Sun in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in spiritual and religious things. Work in the field of higher education, religion, law, philosophy. Great intuition, interest in foreign countries, distant countries or their cultures, art, traditions. Often long journeys. Strict moral principles. Often a specialty in the field of religion, education, justice, philosophy. You are very attracted to long-distance travel, cultures of other peoples, and research that expands your intellectual horizons and your understanding of the world. You have a philosophical mindset. You are preoccupied with finding answers to the global questions of life, or with looking at any situation from above. Most of the time your mind is occupied with abstract concepts and plans for the future.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person in search of truth is constantly expanding his horizons. He has many opportunities to get a good education, find himself in science, and contribute to culture. He is always drawn to new spaces – physical and spiritual.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

After going around the planet and not finding shelter for yourself, go to the heavenly spheres. For this person, the problem of the ideal “I” is very acute, since it is through this ideal that the will of karma is transmitted to him. In other words, a person must obey the dictates of his ideal, but the main thing is to actively form it in accordance with the instructions of the higher “I” on the material of his reality. A precisely found ideal will be a real force that will change not only the behavior and way of thinking of a person, but also the whole environment around him. When working out this position of the Sun can give spiritual teachers, whose word (and deed) means a lot and forms the ideal of “I” in other people; however, a person needs to take very seriously the problem of forming his ideal (which can be very different from the corresponding social cliché) and realize his dependence on it, which rarely happens in the first half of life. The lot of this person is travel to distant countries and foreign cultures and, accordingly, the constant expansion of consciousness; and although travels may take place not in a physical body, but mentally, they will really take a person into a completely different reality, in which there will be many secrets, unknown and unknown, that need to be discovered and translated into a language understandable at home. However, he, especially with the defeat of the Sun, will have great difficulties with a sense of homeland. Sometimes it will seem to him that she is not in the country where he was born, and not even on Earth, and he was sent to Earth as if on a business trip. Esoterically speaking, this person is subordinate to a high egregore and must comprehend (and sometimes form) the ideals of people living under certain low egregors) with whom fate brings him. The main karmic task of this position of the Sun is the comprehension of spiritual truths and the development of foreign cultures, and what exactly a person should do, the aspects of the Sun or its dispositor will show.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is an influential or strong person, somewhat reckless and admitting extremes in his behavior. The income of these people is associated with the transportation of goods, creativity or religion. They enjoy travel, are interested in politics, as a rule, they are ambitious. They suffer from conflicts with the state or the opposite sex.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. If the Sun is in the 9th house, then the essence of your life goal is to open new spheres, spaces of life in front of your mind. You have come to Earth to expand mental horizons, to develop, explore and search for a philosophy of life. Whenever you mentally open up, then you connect to the cosmos. Existence on the highest ethical level available to you creates an influx of life energy. It is not enough for you to recognize and accept existing philosophical views; you must synthesize everything you know into an original system, a personal philosophy that could become the foundation of your life. Traps – soar high in the clouds of abstraction and eventually lose contact with the reality of life on Earth. Understanding the mysteries of the universe means little if you can’t remember your zip code. The challenge is to combine admiration for abstract thinking with the discipline of moral life and convey this wisdom to everyone who can be spiritually strengthened. A cultural perspective. Reading books about distant lands, thinking about them, traveling to explore these worlds is a natural way of life for you. The explorer’s feeling is fundamental; it can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The better you study the life of other cultures, especially directly, the more fully your main life goal will be realized. You find yourself when you travel to other worlds. These are not only trips to distant countries, but also a wide variety of “forays” to your backyards. The task is to assimilate the breadth of views of people, to be like the “weaver” of a single world of people. Higher education. You are eager to learn. It is not known how you studied in elementary school, but it is safe to say that you will become an “eternal student” in the good sense of these words. You are especially interested in conceptual knowledge areas. You can study them both independently and in institutes, universities and other formal educational structures, because not only knowledge is important for you, but also diplomas. Learn everything you can, and then pass this knowledge on to others. Search for truth. The position of the Sun in the 9th house emphasizes, to a greater extent than the positions of other planets in the 9th house, a very small difference between the deep and pragmatic truths. What matters to you is the absence of lies. There are two types of lies. The first is an active lie, that is, a belief in objective falsehood or its transmission to others. It is clear that this kind of experience is negative for you. It disconnects you from your divinity. But passive lies are equally harmful – either as a concealment of the truth, or as a substitution of truth for a lesser one. This serious trap weakens you. It is extremely important for you to search for the highest truth and transmit it to other people under any circumstances of life. The ideal expression of the truth is not required, as well as its comprehensive understanding by others. Your job is to fight for honesty, integrity and enlightenment. Truth is life. An ideal society. Your perfect society is like Olympus. People are like the Gods of ancient myths, their wisdom and nobility permeate an endless stream of creativity. Your deepest desire is to be able to reach agreement on any issue, and the people of this society are fluent in this skill. As the ruler of the world, you would be domineering but magnanimous; powerful but supportive; noble and dignified, but always admitting his subjects.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Potential success in law, religion or travel. A talent for learning foreign languages is noted. In general, such a person can find a common language in communication with any individual. Marriage with a foreigner is possible, one of the parents may come from distant places. Such a person is prone to serious study and philosophy. Often becomes a conscientious and successful teacher. Sometimes such people are impractical, as there is a tendency to excessive fantasy and strange fanaticism. They show significant interest in spiritual and religious matters. A well-developed intuition often brings them bright insights. This allows you to creatively solve problems and successfully predict the future, sometimes on the verge of prophecy. These people often travel abroad. They tend to follow strict moral principles, sometimes to the point of hypocrisy. Often they are busy educating others, or they are related to the judiciary. They tend to impose their religious and moral views on others. They often become arrogant hypocrites (especially when the Sun is defeated). Ambitious, determined, arrogant and self-confident. Interested in fine arts, science, music, literature, and intellectual development. These people have a strong religiosity and the ability to captivate others with their ideas. They are interested in broad public relations and gravitate towards high ideals. Ambitious and noble, inclined to explore problems associated with a higher state of consciousness. Their life is ascending, while external successes are complemented by favorable spiritual development. Their worldview is always sublime and philosophical, they have a very well-developed and comprehensively ordered understanding of morality. There is a great interest in astrology and esotericism, success in applied sciences and studies related to long-distance scientific trips is possible. There is a tendency to paranormal mental manifestations, for example, to prophetic dreams and guessing the future. The latter manifests itself especially successfully in the absence of bias and excessive subjectivity. The character of a person is persistent and pious, fair and balanced. Such an individual is an excellent companion, an interesting companion and a reliable companion.



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