Sun in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The father does not appear in early childhood, as a result of which the fear of establishing long-term and trusting relationships and the fear of rejection may subsequently develop. A beneficial change can happen if you can find a loving and understanding partner. Then the Sun manifests its creative powers. To believe in a partner means to believe in yourself. They demand a lot, but they also receive a lot. Life for them is a struggle. Cruelty is possible. Often recognition after death, although during life – an unrecognized genius. You crave intense sensations and are interested in aspects of life that are unusual, incomprehensible, or forbidden. You can hide your interests or inclinations from everyone except those closest to you. You are rarely satisfied with yourself or your life, and internally you constantly strive further or deeper. You are also highly interested in social life and the role that money and the economy play.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The task of a person is to deal with the otherworldly, transcendental world. This position of the planet takes a person beyond the brink of everyday life, acts against the background of strong uncontrolled energy processes. For him, the problem is always the property issues of other people. There is a constant flow of funds, an intensive process of energy exchange with the environment. A person is able to energetically influence other people, has magical abilities, sees latent processes, the deep causes of normal processes, can quickly restore strength. The main task is to learn how to easily part with the old, sacrifice it for the sake of the new.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

My God wants to kill me. This person may not believe in God, or in the devil, or in the biofield, and engage in very specific affairs in his life, but he cannot be a mystic or magician. Fate too often and too imperatively puts him in marginal situations in which the role of egregor, higher powers, is obvious so that it could be ignored. This person knows the power of his destiny over himself and, sometimes only after 30 years, the power of his direct influence on others and the circumstances of their inner and outer life, which he naively can attribute to the strength of his personality. In reality, everything is much deeper and more complex. The symbolic karmic role of this person is the carrier Chiron, transporting the souls of the dead through Acheron to the kingdom of the dead, and in life, transferring a person from one egregor to another, helping in the complex processes of dying in the old and birth in the new. At the same time, in the subtle world, and in the material world, not to mention the human psyche, great tensions arise, correctly understanding and coping with which is not an easy task that requires considerable experience, art and, last but not least, God’s help. Most likely, this person will choose one of the professions directly related to the VIII house (see above the description of the situation of the VIII house), but, in addition, in his life (or with harmonious aspects – around it) there will be many tense situations and transitional processes to which a person must relate correctly and gradually learn to mitigate, remembering that the fight against the devil at his level and his weapons always ends in his victory, and it is possible to shame him only by being ten times stronger and (emotionally) completely indifferent to his intrigues. On the other hand, a person needs to learn (even in the most acute situations) to rely on the will of God when he feels that his efforts are not needed or controlled by a higher egregor, and then completely submit to him, regardless of mundane considerations and circumstances. This position of the Sun in the house gives a person a great interest in group and social ethics, and the will of the collective is often transmitted through him. With the defeat of the Sun – strong volitional conflicts with the team, especially on moral issues; this is the fate of a dissident, a criminal, or, if we go to the level of internal elaboration and balance personal and social ethics, a clergyman, a saint, with a strong defeat of the card as a whole, a martyr.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Usually a person with the Sun in this house is shy and avoids being in sight. Such people settle far from the place where they were born. They have poor eyesight, poor digestion, and usually have a small number of children. Are interested in mysticism; can make money in public service.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. The position of the Sun in the 8th house indicates that the pace of personal evaluation through partnerships is central to your life. The experience of being around someone – not just interacting with the person, but truly merging with them – is so important that everything else pales in comparison. You connect to the source of life energy through trusting relationships. Faith in your partner increases faith in yourself in parallel; choose the wrong partners, and you stop your development. A “loyal” partner will work with you to achieve a state of union. You are not sacrificing yourself for each other, but for something in common and deeper than that. When oneness is accompanied by the feeling that you are becoming more and more yourself, know that you are on the right track. The task is to create a productive union with a