. Forever and ever. Amen. 

Take 5 coins, put them in the center of the tablecloth and in the corners, read the plot three times on the tablecloth. Then hide the coins under the tablecloth so that they increase the power of the money magic. It is highly unlikely that anyone in the household will find them in such a secret place. But if this does happen, then you need to try another money conspiracy. 

Tablecloth for reconciliation

Every housewife in the house should have a white linen tablecloth. Covering the table with it is not only very beautiful and stylish. Such a tablecloth still has the property of reconciling all family members, if quarrels and strife suddenly began between them.

Let the hostess buy a new tablecloth (without patterns, lace or other trimmings). Then you should conduct the ritual of its activation on the growing moon: in the evening, when everyone goes to bed, lay the tablecloth inside out on the table, put three identical plates, on which place a piece of bread with a stuck church candle. As you light the candles, say:

May there always be peace and tranquility in this house, neither you, nor I, no one else will destroy it. I will put a white tablecloth on the table, I will order everyone who is in a quarrel to put up . “

Wait until the candles burn out, throw the cinders into running water, and feed the bread to animals or birds.

The next day, be sure to gather all the household members at a table covered with a magic tablecloth – for lunch or tea, and no matter how difficult the conflict in the family, it will definitely be extinguished.

After the feast, wash the tablecloth, since it is necessary to wash off all the negativity from it. And when you wash, mentally thank her for taking away all the bad things from her family, giving good and consent in return.

Tablecloth conspiracy

This money ritual is familiar to many of us, and this conspiracy is strong enough and can easily help you improve your financial affairs.

After the festive dinner, remove everything from the table, and do not sweep the crumbs from the tablecloth, but collect them in it. Go out onto the balcony of the apartment or into the courtyard, if you live in a mansion, shake out the tablecloth, saying:

“How many crumbs are on the tablecloth, so much money for our house or family.”

And visualize your wealth growing.

Paper envelope with a wish under the tablecloth

At midnight before your birthday, write down your desire for finances and material well-being on a blank sheet of paper. Just formulate it succinctly and it should be quite real and achievable. Fold the piece of paper into an envelope and hide it under the tablecloth.

The next day, take an envelope with a wish, burn it, and scatter the ashes in the wind, visualizing its fulfillment in all colors.

A simple ritual to make your wishes come true

At Christmas, you can make your cherished wish and make it so that it will certainly come true throughout the year.

So, a few minutes before midnight, write your wish on a blank sheet of paper, and say your cherished wish out loud 3 times. When the clock strikes midnight, roll up a sheet of paper and put it under a clean tablecloth on the table, and go to bed with the confidence that your conceived will certainly be brought to life. And the Higher Forces will definitely take care of this.