Sun-Uranus conjunction


(Natal Sun → Natal Uranus)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Such interaction of these planets gives spontaneity, eccentricity, impulsiveness, uneven character, irritability, heightened sensitivity, a tendency to radicalism, extremes, harshness, impetuosity, extremism, loss of meaning in life, thoughts of suicide, negligence, haste, impatience, the danger of accidents; inclination to risk, adventures, absolute freedom, adventure “scandals; there may be abnormal behavior, paranoid, holy fool, women have unstable attachments, a tendency to break up relations. The good side of these aspects is strong intuition, talent and originality, determination and revolutionary spirit, heightened sense of justice, the opportunity to sacrifice his life for the sake of others, contempt for the ordinary, dullness, routine; the desire to awaken and awaken others, a passionate desire for something new, love for freedom, independence and justice.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Power potential is manifested by the exploration of new areas of knowledge. They are able to experience and work with occult forces. They act decisively and suddenly. Those who do not understand their goals find them eccentric and strange. Their abilities often go beyond the usual. They have an intuitive understanding of a single universal law. They are often called geniuses.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of the Sun: He called himself a load – climb into the back. The conjunction of the Planet with the Sun gives its manifestations a shade of imperative – at a high level of elaboration of the aspect. At a low level, the imperative relates more to the need to work out the Planet. The sun illuminates the lower manifestations of its principle and actualizes them, mainly by direct pressure. At a low level of elaboration of the Sun, it acts through rigid imperatives that it imposes on the Planet, suppressing its creativity and forcing its principle to manifest itself in a very narrowly outlined framework, in which it, in principle, cannot fit; excessive internal tension and explosion arise, and the creativity of the Absolute manifests itself both in the moment and nature of the explosion (unpredictable in advance), and in the shape and trajectories of the debris. If the connection is not worked out, but stands harmoniously, these explosions will be more dangerous for others, and the creative principle of the Planet will manifest itself only on the path of rigidly selfish consumption in areas corresponding to its principle. For example, the unprocessed connection of the Sun with Mars gives a large and useless activity, which, however, seems extremely important and useful to the person himself, and on the other hand, the ability to completely devour someone else’s energy, leaving the other person literally without strength and even a hint of gratitude. The study of the connection (and the Sun) will give a switch to a higher egregor, when the solar initiative is not in the order of a rigid order, but as an indication of the desired direction of activity, and most importantly, attention. Then the interaction of the Sun with the Planet is greatly facilitated, and the Planet receives from the Sun a kind of weak magnetization, which serves for orientation in difficult (for the Planet) conditions, when the optimal choice is not obvious. The conjunction of Uranus: The greatness he made is such that it can only fit into mania. This is not an easy aspect, because in the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Uranus, a person, whether he wants it or not, from time to time becomes the guinea pig of the Absolute, whose paths are inscrutable, especially at the beginning. In general, this is a very strong aspect, and if a person manages to adapt to the rhythm of fate in the areas controlled by the Planet, and learns to read or at least pay attention to the signs of karma sent to him, he will not only save himself (and others) from many troubles, but also will show an extremely unconventional vision of the world, and, perhaps, almost brilliant ideas will visit him. Unfortunately, he will most likely greatly exaggerate their value: these diamonds need to be cut, after which a diamond of much lighter weight remains. If the connection is severely affected, then the load on the Planet may turn out to be unbearable for a person, and in the corresponding areas it will be difficult for him to remain in a socially acceptable space, i.e. many of his ideas and actions will be completely incomprehensible to other people, and the shadow of a psychiatric hospital will rise over the person … You need to learn to ground your fantasies and smooth out acute states, for which it is good to load the harmonious aspects of the Planet or its dispositor, and, as usual, the study of Saturn and the development of respect for external reality (study of the X house), as well as a sense of humor (study of Chiron ). With harmonious aspects to the Planet, this connection is most dangerous for those around, especially for those who activate the Planet; at the same time, it is with them and for them that his unexpected ingenuity, flashes of ideas and energy are manifested.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Scientific research in new, unexplored areas. Occult abilities. These people act decisively and suddenly. Uranus behind the Sun: a tendency to various kinds of “seizures” is possible. Uranus ahead of the Sun: unexpected, original ideas; with other good aspects – ingenuity, non-trivial thinking person. With bad ones – eccentricity, unreliability.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: an aspect that clearly accentuates and allows individual personality traits to fully manifest. A person under his influence seeks to designate and show the outside world his uniqueness. In doing so, he uses unique methods, showing a creative, innovative approach. There is also a thirst for power, but for spiritual, intellectual power: he would like to be a teacher, mentor, and set an example for others.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child has developed imagination, originality and intuition, but he can also be moody and stubborn. Very special talents are possible. It is very important to help the child learn to appreciate his “uniqueness”, to learn to use his unusual abilities in order to cause positive changes in the world around them. The child may perceive the father as exceptional or too unreliable and unnecessary. The child may regard the father as one of a kind, which he can never become.


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