person, not to depend on him and not to separate, but to connect on the basis of trust, while respecting his own path in life. Strive with all your being for transformation. It is impossible to flirt with this process, because if you take this path, the very essence of your life orientation changes. This process is similar to a solar eclipse. The radiance of your universe is temporarily extinguished, and this is not so easy to go for. If you cannot die properly, then you cannot live normally. You did not come to Earth to live one life; you have come to live many lives, successively, and each life is built on the remnants of the previous life, and all this happens during one earthly life, in one body. Ordinary life is not for you, so do not try to create it – it can arise only when you strangle the living thing that is hidden inside you. You need to live in the flow of the unusual, the extraordinary. Forget about the gray routine, strive for love and interest in life. Sexual fusion. The psychological liberation of sexual union is central to life. Orgasm opens the doors to space, this happens especially brightly in the case of a gradual increase in emotional and physical arousal, where for a short time you forget who penetrates whom, where the feminine and masculine are indistinguishable, where a loving and beloved person merge into a very special being, into something more than a person. This is liberation, which can take its origin in the biological environment, and end in the spiritual sphere. Needless to say, liberation is most effective when your hearts are open, when you and your partner truly love each other. During sex, focus on the center of your being and fill yourself with warm inner light. Focused intuition. Intuition brings out your divinity. The intuitive apparatus is given to you from birth, and all that is required of you is to simply put it into action. You are able to penetrate any person you want to focus on because your locator is very powerful. Trap – You may be overwhelmed by what you catch in another person. You find it difficult to distinguish between the sophisticated perception of other people and your own experience, which can throw you into confusion. The task is to act in accordance with what you feel, without touching the source of these feelings. Unleash your hunches. Strive for complete clarity. You will be rewarded with warmth from the heart. Joint property. One of the levels of your goal in life is management, responsibility, benefits from handling money, property and possessions. Based only on the position of the Sun, nothing clear can be said either about your financial situation, or about your reaction to money; the sign and aspects must be considered. We can only say that your financial situation and reaction to money directly affect the implementation of your life goal. You may wield power that you apparently did not ask for, or you may be in need of power desperately wanting it; but in any case, the power of shared resources will ultimately be yours. The trap is not noticing how many people are exposed to you. The task is to fully own this power. Use it deliberately, regardless of how you “waste” it.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person has remarkable talent for political activity, for he always receives the support of other people. He may receive a large inheritance, or have the ability to manage other people’s money. He has a creative mind, sex is of great importance in his life. Strives for self-improvement, is actively interested in esotericism and the problem of life and death. In early childhood, difficulties may arise in the relationship with the father. If the Sun is damaged, financial problems are possible due to the extravagance of a partner or improper management of the property of others. He seeks to achieve perfection in everything and longs for it with all his might. He is constantly striving for a higher spiritual reality associated with lasting life values. If he manages to find this insight, he is freed from fear for himself and becomes invulnerable in the depths of his own soul as long as he remains true to the principle of justice. This aspect requires the acquisition of deep existential experience. These people want a lot, but they also get a lot. Their life is a struggle, but they lead it with dignity and seriousness. Often engaged in corporate finance or managing the inheritance of the deceased. Upon divorce, they will face an unsuccessful solution to the issue of alimony. A tendency towards cruelty or a maximalist attitude towards life, defined by the words: “either pan, or disappeared” is possible. Recognition usually finds these people after death. The marriage brings them a considerable dowry. They tend to cooperate with their life partner in raising funds. Often the death of such a person is determined by his passion for self-sacrifice and achievement. The vitality is high, but it is also wasted godlessly, and therefore life is not always long. A violent death or sudden tragic departure is likely. Such people willingly take the money of others and are inclined to occupy the highest positions of power. They love to walk on the edge of the abyss, which makes their very existence unsafe. If they have an interest in their inner world, they get access to a wonderful source of vital energy, thanks to which they acquire good health. The life of such a person is full of changes, threats, losses and gains.



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