Sun – Neptune conjunction


(Natal Sun → Natal Neptune)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Gives great subjectivity, fanaticism, obsession, inadequacy, immersion in your inner world, in your feelings, a tendency to act on inner motives, ignoring real circumstances. In such aspects, Neptune gives an increased sensitivity, the danger of neuroses, psychosis, susceptibility to bad influences, a tendency to indulge oneself, go with the flow, to temptations. Sloppiness, sloppiness, unwillingness to deal with despicable matter, everyday life, hence – disorder at home or vice versa, excessive attention to cleanliness. A gypsy lifestyle is associated with Neptune (theft, deception, fortune telling). In addition, Neptune is a planet of deception – a tendency to deceive others or self-deception; bohemianism, indecision, duality, ambiguity, delusion, a tendency to intrigue and lies. The good side of these aspects is the incentive to high spirituality, the ability to achieve great spiritual achievements, the ability to sacrifice personal interests for the sake of a high spiritual cause; develops attention to detail; psychology, sympathy and compassion for the unfortunate and the desire to help them.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Not of this world, they alone hear the music of the spheres. Are subject to desires and feelings emanating from a subtle source, which leads them either to confusion and self-deception, or gives divine inspiration. There are many mystics, mediums, founders of religions. Whether they are messengers of the gods depends on: 1) The position of conjunction in signs and houses, on signs and houses, where the Sun and Neptune are the masters; 2) from other aspects to connection. But the main thing is the general level of development of the entire horoscope. It is important to have a well-developed intellect, i.e. Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, who will control the impressions of the soul, since it is often difficult to distinguish real inspiration from the deceptive projection of one’s own unconscious desires. Due to its attitude to the astral body, Neptune is subtly connected with Mars (instinct) and gives sharp desires and longing, which, when combined with the Sun, lead to some ambition and a desire for the significance of their person. In the negative case, they are victims of their own ideas that mislead others.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of the Sun: He called himself a load – climb into the back. The conjunction of the Planet with the Sun gives its manifestations a shade of imperative – at a high level of elaboration of the aspect. At a low level, the imperative relates more to the need to work out the Planet. The sun illuminates the lower manifestations of its principle and actualizes them, mainly by direct pressure. At a low level of elaboration of the Sun, it acts through rigid imperatives that it imposes on the Planet, suppressing its creativity and forcing its principle to manifest itself in a very narrowly outlined framework, in which it, in principle, cannot fit; excessive internal tension and explosion arise, and the creativity of the Absolute manifests itself both in the moment and nature of the explosion (unpredictable in advance), and in the shape and trajectories of the debris. If the connection is not worked out, but stands harmoniously, these explosions will be more dangerous for others, and the creative principle of the Planet will manifest itself only on the path of rigidly selfish consumption in areas corresponding to its principle. For example, the unprocessed connection of the Sun with Mars gives a large and useless activity, which, however, seems extremely important and useful to the person himself, and on the other hand, the ability to completely devour someone else’s energy, leaving the other person literally without strength and even a hint of gratitude. The study of the connection (and the Sun) will give a switch to a higher egregor, when the solar initiative is not in the order of a rigid order, but as an indication of the desired direction of activity, and most importantly, attention. Then the interaction of the Sun with the Planet is greatly facilitated, and the Planet receives from the Sun a kind of weak magnetization, which serves for orientation in difficult (for the Planet) conditions, when the optimal choice is not obvious. The conjunction of Neptune: It is difficult to believe in the immortality of the soul for a person who does not have a soul. In the areas ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Neptune, it is difficult for a person to concentrate: he begins meditation, which (without working out the aspect) is led by the lower programs of the subconscious, trying to put all manifestations of the principle of the Planet at the service of the ego. Neptune creates in the corresponding spheres a constant distortion of vision, false positions, temptations of conscious and unconscious deception, and it is very difficult to get rid of these influences, since an unprocessed connection gives a very deep and strong penetration of the lower octave of Neptune into the principle of the Planet. If Neptune is in conjunction with Venus, then at a low level of elaboration of the aspect, a person will constantly fall into false positions, and simply lie in social contacts and love, but both, as well as the available arts will be sources of endless pleasure for him, and elaboration gives a true connoisseur of art, and perhaps an artist. It is much more difficult to work out the conjunction of Neptune with Saturn, since the Neptune of the lower octave takes the eyes of Saturn, and the person is practically incapable of concentration (he quickly begins lower meditation, and his attention drifts away) and self-deepening, which are necessary for the development of discipline and inner honesty. The study of Pluto (which, by the way, has been sextile to Neptune for the entire second half of the 20th century, promising support), the only planet capable of dispelling the spell and deception of Neptune, helps here. At a high level, working out the connection with Neptune gives a person in the spheres ruled by the Planet a rare ability of true understanding, high meditations and external actions in which a person can express the Ineffable, but not everyone is able to see it.

Het Monster. Aspects of

People are “not of this world”; they hear the music of the spheres. In an unfortunate case, illusions and self-deception, in a successful one, divine revelation. There are many mystics, mediums, religious leaders among them.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: The interpenetration of the conscious and the irrational creates a rather incomprehensible subject, who does not always understand who he is and who is not easy to guess. This is a very sensitive, receptive person who is attracted by everything that goes beyond the usual vision and logic. Often an idealist and a mystic, he strives for the abstract absolute.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

It is often difficult for your child to draw attention to himself, he may feel invisible, unsure of his capabilities. It is difficult for him to understand himself, which can lead him to severe confusion. Then he can go into his own world, created by him. For adults who communicate with such children, it is very important to be able to draw a clear line between reality and what exists in their fantasies. Films, television programs and other entertainment programs should be chosen carefully, or at least watched with your child. It is difficult for a child to see a “real” father. He may regard his father as almost a saint, and when he realizes that this is not so, he is disappointed.